Austin Reacts to Film Theorists "Jeopardy is Rigged" Videos
Former Jeopardy champion Austin Rogers Reacts to Film Theorists Jeopardy is Rigged Videos

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Ugh. A reaction video. So gauche. But in this case, necessary. Film Theorists basically maligned and impugned the character of hundreds of staff and thousands of winners of the game show Jeopardy! by saying that it's rigged. 12-time Jeopardy! Champion and Shetland Pony Hairstyle Model Austin Rogers dissects the nonsense spouted by Film Theorists and its host MatPat. It's a silly, silly job but sort of like Joan of Arc who BTW got the calibre of haircut that Austin deserves. You know, that one from the 20s. That one. Remember? The haircut? Yeah you do. Here are some links to podcasts relevant to Jeopardy! A Lot to Learn with Austin Rogers with Keith and Monica: A Lot to Learn with Austin Rogers with Buzzy Cohen: A Lot to Learn with Austin Rogers with game show casting Liz Harris: