Chico plays the piano with an apple

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Beyond Belief : 0:29 - throttling that woman proper cracked me up

Xestantial : Simply Mesmerising, If only this were the standard of professionalism by todays standards. Wish you were still with us Chico.

J Mack : There is not now, nor has there been anyone since like the Marx brothers. They were pure comic genius'. Every single one of them was multi-talented, especially from a musical standpoint. Although they played as a team, they were superb in individual performances. Groucho got much of the publicity later in their careers, but I believe Chico and Harpo were as talented as Groucho. Look closely at some of the performances of Chico and Harpo together and you will observe genius at work. I am thankful that Irving Thalberg gave them at shot at making more movies. It was our good fortune that he did and we have the privilege of viewing the clips of three of the most talented comic/actor/musicians on the planet!

greebleClown : At the apple, my jaw dropped. I thought he was gonna eat an apple or something, but... wow.

Gregor Shapiro : At 1:03 does a key E? get stuck?

Fifth Dentist : What a ripoff! There wasn't an Apple computer in the entire video.

21TroubleBraids : Bahahahahaaaa, Harpo is having a fit 0:25, poor girl! Yeah, Groucho might have been the intellectual one of the brothers, but sweet Harpo and crafty Chico were not just side kicks but a superb team and VERY entertaining musicians!

Classic Lover : Groucho was sitting on a park bench in the Central Park one day. A Catholic priest sees him and hugs him saying: "Thank you my son for bringing so much fun into this world". The ever ready and witty Groucho replied: "Thanks father for taking so much fun out of this world"!!! Which comedian today can match that? I loved the Marx Brothers mainly because they did not ridicule people or insult anyone to try to be "funny" as some bankrupt "comedians" feel they have to today.

John Bates : Chicho on the piano...Harpo on the harp..or clarinet ( see Harpo blowing bubbles...on Kraft Music Hall in 1959. ) and Groucho. ....well...being himself....genius.!

Craig Stirling : it was an apple because he was about to bite into it like an apple

Marcello Freitas : Chico, you son of a gun! You never stop surprising me! : )

RollOnToVictory : 0:02, come on R2.

H M : Hoooonk!

Sir Vivor : That use of the apple was so kung fu! No special effects then ladies and gentlemen. Believe your eyes!

Paul Smyth : Now thats talent! Chico you were amazing! 2 thumbs up!

Rob Mack : They were 50 years ahead of their time.

OzzieBloke : I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but this is dubbed. He's not actually playing. Many notes played don't match what is heard, and the apple at the end is impossible to be heard that way. Funny, yes. But impossible.

Russell Williams : MASTER AT WORK 💖

AbbieHoffmansGhost : So good on such a crappy piano. Notice the middle D note stick at 1:03 -1:04 and yet it doesn't faze Chico for a second.

Dirk Diggler : R2D2 at 0:03?

István Péter : z s e n i á l i s !!!

Regina Boh : Such a great talent on piano, wow im impressed!! *.*

Ekkie101 : This is from the Marx Bros. Movie "Go West".

Hans Gruber : Absolutely superb. My favourite pianist.

Madeleine Baier : You rock Chico!!!!!

blunt rapture : I can make an apple into a pipe.

Евгений Лаук : Невероятно! ГЕНИАЛЬНО!!!

Robert : Chico plays the piano with Harpo's left testicle.

Bonnie Jay : Another Marx Brothers Smile moment!

Doug Montgomery : It was an orange, not an apple.

Gregory Roth : Prop apple? Chico was amazing. He created this style on his own.

M. K. Kellie C.E.C. : love it sooo much! Can watch them for hours!!!

Ethan Johnson : Wow...just wow

Casparus Kruger : Very original and humorous too. Chico certainly had a style all his own! But calling him a 'great pianist' is something else. Any good player can tell you what he's playing isn't really all that difficult to play.

Alfa Painting : Very good. Not like today scumbag music!

Vane Esquivel : No

István Péter : Egyszerűen zseniális!!!

Lorenzo Lucci il Mastro : the song in Italy is known as "oh campagnola bella" that means oh wonderful country's an old folk song from Abruzzo (a region in the centre of Italy)

Joshua Eden : I didn't know apples played the piano! Yet here's Chico Marx, playing the piano with an apple!

Perdolphite : What movie doesn't show him eating or drinking stuff, In coconuts he eats flowers, and drinks poison that's $4 in "At the Races",

Chris Hill : Because its Harpo. Harpo eats anything. As demonstrated in A Night at the Opera.

Perdolphite : If it was an orange then why would harpo try to bite it like an apple.

Eric Smith : I'm pretty sure it was an orange...but I could be wrong.

bastlake : In a perfect world, Chico and Harpo would've done a musical bit with Victor Borge

rick nineg : OMG i laughed my ass off when Harpo began choking that girl

Ryan Veeder : I think it's a pool ball! It just looks like an apple because Harpo is so convincing about how he's about to eat it.

Richard Warne : The apple might have been frozen (?). That would make it solid....

Rubber Chicken Films : You're welcome.

Bassai : Thanks

Rubber Chicken Films : "Listen to the Mockingbird." Written in the 1860s I think, and yeah it was the Stooges' theme for a while. That and "Three Blind Mice."