Alan Watts ~ Best Story of the Chinese Farmer

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Soul Ching : "The old man lost a horse, how do you know if it's not a blessing."

Yugan Dali : 塞翁失馬,this story goes back over 2000 years, and is very well known. How well known? If you tell a Chinese speaker, "A farmer lost a horse," immediately everyone knows what you're talking about.

Mark E : maybe

Aaron Opdyke : Thank you for this! I heard this story about 6 years ago and have been unofficially looking for it again for the past few years. But how to Google it?! "Chinese story about luck"... lol. Thanks!

Psycrow : Why did u not finish it..i think they all starved to death due to lag of money from the soldiers since he broke his legs

planesrift : That's not what happens in today's China though.