China: Inside the world’s biggest cockroach farm

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: A Chinese pharmaceutical company is breeding six billion cockroaches every year. The roaches, as well as other insects such as scorpions and centipedes, have been ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine and restaurant dishes for thousands of years.


Arvin Reuben : Excuse me while i die.

Danko Musik : China:What if we ship all of these coclroaxhes to the US? Workers:Ok China:*Ships cargo ships of cockroaches* US:In total terror

Tom Tian : This freaking cured my intestine edema which I’ve spend 2 years to try to cure.

Rajeswari Ghosh : Dafaq😱 now i need holy water to wash my eyes

satria amiluhur : We also have roach farm in indonesia, but mainly for aquaculture/poultry feed and fish bait. People will flip their table if they drink medicine made of such disgusting bugs.

MetallForce123 : Imagine if the lab collapsed and all the cockroaches escaped

DLoveArts Entertainment : I, nor should you, just cannot trust "A Drug Company" called Gooddoctor...oh the depth of YouTube.

taken username : Snowpiercer?

xxx tekashi : Hi guys welcome to asia!!

KillerWhaleSFl : I get it you work with them but why let them crawl all over you :/

Ninjassasin 744 : If only I had a “not a flamethrower” flamethrower

Romelson Vicera : Holy cow that's a lot of roaches. I see one cockroach and fly towards me that's it I'm out! 😂

Zoco Vento : anything to make a buck

Ray Mak : They taste like nuts

D : may i know how to un-see this ? my eyes hurts so bad now

Pham de West River : I could be a nightmare for a lot of people after seeing the video.🤣

Zescaflowne : ah yes, the white neck cockroaches, known for it's medicinal properties...

DeemZ : done, im not using cosmetics again.

Stacey Hall : I couldn't hardly watch 35 seconds of this video.

Johannes Schneider : China still can't innovate apparently

oydaladno : That's why I promote the idea of joining NATO in Russia

Ordinary Mevaker Edwin : We need to Sanitize!!!!!!

We Are Borg 478 : This is why Skynet will eventually turn on us.

Michael Lam : Metamorphosis with revenge!


Diego : This is in my recommended why did I click this

buddy man : That's why I don't see crocoach in the street in china.

CoolGamer 3654 : i would drop a whole bomb down there

vizthex : I'll be scanning the comments for that one guy who says this makes them hard

dudastt : Well, as long as the Chinese medicine is not using tiger bone, rhino horn and other parts of endangered animals, then it's okay for me

slaiyfershin : Terraformars in the making...jouji.

theinsight two : Snow piercer

reedwind86 : as a chinese who have lived in china for more than 30 years, i have never heard of such cocoroach farm,. i really wonder how you guys found it. for some people, no matter you like it or not, those are people who are looking for new ways to save lifes, heal patient, cocoroaches are fast breeder, easy to take care, which can possibly make the medicine cheaper for people who really need them. when you or your family are going to die, you don't want the medicine you need are made from a big fat cute Panda,

John Yang : Maybe I should start one here in U.S.

lazybeastz182 : still better for you than mcdonalds

Foreverlyn : I am so uncomfortable right now.

three dollar bill, yall : 1:46 i remember that scene from The Mummy :^V

Bugsy Segal : I would put a big mantis in this farm

Clayyy : time to move to another planet

Captain Homie : Well time to nuke

clioandminnie : China needn't bother breeding cockroaches, the country is overrun with enough 'human' cockroaches to feed the whole world.....

Dirga Praya Wisda Mahardika : Aw.. What a very cute animal, i want to eat them

Gamer : Nuke those dam farm's.

f16wx : chinese will start eat humans in 2025

I am who I am : Does the export of cockroaches to US get imposed by the Trump tariff as well???

Pushpanjali Behary : In Mauritius, we use cockroach as a medicine

Soraya Esfandiary : OH HELL NO!!!

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Coby Warrior : PETI - people for the ethical treatment of insects. After watching the video, why isn’t there insects rights. See how conjusted the place would be with billions of them and after that torturing them to death. 😪😪😪