2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: Regular Car Reviews
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Regular Car Reviews

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We drive the official car of reaction videos: Dodge Demon. This demon was provided by the YouTube Channel Tunnel Chaser: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLt2_F4BSWDiwiqFkt6613A/videos Merch: Hats: https://motoloot.com/products/regularcarreviews-bucket-hat Keytags : https://motoloot.com/collections/regular-car-reviews-loot Shirts, hoodies, stickers http://www.redbubble.com/people/regularcars Patreon https://www.patreon.com/regularcarreviews How to submit a car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FybbkVGCAE


TheDonBarracuda : _"The Demon doesn't accelerate, it escalates."_ lol

Abbreviated Reviews : Demon? More like DEMONetized for showing that much torque on screen without a filter.

Eduard Borukhov : United states of BBRRRRAAAPPP

Bartonovich52 : If Chrysler was a person... they’d own a 30 year old single wide trailer with one of these in the driveway.

Lee Watkins : when is the Dodge Barracuda Satan with 1200hp coming out?

Jacob Fleming : omfg rcr is back on 2013 levels


David Hill : It's the ultimate anti Prius

Sloppy Mechanics : we just dyno'd one last night, 710whp stock

Adam Chandler : Lol. Those Yellow fender strips are to be removed by the dealer as a part of PDI. Funny they left them on there.

cardesinr : Stan the Man is all too real. It was really funny til I remembered those people exist.....

stuart leon : Oh my, that Stan the Man bit was amazing! Vehicle Virgins has been eternally roasted

Johntyson : Pack of Marlboro reds in the seat. Yep, it’s a Dodge Demon.

William Petree : How many more ways can Chrysler serve up a 20 year old Mercedes?

MotoHDdk : "Stan the man reacts" MADE this video. 10/10 wow

Justice fire eating disco panda : I put Viagra in the gas tank and it gives me more horsepower

Anthony C : Dodge Demon, The official car of ROID RAGE!!!

john cramer : those tires just vacuum up stones heh

Leviathan : 93 is pump gas in the us? wtf is going on? we begetting 98 everywhere and 100/102 from shell/aral.

MafiousBJ : 2:33 that section seriously needs more recognition, it's so brillant and perfect at sarcasm!

flyboynextdoor : Stan the man bit = LMFAO. Great episode guys.

Bloody Psycho : Dodge engineers: *sniffs line of coke* “oh, thats niccce”

Lincoln Lux : Dodge Demon, if For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica was a car. ;)

classicforreal : Is Stan the Man RCR’s take on the Paul brothers?

Liam Anderson : I watched this at work on my lunch break on my company workstation. I REGRET NOTHING ... ... Yes Boss I will pack my desk.

ꪜ عَلي الحُسَينيّ : I literally watch your vids just to hear what you say about cars😂

InvictvsNox : This one was especially well-written. This was not the perspective I was expecting on this car lol.

Avocado Warrior : I'm surprised Stan _"The Man"_ Reviews hasn't been shown before.

Lobster Johnson : This was some weird shit. Y'all nailed this one. I couldn't stop laughing at the parody of the bro car vlogger. Street SPEED?! Street speed.

xv70 1 : And 20 yrs from now we will still be talking about mustangs and Camaros. While dodge will morph into Fiat america

THE BRAIN SPECIALIST : By my deeds I honor him... V8

Sean Robert : *STAN THE MAN* was found Guilty and now lives in _Guatemala_ .

TheLogicalGoldfish : Please make StanTheMan a recurring character

Tacoma 55 : Demon: A pissed off HellCat.

Gabmax101 : Dodge Demon video. 666k views. Coincidence? I think not.

Razzle Dazzle : Super easy to fap to this. Didn’t even have to mute it💪🏾💦

Hasan Özuğurlu : So to summarize; Dodge Demon: "I know what I'm about son."

coffee115 : Splatoon Squid porn? I guess it's time for yet another incognito window.

Noah D : Thumbs up if you want Mr. Regular to do my 1991 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR-4

ganz egal : He lost weight…he must be in love !

Bacon676 : I eNjOy KeEpInG mY yELlOw sHiPpInG LiP pRoTeCtOrS oN. Why do Mopar guys keep doing this? They're not meant to stay on, they can fly off at highway speeds ripping the bolts out, they look horrible, and it shows you have no idea what's going on with your car.

Kurobayashi2476 : Mr.R: "...emotional needs into one word" Me: *whispers* Power

Steve LaForce : Absolutely amazing ep, one of the best since the Dodge Avenger I think!

Dominique Marshall : If someone scuffed my Gamma 11s, I'd be ready to fight too fym???

Stanley Spadowski : "140 mph top speed"? I know what you meant.

Jordyn Kennedy : A Bert Kriescher professional party demon. Haha!

Godwind Racing : [NZ coastline] Welcome to RCR New Zealand. [Isaac waves at screen] We were hosted by Camshaft Software, [title screen for Automaton] makers of Automaton, a videogame [winga dinga car] for every gearhead who say [V12 engine in dyno test] “I can make a better car company”. Well, this is your chance to put up or shut up. [screenshot of cam profiling] From cam profiles to [screenshot of fleet marketing] fleet marketing, you do it all [Bryan and Nick walking] and thanks to them, [Nick making notes, Bryan playing with his camera and Andrew chilling] Regular Car Reviews [Ford Falcon XR6] made it to New Zealand, [Toyota Celica GT-Four] the planet’s bonus track. [NZ wave approaches] Sweet as.

The Darkness Grows : And then Dodge made THE HELLEPHANT

Jose Saavedra : 2 questions, what's a gin blossom and who is crazy tow n? Lol 🤔😏