Sweet Anita Tourettes Highlights #1

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Daniel Gouws : Is this her real channel??? I can't believe it - I'm so happy!!!

bobbi : Have respect for any woman without insta 😱

Sebastian Gruber : Jezz, not even the queen is safe! This girl is going to conquer the world

Sizel : 3:10 that whistling solo you have a talent

Lust : This girl is such a gem, she's what i needed in life

Food Energy : Hey your instagram link is missing from the description

loyd boyd : 2:30 amen to that

Bubbaganoosh : I feel bad for laughing but I haven't laughed this hard in weeks.

Well Zani : 11/10 would marry if I could

Enskauning : I've never been so amused by a streamer before, i almost died mate

Mybutt : hay I know that you have a lot on your plate rn, I just wanted to say that your a mole model for me. I also have Tourette syndrome its only where I raise my eyebrows and tick my head and sometimes move my upper lip. I struggle living with that at school I get made fun of they call me Mr. Flirty because, I always move my eyebrows up and down. I can't imagine going to school with your ticks I so glad that you blown up you deserve it. Thank you for bringing positivity into my life.

nils holgerson : Wow youre the best whistler I have ever heard, amazing!

Grim死 Reaper神 : Ahh...i see she like pewdiepie Bich lasagnia

Samuel Degueldre : To whoever edited the clips together, in the future it would be nice to match their volumes because some of them are way louder than the others. Awesome content tho!

Donny Dynamic : Am I the only one thinks her turrets is adorable and she’s honest 😂

Anthony Jubran : The ending was perfect lmao

Samuel Opashi : You made Pewdiepie

Ramon Refugio : The last one made me choke on my water

Suany Gonzalez : im 100% shes a good singer! did you hear her WHISTLE

Misery My Friend : Her whistling is beyond crazy

Slightly Mediocre Sheep : I dreamt I was having lobster and biscuits (weird combo I know) with this girl I'm into, and we were next to a window and Anita showed up and broke through the window to punch the biscuit out of my hand, I guess that's how my brain visualized fisting my biscuit. I'm still not sure if I'd consider this a dream or a nightmare

ASHUTOSH HIDKO : I am gonna make her whistle my msg ringtone.

Brendon Patrick : Someone get this chick a better PC. Awesome streams, the ticks are actually pretty funny and her personality and the way she deals with it is even better. 10/10 Needs to get some shirts, "F*ck a biscuit!"

dvf6969 : !instagram Jebaited

Agent Smith : 0:55 "you got *_ONE_*_ nEw_ message"

EP : not gonna lie and say i didn't laugh a little bit the first time i saw you but after watching your last stream for a few hrs i have to say you're a pretty awesome person

František Fojt : Thats a reasonable line of questioning xDD Had me dead

MetroVerse : "The thing with the N word is, my cock's on fire. Oh, we got a bit of lag again" 😂

Sinjin Reed : She’s like Lara Croft if she had Tourette’s. Also, champion whistler.

Daviable : B*tch lasagna, lol she has the most awesome tics. Very courageous of her to be a streamer, you’re truly an inspiration!

Ralph Church : I think you're awesome. 💗👍👊

Kevin Kinney : She sound like the twitter alarm

thenewgoddamngambit : If we get a swear jar to finance our wedding we can pay for it in no time! 😍

Electro Entertainment : I'm Glad Rich recommended your channel, this is great, keep up good content =)

Michael Buzza : she is an actual professional whisler

Delusional : Becky please.... lemme smash

Mitchell Willemsen : "That's an unreasonable line of questioning" LMFAOOOO

Devin : All conversations she has with guys must turn sexual because of her tics. lol. Sorry no disrespect

HowCTH? : Good video! Can't wait for your next stream :)

The shinigami : I think it's so fascinating that her symptoms occur less when she's concentrated and giving her opinion on sth

GrebbChannel : Wait, your dad is black? Was saying that a tic?

Nova Chini : This was me in any class presentation

Cem Grönzin : this very slightly confused facial expression in the last frame xD

Ian Cyril Jenkins : Today I discovered you and your videos bring me so much joy. You're incredibly adorable and your ticks are too. Keep it up and keep spreading joy. Much love

Charlie. Rice : i have tourette’s and it’s so hard to plays by video game even with friends

Loic KLINKENBERG : That is hilarious even if it is hard. I can't even imagine you with a boss Who is asking you questions.

TioSam Free Fire : Dilera streamer brasileiro que sofre de Tourette mandou abraço hehe

Chinn : "The thing with the n word is that my dick's on fire"

GetColonised : That aspect of the truth tics is actually something that I really like. I'm not much of a 'putting it gently' kinda person, and don't like people who beat around the bush either.