The Psychology of Twitch Donations
The Psychology of Twitch Donations

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In this video I discuss the reasons why people donate huge amounts of money to their favorite Twitch streamers.


L.A. Prodigy : Problem is, these "Twitch streamers" they dont want to be your real friend, they dont want you coming to their front door wanting to hang out or date (if shes a girl). Im always left baffled at the amount people have donated throughout the years. Years will pass, you will likely not be on Twitch anymore, this streamer youre so fond of might still be streaming, yet you come back re-introducing yourself and what do you get "Oh hey how you been?" that is it. Its even worse for guys who's donating to twitch girls. Youre free to donate your hard earn money, but to what extent? what goal are you trying to reach here? recognition? what recognition? some guy or girl read your donation comment, thanked you, and moved on to the next. A few couple bucks is ok, but if youre reaching for something else here, youre not going to find it. Find it somewhere else, trust me you can.

Necro Orcen : Twitch should do a reverse donation, maybe you have to have twitch prime, but the streamer can select a random subscriber and donate however for thanks. I'd be on twitch all day all streamers

Squelchiman The 3rd : Nice I appreciate the effort you put in this video. Not to say your videos don't have effort I'm just saying I like this video

DHammer : Say what you will but donating to a middle class citizen like a streamer who can do just fine with or without your donation is not good. Those money could instead be given to the red cross or any other number of charitable organizations with people that actually need the money and their lives depend on it, as opposed to a streamer who will probably buy an x number of electronics or whatever else with the money , stuff he doesn't really need.

Xipo86 : I donated exactly twice 10 Euro each. One because he is a veteran from another EU country and I wanted him to thank for his service and one to support his stream because he does it full time.

Alex Gwynne : So what you're saying is... I need to be a hot girl and cry more? Got it, I'll be rich in no time.

KP : kids with there mommys credit card is what i thought it was

Beck : Then there is Twitch Prime...

Mr.RustyGamer : what I dont understand is why people even bother donating to larger streamers that dont even bother to say thanks for a donation lets say under 100$, some streamers wont bother saying thanks to someone who donates 50$ because it doesn't even compare to the larger donators and yet for some reason people still donate knowing there wont be any gratification at all, not even a thank you. yet for some reason some people still donate and that baffles me. I believe it gets very discussing towards to top with these larger streamers that take it even farther with their greed that dont even show emotion anymore to large donations and yet get thousands of viewers who watch their mediocre content. one of the streamers ive found to be the most toxic in this sense is summit1g and it baffles me every time I watch him now to see that he no longer cares that people donate to him and no longer thanks them for donations because hes so used to getting free money for playing video games and living lavishly, at this point I ask myself how sad must you be to want to just pile your money into a pit to give to someone that is basically a professional hobo or street performer that gets free handouts all the time by kids who support his or her entire life style with their mommy's credit card. I mean honestly how are these people still living and getting support by acting this way it is honestly disgusting and toxic.

The Doctor TTR : id donate $1000