Sweet Anita Tourette's Gaming compilation #1

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Solar Glitch : This lady made my day. Glad I subbed.

Aleister Severus Grey : 2:57 Excellent whistling skills! It reminds me of the old movies and cartoons I grew up watching. A forgotten art...almost.

Placeb0Effect : she must be nasty in bed

Food Energy : Hey your instagram link is missing from the description

Nakkivene : 10/10 would date if i could.

dsfsfds dsfsdfsd : You have a very lovely personality and you are very chill. More people should be like you.

dvf6969 : !instagram Jebaited

Lust : This girl is such a gem, she's what i needed in life

Daniel Gouws : Is this her real channel??? I can't believe it - I'm so happy!!!

Enskauning : I've never been so amused by a streamer before, i almost died mate

Mybutt : hay I know that you have a lot on your plate rn, I just wanted to say that your a mole model for me. I also have Tourette syndrome its only where I raise my eyebrows and tick my head and sometimes move my upper lip. I struggle living with that at school I get made fun of they call me Mr. Flirty because, I always move my eyebrows up and down. I can't imagine going to school with your ticks I so glad that you blown up you deserve it. Thank you for bringing positivity into my life.

FlyingSlig : 3 seconds in and the video already isn't eligible for monetization LUL

Toejam&Earl : not gonna lie and say i didn't laugh a little bit the first time i saw you but after watching your last stream for a few hrs i have to say you're a pretty awesome person

HowCTH? : Good video! Can't wait for your next stream :)

Just Another Sheep : I dreamt I was having lobster and biscuits (weird combo I know) with this girl I'm into, and we were next to a window and Anita showed up and broke through the window to punch the biscuit out of my hand, I guess that's how my brain visualized fisting my biscuit. I'm still not sure if I'd consider this a dream or a nightmare

Bubbaganoosh : I feel bad for laughing but I haven't laughed this hard in weeks.

thenewgoddamngambit : If we get a swear jar to finance our wedding we can pay for it in no time! 😍

ASHUTOSH HIDKO : I am gonna make her whistle my msg ringtone.

Zizzy Balluba : I'm squeezing my hog to this

GrebbChannel : Wait, your dad is black? Was saying that a tic?

Samuel Degueldre : To whoever edited the clips together, in the future it would be nice to match their volumes because some of them are way louder than the others. Awesome content tho!

Sebastian Gruber : Jezz, not even the queen is safe! This girl is going to conquer the world

Sticky : So you against doing softcore porn? What about hardcore? :P Great video

Mind Blank : Idk why it’s I find it really funny and cute even though it’s probably a really annoying thing for her to deal with

easyy : The volume on this is like 10db too low

dark overwatch : i only saw a few streams and i already have a new favorite streamer

Eazy Cheeze 1978 : You are amazing, Anita! Thanks for reading my message. I'm very happy to make your acquaintance and be a new follower. (Also I think it was a mod who gifted me a sub! Thanks for that, mod! :)

Inactive Otter : You made a yt WOOOO

Delby Dank : I'm hoping it would be cool for me to do a long compilation? I enjoy the streams so much

Sky lightX : Anita 💖💖

Josephu Joestar : bfruit

Lord Vega : A new contender arrives

OrtyBortorty : Is there a longer clip or a twitch highlight or something of what Anita was talking about at 4:00 (not being diagnosed with Tourett's)?

BerKing : You deserve a twitch partnership, Good luck!

Kaffe Linden : shes good at whistling

The Man : That whistling segment was amazing btw! Hope you get some monies for a better mic & pc so you can keep making even better content.

Kakap0 : Tourettes people are the best people <3

Carl Petersson : Tourettes here, beat it to death inside of my mentality(Have a blast-hour around 19:00 every evening) xD

Chino : Please all sub her, I can't watch her play with those lags!

Crunchsnap : Alright I think I'm gonna try to get a qt tourette gf now

Bob Zombe : Best streamer on Twitch right now...Oh how we laughed...KITTENS and BISCUITS

Arthur03 : The change in volume almost stopped my heart xD

wolfbrigade aka : haaha im sorry but this was funny as hell hehehe

DominatingTube : Hey Anita, there's a typo in your twitch description. under "rules" it says tics cause u "hysical" harm ;-)

ham sir : *whistles* bitch lasagne

Grumpy Brit : Somewhere there is a kitten that absolutely loves these videos.

azertyu efggfd : any link to the stream/clip for the first one?

Robin Herke : you are very cute!! I want to date with you :D ;)

Krieg - : YT channel with highlights PogChamp

Butterball : That whistle was pretty damn impressive musically.