Digital Transformation: Interview with Chandran Nair, Global Institute for Tomorrow

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KS 445599 : This guy is obsessed with Western civilization. He treats Western tech like the boogeyman.

Krishna Harish : Well said! This has indeed devolved into a highly dystopian narrative. Who knows where this will take us? Only time will tell! ☺

Jim Keenan : Very disappointing, this is usually an excellent source of informed opinion, however, this talking head is just that, a talking head. His prejudice throws him into one ridiculous corner after another. “People in Africa and Asia have more mobile phones than toilets”, but western democracy and economic development isn’t the answer; build more toilets! Perhaps more people in Africa have mobile phones because it is something over which they can exert control, and through which they might be able to develop the economic independence to buy their own toilets without having to wait on the central planners to get around to it. This video seriously undermines the excellent work done by this channel. This talking head does not deserve a place alongside the other contributors.