Binging with Babish | Chicken Paprikash from Captain America: Civil War

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Micah Philson : Congratulations on the move! And of course we'll always remember that space fondly, the best sendoff is to have a couple years' worth of videos made in that space to go back and binge-watch every once in awhile!

Fahmo Isse : I was going to bust out a snark yet cheeky remark, but now I'm feeling too emotional to handle😔❤️ The kitchen (and Rashid) will be missed😭 Here's to new surroundings and new recipes

mojojosie : Literally EVERYTHING you cook I make a note cooking in the near future. Especially the dishes when you turn the sound on as you eat and say “Oh my GOD” or “Holy SHIT. That’s good!” 😂 Don’t need much more evidence than that. Thanks for all the vids. I love them! Looking forward to even more amazing-ness from you and your new kitchen. I’m sure it’ll play with you just as well as this one did 😊

Drablord : Dunno if anyone cares but I just made a vegetarian version of this with tofu instead and it was freaking incredible.

Belsnickel : PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the gumbo from the princess and the frog🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻!!!!!!

Perpetual Peter : Going all out on the Marvel foods ey Babby? This kitchen will be missed 😢 Best of luck with moving ♥️

Ҩυεεŋ·Ʈɾσιιѕ : Dear god. He is fine af. 💦

Boris Miler : Babish can you do a Basics With Babish: Herbs and Spices Edition, please? I feel learning those would greatly enhance one's cooking.

KittenStitcher : Congratulations on the move, and best of luck in your new digs. We enjoy watching you cook here at our home in Mississippi. You're too cool for school, and I'm so happy that you're finding much-deserved success. - T

malekmadek : "thick or thin, I love em both" you ain't sly

FINNxBÁLOR : not kosher salt? end of an era.

Peter Paul Chato : It's pronounced Paw-prika, not Pa-prika. (Emphasis on the first syllable, always in Hungarian) and generally, sour cream is added to the stock at the end while thickening it a bit with flour. I always hated making golushka but you did a good job.

Marc Schulz : I'm glad you showed such appreciation for the apartment. A good living space with fond memories should always be thanked on the way out with the hope that it shows it's next renter the same good fortune and safety.

SuperDan : FACE REVEAL?? lol IDK if you ever showed your face, but its first time I saw it <3 lol (EDIT: Id like to see a new house tour <3 I like house tour videos)

Not Neo : That moment when the buyer realizes it's babish's former home. 😁

Izzy : Another one of those times where I wish I could just reach into my screen and grab a plate.

*** *** : Huh...that's just about the same way my family makes dumplings, except we mix in as much flour as the eggs will take, and I didn't know about dipping the spoons in the water to prevent sticking. Funny thing is, the part of my family that the dumplings comes from is German, not Hungarian

That Guy : Good luck tomorrow

M.A.C. production : Love it Andrew!!👍🏼 binging with banish has been my go to, if I wanna make a new recipe, and I’ve already dabbled in one or two of them from your show since I subscribed. I love your show and you’re such a good host, I wouldn’t think of anyone who could do it better. Congratulations on the move, but yes. This place will be missed :)

Prathyush J. : PLEASE make the guacamole and chips hat from Despicable Me 2

Brynley Louise : Thank you for always making my Tuesday morning breakfasts seem bland and disappointing. Haha

AsusOC : My family is super Hungarian (Budapest), I have lived there before too, and that is not like the traditional Chicken Paprikash. I even called my grandma: nagymama

Will Armitage : That apartment was THE place to go for flavours to get to know each other

Court Laszlo : Nagy mama is Hungarian for grand mother. I believe Oma is German.

Shaay -d : Awwww. Don't get mushy on us now babby

Jules C : I thought, at the beginning, Babish had his own line of kitchen products. I got excited for a second.

Jonathan Nissim : I made it! Thanks so much it turned out awesome:) First time I made one of your recipe, surely not the last:))

BiGGz : What about RASHID?!!??

raygun2025 : You should do the Benson's chilli from regular show

mike : You should do Ichiraku Ramen from Naruto

Sauce Stache : Bye Bye Babby kitchen!!

Mr. E : Can you try making Benson's Fried Chicken Chili from Regular Show?

Jake Malone : Can you make pancakes for basic with babish I’m a really big pancake guy and I need to know how to make the perfect pancake thanks!

Abraham Domingo : do microwaved wings from regular show

Alex Li : Vision dies anyway

Abbreviated Reviews : Alright now to move to in to Babby's old apartment and start my own cooking channel. I'd have to change my name though... food was always better than video games anyways.

Saberman Excalibur : R.I.P. KITCHEN You will be forever missed.

James KNIGHT : 🔶SPOILERS🔶 Vision is dead lol

Matt Nguyen : You should make Bubble Bass’s burger order from spongbob

Adam Adams : .R.i.P. Babish apartment

Veridian : Can you show us how to make the ice Captain America was frozen in?

Shelby Hansen : I just recently starting watching so It im not really attached to this kitchen yet, but I will get to see the dawn of a new era in a new kitchen.

scrambledegg81 : Hope the move is going well!

PK PK : Jokes on you, I did grow up with a grandmother that I called Oma.

Lil Toasty : In vision defense he has never eaten anything

Veridian : Bucky would be the ultimate chef if he could switch out the hand of his metal arm for some cooking utensils

Yung Light : R.I.P. Vision because he died in Infinity War

Speedy Gonzales : Is there any reason other than camera angle that you use that portable stove instead of the one in the back?

Kyle Butler : Make Oswald Cobblepot's mom's Goulash recipe from Gotham!

Sleep Deprived : Oh my god YESS