Pathetic Man-Child Destroys 2,387 Vintage Star Wars Figures

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This is the first video of hopefully many more throughout 2019. A Pathetic Man-Child attempts to destroy all the vintage Star Wars figures he can. He does this to help him cope with the terrible, awful, painful place Star Wars has gone. Will it help him? No.


Anonymous Anonymous : He killed them all! Not just the men, but the women and children too!

Hadouken! : I can not stand to see someone destroy something that has brought me so much joy and happiness in my life! But enough about Disney. This video was amazing!

Kyle Boyle : It's so dense, every cubic inch has so many things going on.

Evan Chaika : Now sell them on eBay as "slightly used"

Lastjustice : He "Rian Johnsoned" those toys real good!

Alexian Lien : You still didn't destroy vintage Star Wars characters as fast as Rian Johnson.

mongo balle : Why not just donate the acetone to poor children? Do you have any idea how many children there are in this world that don't have ANY acetone?!? Monsters!

Jen Yen : You know what the difference is between The Last Jedi and watching Mike melt down priceless icons of my childhood? I actually sat through this video to the end.

Brendan Grimes : The resulting brick looks like the color pallete of Rogue One

Wojciech Kowalik : Unexpectedly Mike has become a modern artist. This brick is probably worth thousands of dollars by now and will be displayed in modern art galleries.

Dash Star : I haven't seen Episode IX but can already tell this is better

Festus Omega : It's like Modern Art, except it _actually_ means something. Something besides money laundering, that is.

earFront : All you are doing is making the remaining action figures even more powerful than you can imagine.

Scott K : Let the past die. Dissolve it in acetone if you have to.

Òc Vids&Stuff : A Borg cube made of Star Wars figures

Joarthus : This is borderline experimental

i ö : Cube still looks better than the last jedi.

Carnage_Rules69 : I laughed when I saw people retweeting this video on twitter. People actually got triggered hard by this.

Matthew Allan : When those are Star Trek figures....that'll be the sign of a real meltdown.

Neolith8300 : That cube belongs in a museum!

Justin Bernier : Ten years ago this would have hurt me, but after the new trilogy I know now that Star Wars is truly dead. Thank you Mike and RLM. I feel.... NOTHING.

kissekatt : Would have been even better if it featured tearing open ~*factory sealed*~ toys and throwing them into the Death Tank

exaIgnus : I show this video to my friend. He got furious for all the vintage destruction. Mission accomplished RedLetterMedia.

RJ : what a waste of perfectly good acetone

SweenerButtz : This really subverted my expectations.

moeskido : "Man-child" is a great way to describe commenters here who didn't get the joke.

METATRON PRODUCTIONS : It's Hip to be Square!

// REDACT3D : What a waste! - all those poor containers of acetone gone!!

Obi-wan Shinobi : Those toys really had their expectations subverted!

DrCruel : Mike Stoklasa is the Thanos of Star Wars figures.

baashdi hobstocking : seeing all the ragey comments, i have changed my mind. it is a *good* thing you have done this deed.

Robby Gottesman : They must be dead by now Destroy what's left of them

The Mortonator : All the crap you bought for Nerd Crew had to go somewhere...

Derrick : This brings back childhood memories of sanding down Snaggletooth and Lobots heads using an exercise bike wheel with my brother furiously pedaling. I can still remember the smell of melting plastic.

Lea Christine : Mr.Lucas while you were out Disney left a few messages for you "You have thirty minutes to move your franchise" "You have ten minutes." "Your franchise has been melted down' "Your franchise has been crushed into a cube." "You have thirty minutes to move your cube"

Aleksandar : ...There goes my childhood. I don't mean the Star War figures. I'm talking about chronic alcoholism.

Sid Quest : This is actually borderline experimental

WanupVodka : This is some kind of weird tax write off isn't it

Sprawl297 : Mike is too good for this world

Jool : Sometimes I talk to my wife in Mikes sarcastic voice. “ babe, how bout these shoes with this outfit?” “VERRRY COOL”

Riotous Behaviour : I never though I'd say a funny movie review channel on YouTube has become the world's foremost producer of postmodern thought inducing art. Yet here we are. Those RLM boys are treasures.

Bassless Loser : This was...Extremely painfull. I would have paid to save each one.

S1R-D2 : I don't like acetone. It's viscous and oily and irritating and it gets everywhere.

The Festa : Reminds me of that simpsons clip with the 2 teenagers.. "Are you being sarcastic dude?" "I don't even know anymore"

The Robby BopBop Channel : I sold a lot of these figures to them on eBay lol

JosephDiEgidioIII : This was sad but also I think cathartic. It's just not the same anymore. :(

Gabe Garvin : They’re just toys at the end of the day. So why get angry like I thought I was gonna be. I didn’t though. I almost fell for it but I got the joke

LeftoverBeefcake : Somewhere a Home Depot executive is very confused as to why there is a sharp spike in acetone sales in Wisconsin.

AsDeadAsDillinger : The messed up block of twisted remnants that we see at the end is the perfect visual metaphor for 'new Star Wars' (TM)