Pathetic Man-Child Destroys 2,387 Vintage Star Wars Figures

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Matthew Allan : When those are Star Trek figures....that'll be the sign of a real meltdown.

Dash Star : I haven't seen Episode IX but can already tell this is better

Sindur Goku : I don't like acetone. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere-

JackgarPrime : This is art. No, really. Like I bet you could get the cube featured in a modern art exhibition as a critique of capitalism's exploitation of nostalgia.

Brenneka : The figures weren't destroyed, they were just rebooted!

Tantacrul : I shudder to think of how much un-recyclable, toxic gunk you guys poured into the local river a few nights ago.

Andre Moreau : This is a scheme by RLM to inflate the notoriously low price of vintage Star Wars toys.

Kyle Boyle : It's so dense, every cubic inch has so many things going on.

Jen Yen : You know what the difference is between The Last Jedi and watching Mike melt down priceless icons of my childhood? I actually sat through this video to the end.

Anonymous Anonymous : He killed them all! Not just the men, but the women and children too!

BirdsElopeWithTheSun : This is like watching Order 66

mariabenz07 : "DON'T F#$KIN TOUCH ME!" is the typical response when Rich Evans touches a person

Lastjustice : He "Rian Johnsoned" those toys real good!

Hadouken! : I can not stand to see someone destroy something that has brought me so much joy and happiness in my life! But enough about Disney. This video was amazing!

Carnage_Rules69 : I laughed when I saw people retweeting this video on twitter. People actually got triggered hard by this.

Toy Insanity : Should have been Funko Pops

Bellicose : The cube is a metaphor for the cookie cutter ideas that fill the new star wars movies. The pathetic man child is a metaphor for Mike

Scarb1984 : Way to subvert my expectations. Wait... Did I say subvert? I meant submerge. Way to submerge my expectations with gallons and gallons of acid.

bloodrunsclear : Actually a pile of grey goo made out of violated nostalgia is a pretty good representation of the Disney era.

i ö : Cube still looks better than the last jedi.

Charles Owens : Let the past die. Melt it, if you have to.

Justin Barnes : Whiny fan boys: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Real collectors: "He just tripled the value of my collection!"

Hontas Farmer : SMH at the people who don't seem to get that he's trolling them with this video.

眩暈夢 : I can almost taste the tears of 3000 hypernerds while watching this!

moeskido : "Man-child" is a great way to describe commenters here who didn't get the joke.

Greg's Game Room : You just increased the value of the remaining figures. THANKS RLM! Your plan is working perfectly!!!

MrBurtbackerack : Is this the "making of" footage for The Last Jedi?

Wojciech Kowalik : Unexpectedly Mike has become a modern artist. This brick is probably worth thousands of dollars by now and will be displayed in modern art galleries.

christhestampeder : Cubes are equilateral. That's not a cube.

Hederach Fedaykin : Already at 3k dislikes😂, same thing happened with the nerd crew podcast of the last jedi, full blown SW Manbaby meltdown, even though it was just satirical parody, you people know what satire is right? And I'm pretty sure those action figures are not vintage ( well most of them). Gotta hand it these SW hardcore fanboys though, whenever their beloved franchise gets criticised or mocked, even for just a tiny bit, they all come out of the woodwork, in droves. Well, keep it coming my lads, Red letter Media feeds on fanboy salt and nerdrage, it's good nourishment 😋

Robot Head : Coincidentally, Disney is using the same method to build the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme parks

exaIgnus : I show this video to my friend. He got furious for all the vintage destruction. Mission accomplished RedLetterMedia.

studi0205 : Step one of getting laid.

The Robby BopBop Channel : I sold a lot of these figures to them on eBay lol

Joarthus : This is borderline experimental

Daniel Kingston : Glad you got your rubbly gluvs, but where are the safety gogglies?

Michael Malfaro : Only some of those were original Kenner. I saw several nineties figures in among them. Also, this horrifies me beyond description.

Derrick : This brings back childhood memories of sanding down Snaggletooth and Lobots heads using an exercise bike wheel with my brother furiously pedaling. I can still remember the smell of melting plastic.

Mike Mike : Make Rich Evans get in the tank next

Alexian Lien : You still didn't destroy vintage Star Wars characters as fast as Rian Johnson.

Smells Like E Minor : Farewell, insanely overpriced plastic.

Ernest Aquilio : Wouldn't hurt to check eBay prices on the figures. Surely Mikes plan is to control the market of the original trilogy figures by reducing the numbers and also invest in acetone stock

Space Asylum - Gaming in Space! : Could you throw nerd culture in there while you’re at it?

wormervar Meraxes : Star wars sucks anyway

Waffenbaum : Star Wars is dead.

Critical Nobody : I’m legitimately curious how long that shoot was. I can’t imagine all that would dissolve very quickly

Neolith8300 : That cube belongs in a museum!

mc5or6 : Thank you for your service to humanity sir.

METATRON PRODUCTIONS : It's Hip to be Square!

Dan White : this video brought me the same feelings i had when i saw The Last Jedi.