The Psychology of Twitch Donations

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Sperry : Yes, this originally came from my second channel. I actually really liked what I did with this video and think it could interest a bigger portion of my audience than I originally gave it credit for, so that's why I'm posting it here.

L.A. Prodigy : Problem is, these "Twitch streamers" they dont want to be your real friend, they dont want you coming to their front door wanting to hang out or date (if shes a girl). Im always left baffled at the amount people have donated throughout the years. Years will pass, you will likely not be on Twitch anymore, this streamer youre so fond of might still be streaming, yet you come back re-introducing yourself and what do you get "Oh hey how you been?" that is it. Its even worse for guys who's donating to twitch girls. Youre free to donate your hard earn money, but to what extent? what goal are you trying to reach here? recognition? what recognition? some guy or girl read your donation comment, thanked you, and moved on to the next. A few couple bucks is ok, but if youre reaching for something else here, youre not going to find it. Find it somewhere else, trust me you can.

DHammer : Say what you will but donating to a middle class citizen like a streamer who can do just fine with or without your donation is not good. Those money could instead be given to the red cross or any other number of charitable organizations with people that actually need the money and their lives depend on it, as opposed to a streamer who will probably buy an x number of electronics or whatever else with the money , stuff he doesn't really need.

Alex Gwynne : So what you're saying is... I need to be a hot girl and cry more? Got it, I'll be rich in no time.

KP : kids with there mommys credit card is what i thought it was

Squelchiman The 3rd : Nice I appreciate the effort you put in this video. Not to say your videos don't have effort I'm just saying I like this video

Beck : Then there is Twitch Prime...

The Doctor TTR : id donate $1000

Ten Tron : It's a scam. Most of the "donations" are fake donation overlays created by the streamers. It creates the illusion that donations are being made which encourages others to donate real money. It's shady as fuck. Once I learned this I went on a campaign to destroy the streamer culture.