Aziz Ansari performing Metallica Guitar Covers

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Aziz Ansari at The Goddamn Comedy Jam playing guitar on several Metallica covers on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 at Warsaw in Brooklyn NYC


Drop D Murphy : Much respect for the guy.. Love his comedy and this makes me like him more. I like his "Metallica" covers than his "Randy" gangsta profile. He should add this to his shows.

Patrick Diprimo : Thanks for posting this, I was there in the back rocking out.

tap1983 : Good freaking lord Aziz is on 🔥

Alexander Carrillo : Goddamn aziz with stone cold crazy hell yeah

Carlos Alfredo Sanchez Velazquez : This video is so heavy

MrMagooo : He could start a new career...then no one would care what he does on his dates

metaldigger : Ha ha ha this is nice. Some South Asian American who can play guitars and that too old school Metallica.