Elon Musk sounding like Tommy Wiseau is one of the best things Ive ever seen

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Elon Musk tries to save some Thai Kids from a cave but makes a new enemy. Help us make more cartoons by supporting us on Patreon: MERCH.... FACEBOOK ► INSTAGRAM ► TWITTER ► Directed & Animated by Sebastian Peart ►


Spark Plug : Why hasn’t this channel gone viral?

Dan Lee : Hey Stepmates since you did Jim's and Dan Murphy's could you possibly do Frank Walker from National Tiles?

Old Goat : "You're tearing me apart Grimes!"

L E M O N : Is this just 2018 Australia in a nutshell

Dan Lee : What's long hard and full of seamen? Elon Musk's submarine

dion759 : Is elon tommy wiseau ?

Ecorigon IV : Bring on September the 30th!

Alex Williams : You know we live in a great country when the biggest controversy is over plastic bags at supermarkets

Brandon Skillman : Man you are killing it, the references were on point and the animation, excellent. You're going places my friend!

Lauren Oliver : #bringbackthebag

Ignos : You need a show, man

odweedo : You should at least be at 100k subs with this quality content

Adrian .C : fucking ripper lads

ajn.mychannel : Awesome video as always. You guys will blow up soon. Out of curiosity where in Australia are you guys from, I here "womens and Children's" so SA?

bigsquid 1327 : Cheers for the vid mate, another good one👍

Steven Russell : Hahaha so when does Elon Musk play football in back allies wearing a suite?

Hayleigh McGowan : This is so addicting, i love it😂😂

crazymutdog : First mate

WalleyedArc 6325 : Another failure to disappoint!

Helioisk Pal : I am deeply invested in Stepmates Cinematic Universe.

DV7Dave : Amazing, haha!

StasKurbiel : early lad

IGotChuSuckaa™ | Aussie Commentator : #BringBackTheBag

HappyPlanker : Another absolute banger

Big Boi Josh : Love this guy

Thomas Sutcliffe : Hi Stepmates. You should totally do Bob Jane T-Marts in the same vein as Jim's Mowing

Evolutionary Advantage : “Nah there’ll already in the tinnie”

Cyborg KiWi : The plastic bag struggle is real in both aussie and NZ

terribly typical : do you live in Queensland if no then damn itttttttt

Linus Smith : FUCK YESS

Dr.Pepper : Love this 100% true of the last month!!

Ripple Gaming : So funny. I remember watching Jim's a long time ago expecting you to get big. You will one day :)

Daniel : The best channel on youtube

Carl_ Wheezy : grimes!

anon. : #bringbackthebag

James Derksen : Holy shit this was epic!

TechNewsAUS : Finally a new one

Jon Rock : You guys are amazing

No Guilt : classic stitch up

Jayden Luke : Amazing


Ecorigon IV : Hey fellas! Just wondering when the next episode is? I'm assuming you lads are pretty busy no worries :)

fEkuaR : Aaaaahahahhaha

Shizzie Bizz : Good work Stubsy !!!!!

Lt Lazy : 75 th to comment

Buddy : That was awesome!!!!

Nofil Amjad Butt : cunny funts! 😂

POL-G : #bringbackthebag

Bayl : Should have gone to coles mate. With that much worth, you could have gotten one of those little shop minis, plus a free plastic bag for ya.