Daniel Day Lewis, Jack Nicholson (Robin Williams) Accepting Critics' Choice Award

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Fredrik Nielsen : Without YouTube these clips would never see the light of day.

Tyler H : "It's been a wonderful evening for me to walk away with nothing. Coming here with no expectations, leaving here with no expectations. It's pretty much been a Buddhist evening for me." Legendary.

Nigel Lowell : Respect to Jack Nicholson for recognizing the great Robin Williams and bringing him up on the stage. They both rocked it up there!!

Holy shit, it's a talking muffin : Three totally different but equally remarkable individuals on stage together. Wow

Michael Donovan : drunk jack is more real than a hundred classy fakers...

Alyssa S : I swear whenever I feel down I just watch videos of Robin Williams and he just cheers me up, been crying with laughter all night, we miss you Robin!

YouAmI Fan : Ah Robin. The absolute light shining out of you. If only we could have given you half of the joy that you gave us. There is nothing more admirable in our world now than the act of making people happy. To incite a giggle or a smirk in our grey dreary lives is so much more precious then we think. I am so sorry that your time had to come to an end. But you are more than just the entertainer we see. You are your own man with your own dreams and needs. I'm sorry our world couldn't fill them, maybe the next one will.

AmericanGraffiti Begins : Nicholson You legend you, I'm so happy you brought up the legendary Robin Williams.

Milo García : Only Robin could make Jack to take his sunglasses off LOL awesome!!

Tazza DK : it was a tie with three people! lol

Danny Dolan : Brilliant, he saved jack nicholson so many times in that speech

antikoerper256 : "this is what happens when you give the irish free drinks" lmaoo

projectNERV : "For those of you at home, Jack is getting ready to bring out a five iron." hahahahahahaha

chiran rai : Day Lewis is so modest but a remarkable actor.

FreckleFaceBec : "We in about Schmidt are humiliated already tonight because we don't know if we are a comedy or a drama" LOVE YOU JACK!

JML689 : Funny watching this now, notice Harvey Weinstein in the audience isn't laughing at any of the sexual jokes. Oh the irony.

stonecoldku : There was a moment when you look at Jack after he invited Robin up where you can see him thinking to himself, "I may have made a mistake." We miss you Robin. :)

Ashley Montana : I've always preferred Robin Williams in dramatic roles than in comedies. He was a brilliant actor.

TorontoStylez2006 : god mustve been going through some serious shit if he needed a comedian of this caliber up there..

rockmanman : 4:10 Looks like Michael Douglas is having a heart attack.

Shane Conaty : Robin Williams was a comic genius👌

ROCK-ON KEANU : who's still see this video in 2018 ?? we miss you Robin Williams

Sin World : daniel day lewis standing like his a CIA agent prtecting the prisdent

Mark A. : A truly hilarious moment. RIP Robin

jolly kai : Robin Williams is the GREATEST

Cassadanielle Picasso : Oh my goodness... So this was the legendary Jack and Robin combination... Awesome..

Cyber Grunge : "Coming here with no expectetions, leaving here with no expectetions.. It's pretty good a Buddha evening for me"... So brilliant!!!

Sergei P : One of the best videos on Youtube PERIOD))

Layla Rodriguez : True comical genius! Oh Robin, God is having an amazing show right now! Rest In Peace 🙏.

Nimesh Nambiar : Robin, Jack, only you two legends could be so brilliant funny, get drunk and have fun. Complete laugh riot all the way. True legends.

Tony Anastasio : The death of Robin really upset me to the core. I just still can't believe he is no longer around.He was a genius comic on a level nobody in the world will ever reach. Jack is great too. RIP Robin x

Ben Wasserman : These three are some of the best actors to ever grace the world of film. End of story...

Ralph Celentano : Loved the Lewis' Harvey Weinstein affair remark at 0:57

Jj W : Greatest acceptance and non-acceptance speech ever.

Adam Cartwright : So I truly hope that Day-Lewis was oblivious to what a loathesome, worhtless subhuman shitbag weinstein was when he made those comments. He's about the only actor of his time I can see actually not knowing about him, since he utterly shuns the media limelight.

Nicolas Juan Boulaine Vásquez : Drunk Jack and Budist Robin...This should be legendary...

MrDavorinho : I reckon Nicholson was on a few drinks and Robin was pissed already.. but a great comedic performance overall.

Herschel 36 : Cant believe Robin williams is no more

Little Lonely Red Planet : When Jack called robin to do his speech for him, we all knew what was going down

Joey : I love love love Robin Williams, but I don't think there are enough comments of Daniel Day Lewis. The guy has the sweetest sounding voice in real life, and he was a murdering son of a gun in Gangs of New York. Amazing actors all of them

MrEdium : ROBIN WILLIAMS as ALWAYS .........STOLE THE SHOW................HE WAS BRILLIANT !!! {what in the world is an actor of his level doing on Law & Order : SVU ?!?!?!?!} He will be Missed by Millions who Loved Him.............R.I.P. I can see You in Heaven Making GOD Laugh...........................

David Mustoe : Jack Nicholson and Daniel Day Lewis got awards, and a jet flew around raising everyone hair. The Kings Jester.

Hammad Ahmed : is that nicholas hoult at 5:05.

Locktwiste72 : Newfound respect for Jack Nicholson for bringing The Legend Robin Williams on stage with him.

João Sá : 3 persons and they give it to 2 of them and leave Robin out... Showbizz always treated him so bad...

Daniel Marino-Austin : Lewis is a powerhouse on screen but so was Robin; both on and off it. R.I.P.

Returning Shadow : I honestly do not think there is a person anywhere in the world that did NOT like Robin Williams. He made us laugh until we cracked our ribs, he made us cry until our eyes dried up and pretty much made us feel every emotion in between. If they ever make a televised tribute to him, you can truly bet that ALL of Hollyweird will attend. Robin has to have been THE MOST BELOVED actor in the business.

Jcrpdx : What a joy to watch. Robin Williams was a gift to us. A class act by Jack Nicholson to bring Robin on stage to acknowledge him.

MusicForeverrrrrrrrr : CRYING LAUGHING XD Robin was soooo funny

Ryan Walters : Arguably the best comedian I have ever seen live. There will never be another like him.