Creating Causes: The Power of Hindsight | RMS Titanic

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Mr. Beat : TIL the film Titanic ostensibly ruined an entire generation's understanding of the Titanic.

Neuro Transmissions : I was tense about what you were going to say, but Titanic jokes are great icebreakers.

shadowzack : Ahhh, i know why the titanic sunk. It hit an iceberg

- Cogito - : D...did...did you buy a admiral outfit for this? Fair play.

David McConville : For anyone who believes that the Titanic and Olympic were switched at launch, one only needs to look at the A decks and window spacings on each ship from photographs and compare them to the wreckage. I'm not kidding, it's that flipping easy. Whoever came up with that theory clearly didn't bother to look at the architectural designs of both ships. Remember, 'sister ships' does NOT mean exactly identical.

Perzyn : It is completly the fault of the iceberg crew. They didn't hail the Titanic nor did they make any evasive manouvers. Completly unprofessional.

Tanay Satyawali : if the titanic was sunk by an iceberg, how come no pieces of the iceberg was found on the wreckage?

verdatum : Also a ferrous metallurgy geek. And yes, the wrought iron & rivets were indeed brittle when cold. This is sometimes over-emphasised, but it is true that even slightly more modern steel and followed by WWII era welding were both massively more durable. One minor nice thing about the wrought iron of the time, it resisted rusting pretty nicely. It was honestly pretty impressive metal for its time from what I've read. Like, it was wrought iron, but it was some of the best wrought iron. I can give sources to back this up if anyone cares.

Captainmckurk : Mate, I'm a sailor and the screw is also called a propeller. They are both correct names for it.

Astro Biological : This channel definitely is doing an important job: highlighting the need for commonsense interpretations of history. Quality, quality, quality.

Good Timing : "I can't stand that song" - no you di'int...... "Just kidding, I love that song" - :-D

J03 MAN : Liked this video purely for the irony of the phrase "self-respecting redditor"

Aditya Upadhye : Also: non virtually= in reality. P. S. That outro was awesome!

Marc Stollmeyer : The Californian was actually 20 miles away (as confirmed by the coordinates in her log). It appeared much closer due to a cold water mirage that inflated the perceived vertical height of the ship. Its captain insisted until the day he died that the ship they saw was much smaller than the titanic as it had a shorter profile, leading some to think a third, mystery ship was between the Californian and Titanic. In reality the mirage just made it look closer and shorter. You also forgot to mention that while the Californian’s radio was turned off they did attempt to contact the mystery ship several times via lamp. Titanic attempted to contact the Californian via lamp as well but neither received a response. The distance was too great and all messages were concealed by the mirage. It is stated that the Californian disappeared over the horizon, but as both ships were not moving a more likely answer is that the Californian went out of view as Titanic sank due to the decks lowering over time, changing how far people were able to see past the horizon.

Pomponivs Archibald : I think realistically (without the 20/20 hindsight), the Californian could have easily saved everyone, had people made slightly different choices. However, without this tragedy, governments wouldn't have made such drastic changes to regulations, therefore another major incident was bound to happen.

Al S : And also actually the iceberg was thrown in front of the Titanic because a gang of sharks was working for a whaling tycoon. So whalers are to blame for the Titanic.

Drew Taylor : Well, that was *smashing* with some truly *riveting* information. Please don't give the *cold* shoulder.

Eric Regina : Omg the ending! <3

Alkerae : Wikipedia is a terrible source... But, it is a good source of sources. This is why no text is allowed to stay on a page unless it links to an outside source, so that if you want to use wikipedia as a source, you can just click the [9] and use that source instead. ...oh, that source doesn't say what wikipedia says it says? I hate this world.

Kodiak Express : You should most definitely watch red letter media's titanic review!

Tory Allen : Was certified triggered when you said you hated My Heart Will Go On. Glad I didn't have to come into the comments and say I am making a knowing better episode of my own debunking that you do love that song. Solid video, learned a lot!

Chew Bird : Big ships with big screws use shaft RPM to determine speed through the water all the time. It is such a reliable method that placards with shaft RPM vs speed are posted in numerous places around the bridge. Every person involved in conning, steering, and navigating the ship must know their ship’s “TPK” (Turns Per Knot). I navigated ships and subs for 20 years in the US Navy.

Jeff Libby : The movie mentioned in this video is just that, "A Movie". A movie, created by the movie industry which makes a product for visual consumption and to make profit for the industry. A documentary, (which the movie Titanic was not) is a movie or a television or radio program that provides a factual record or report. Anytime a movie starts with a statement similar to this: "Based on real events" is usually not a true representation of the facts but more a vehicle to promote a particular view or used to create an entertaining or fictitious story, "based on real events."

The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs : Intresting and informative. I enjoyed this video :D

Alex Coda : K N O W L E D G E

EoThorne : Did your dad also push for those sweet sweet dad puns? Oh, and I felt like I got Rick Rolled at the end.

Ben From Gulf City : 5:57 wait... Is that King Theoden?

String.Epsilon : Is that Mr. Beat in the reading sections?

Xylos144 : The big takeaway I got from this Video is that I'm pretty sure you drive a ~2007 Rav 4, back when they had the V6 version and the back tire, and not like the crappy, pathetic, bloated thing they make today under the same name.

Chicago Skater : screws and propellers are both correct. Hydro and aero-dynamics are similar. They are both fluid.

Aditya Upadhye : Yay! A new video! Also, i said this on your last video but I don't know if you saw it. Next video suggestion: plagues through time or something on plagues. Some nice ones: the Bubonic plague (obviously) the dance plague of 1414, etc.

Norman M. Stewart : (in Tommy Wiseau's voice) Oh, hi, Mr. Beat!

Doctor Demonetized : ALL HAIL THE TITANIC All hail Capitalism?

P. B Amygdala : You didn’t mention the hypothesis that there was a fire in the engine room which couldn’t be controlled, hence the increased speed. Addendum?

than217 : Really liked your breakdown. I've studied the Titanic for over 20 years. This was like a breath of fresh air. lol

Zappa Woman : The lifeboats were meant to ferry passengers to other ships and make several trips back and forth before the ship sank.

Austin Avilez : What's this? A Knowing Better video actually uploaded on the weekend?

David Kohn : Wow, I thought you were going to go into the reason the Titanic hit the iceberg: there was a temperature inversion that caused optical effect similar to a mirage which artificially raised the horizon and obscured the view of the iceberg from lookouts until it was too late.

JB sparks : Lock the cockpit doors. Build the border wall.

JokstrJaxn8D : Is anybody going to mention how well he did at lip syncing at the end of the video?

Norman M. Stewart : All hail the Titanic! For all her glory!

Jesse Wolk : Hey I really like your videos. Thank you for showing almost all sides to the argument. Could you make a video about the great schism or some contreversial world history thing?

Shinoharō・Tashite (しのはろお・たして) : When you said you couldn't stand the song I was so disappointed in you, I didn't know I could be so disappointed in someone. But then that ending! Stop playing with my heart. -.-

Jeremy Fridy : I had read that one of the other reasons for the Titanic not requiring enough lifeboats was that (as you said,) the lifeboat count was based on the tonnage of a passenger ship. The problem was that the laws had not been updated in the previous decades in response to maximum ship size growing, and so the Titanic was in the heaviest class, but were much larger than the minimum for that weight class, since ships had been getting larger much faster than the laws were being updated. Anyone know more about this?

Nicholas Tosoni : I went to the Titanic exhibit at Halifax, Nova Scotia's maritime museum. Interesting tidbit: J.P. Morgan owned the White Star Line at the time. A plaque stated that White Star's ships had excellent speed and luxury records, not so much. There were a few sinkings; Titanic was only the highest profile because it was the biggest ship. I can safely attribute his role in Titanic's sinking to nothing more than cut corners here and there, compounded onto everything else that went wrong. No conspiracy here...just a lot of mistakes.

Lee Anderson : This is very good but you missed one thing. Alexander Carlisle, former designer of Harland and Wolff, optioned for Olympic and Titanic to have 48-64 lifeboats. He was ignored by his Brother-in-law William Pirrie, owner of Harland and Wolff, and Bruce Ismay for fear that the clutter would make the ships look weak. And the regulations at the time were that ships of ten thousand tons and over would carry ONLY 16 lifeboats, the four collapsibles were placed there on behalf of White Star.

Tiwaking Tiwaking : 13:19 Well done 👏👏👏

HappyRoach1 : I read on website that discussed the night of the Titanic sinking and the role played by the Californian. Where they looked at every possible scenario and believed that Californian would not have made it on time to help the Titanic. They said that there was just too much ice for the Californian to sail through. Also that National Geographic Titanic documentary has brought that during the night of the Titanic sinking, the sailors on the Californian were seeing cold water mirages. They didn't believe it was the Titanic because the ship appeared to look much smaller and not a huge luxury liner. Captain Stanley Lord could have saved his own ass had he written in the ship's official log book, that there was too much ice and too much of a risk to sail any further that night.

Shawn Elliott : 9:44 -- "The Titanic was not isolated, virtually or not virtually...I feel like there should be a word for that." There is. The opposite of Virtually is Actually.

Philip O'Carroll : We are at risk of another Titanic like disaster, even worse probably. The giant cruise ships being built today have lifeboats supposed to cram 300+ people in them. These will not be loaded fast enough in a disaster. Furthermore, modern cruise ships have a very high metacentric height, so if they start to take on water, they won't sink gracefully like the Titanic, they flip on their side very quickly, making it impossible to launch lifeboats. Compare Costa Concordia, Herald of Free Enterprise, Estonia. In the most recent accident, Costa Concordia, if the ship had not grounded (a matter of pure luck, according to many naval experts) there would have been hundreds of casualties, not 30.