2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: Regular Car Reviews

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Abbreviated Reviews : Demon? More like DEMONetized for showing that much torque on screen without a filter.

Avocado Warrior : I'm surprised Stan _"The Man"_ Reviews hasn't been shown before.

Keegan Ossler : Singlehandedly the greatest episode of RCR. Just incredible.

Alan_Akbar : omfg rcr is back on 2013 levels

Adam Chandler : Lol. Those Yellow fender strips are to be removed by the dealer as a part of PDI. Funny they left them on there.

coffee115 : Splatoon Squid porn? I guess it's time for yet another incognito window.

Sloppy Mechanics : we just dyno'd one last night, 710whp stock

Corn : ʷᶦᵗⁿᵉˢˢ ᵐᵉ

TheDonBarracuda : _"The Demon doesn't accelerate, it escalates."_ lol

Tunnel Chaser : I’m still laughing my ass off at Stan.

Ula G : I think saying a hellcat sucks is a massive oversight. What dodge did with that chassis was absolutely brilliant. They mass produced an absolute weapon that is easily tunable and can bust 4 digit power numbers without breaking a sweat. I don’t think dodge intended to have hellcats stay stock, they even let you put an upper pulley on a hellcat and stay under warranty. But for people who truly wanted something even more crazy than the hellcat, there’s the demon. The demon is quite simply the best muscle car they could create. It’s their shining achievement that has already made the history books. Both the hellcat and demon are not confused about what they are. They’re big, dumb, obnoxious muscle cars that are a symbol of not what dodge is getting wrong, it’s what they’ve always gotten right. Overall, I think you summed up this car excellently. I just wanted to give my perspective on the hellcat because I’ve experienced first hand the sheer terror and excitement that car gives you either stock or 1000 horsepower. Great review Mr. Regular!

Jon Fanning : Left pornhub for this, never been so satisfied.


Keksi the Labrador : Can a good christian own a Hellcat or a Demon? Important.

cardesinr : Stan the Man is all too real. It was really funny til I remembered those people exist.....

Robert Rowley : Dodge Demon, the official car of the "I left pornhub for this!" comment


Trent Hazbroek : God dammit I haven't had a drink in 8 months

Eduard Borukhov : United states of BBRRRRAAAPPP

FelixOrion : Chrysler naming department aka OW THE EDGE

Wideface Productions : I just love the way you review the cars. All the names you take and the connections to the year and stereotypes you do, may or may not be true for everyone but they talk more about the car and a person rather than just the car which is what the car culture is all about. Cheers to you!

Arturo Nava : Thank you Mr Regular for not being another Stan the man Reacts kind of YouTube channel

mipmipmipmipmip : call me boring but I’m more of a Hellcat person actually

Patrick Wamsley : Here's a sleeper build idea. Gut a Demon and cram it in a Volvo 240!

Brandon : when is the Dodge Barracuda Satan with 1200hp coming out?

HazeWulfDemonic : Still rather have a Viper, but thats just me.

Anthony C : Dodge Demon, The official car of ROID RAGE!!!

Jared Lancaster : Yes. We're back to the weird videos again!

Jasper Dinardi : You should do more budget cars again or some goofy funny ones. Like the Mitsubishi i-MiEV or the 2015 Honda fit.

Godwind Racing : [NZ coastline] Welcome to RCR New Zealand. [Isaac waves at screen] We were hosted by Camshaft Software, [title screen for Automaton] makers of Automaton, a videogame [winga dinga car] for every gearhead who say [V12 engine in dyno test] “I can make a better car company”. Well, this is your chance to put up or shut up. [screenshot of cam profiling] From cam profiles to [screenshot of fleet marketing] fleet marketing, you do it all [Bryan and Nick walking] and thanks to them, [Nick making notes, Bryan playing with his camera and Andrew chilling] Regular Car Reviews [Ford Falcon XR6] made it to New Zealand, [Toyota Celica GT-Four] the planet’s bonus track. [NZ wave approaches] Sweet as.

stuart leon : Oh my, that Stan the Man bit was amazing! Vehicle Virgins has been eternally roasted

David Hill : It's the ultimate anti Prius

Ben Peltola : Probably the only car you'll review which can beat an F1 car to 60.

Creator_of_Eden : Dodge Challeger Demon the what if i put steroid to my steroid.

TheLogicalGoldfish : Please make StanTheMan a recurring character

William Petree : How many more ways can Chrysler serve up a 20 year old Mercedes?

GameMaster136 : I would like to see a StanTheMan Reacts RCR please.

Richard Branson : *not a regular carrrrr*

Leandro Escobar : Owning a challenger is like a deployment to Baghdad. Ask me about both!

Mythbuster : Man you really *understood* this car. I find it so weird how people go full on fanboy for Teslas ,Ferraris, Lambos, Zondas, GTRs and all that, but the Demon sort of just... disappeared? Even though it beat all of them 0-60(at least when it came out).

Egidijus Kajeta : "THAT guy"

john cramer : those tires just vacuum up stones heh

Bartonovich52 : If Chrysler was a person... they’d own a 30 year old single wide trailer with one of these in the driveway.

Brandon Leitz : Bwah bwah bwah bwah *Air Grabber*.

drew lim : Love from the PH 🇵🇭

Marc Scordato : Car is crazy really makes no sense I love it! I want it!

Lobster Johnson : This was some weird shit. Y'all nailed this one. I couldn't stop laughing at the parody of the bro car vlogger. Street SPEED?! Street speed.

Noctis : splattoon squid porn.... I died.

THE BRAIN SPECIALIST : By my deeds I honor him... V8

Mjointer : Do a review on the early 2000 Cadillac Deville’s