The Big Bang Theory but with Rich Evans as the whole studio audience.
The Big Bang Theory but with Rich Evans from RedLetterMedia as the whole studio audience

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IIRemy : I was hoping for 100 simultaneously laughing rich evanses

Lego Policeman : This is borderline experimental.

Jooglesberry : It doesn't work because I know that Rich would be completely silent the whole time.

MOS6581 : not even mighty rich evans could save this trainwreck

sine moderamine : makes the show 100 times better... unfortunately a hundred multiplied by zero is still zero

Kamikaze Chinaman : Only Rich Evans could make it tolerable.

Damerz : Rich Evans is the key to all this....

Hayden Richmond : And here I was thinking an audience with only Rich Evans would be the show with no laugh track.

H J : I should not be able to identify which episode each laugh comes from. But I can.

Jack : the only time this shit has ever been even slightly humorous

AleK : the sad part is he's laughing at something funnier than this

Reima Mäenrinta : I only laughed at Rich perfomance.

A Lonely Weeaboo : wtf i love the bing bong theory now

Simon Henrichsen : If you just close your eyes, put your fingers in your ears and only take them out when Rich is laughing, this show is actually a lot better than I thought it was!

pkmovies92 : Is he drinking Slimer?

Corncob Johnson real : How does rich think this is funny?

Robin Thrush : Only funny thing in that scene had to be added in post.

Nair Bas : Ahahahahhaaaaaahahaha

Bystander55 : Underrated.

SystemOctave : I was hoping there would be a studio audience of multiple rich evans. Now that would be a masterpiece.

Firebert : This somehow makes the show more awkwardly unfunny yet also makes me laugh.

Dark Sim : This is the best thing that could've happened to this "show"

Bobby Brown : Are they replacing studio B audience with Rich Evans?

Slump Cat : he's a funnier character than we've ever had before

ParselyBunny : I imagined an entire audience of a hundred Rich Evanses so I was expecting to hear Rich's laugh multiplied and layered over each other. But somehow this is better. A big empty studio with only Rich Evans watching.

John Schaeffer : God, even with Rich's beautiful angel laughter, I couldn't even crack a smile at this comedic abortion

Resvrgam : Wow. This show really is unbearably awful. Was any of that really supposed to be funny? Rich's canned-cackle couldn't even help that embarrassment.

Benjamin 1 : It sounds like they have rich at gun point (then again when don't they)

‘∑ : I was hoping for a chorus of rich evans laughs overlaid on top of one another

Tamar Blaauw : Rich laughing during this is the only time I've ever smiled during this godawful show.

POOR EVANS : Hello my name is Poor Evans,I am a long lost brother of Rich Evans-Our Lord and Saviour

Shane Arnold : To tell the truth I'm a bit disappointed, I thought it would be a studio audience amount of different Rich Evans laughs all going at the same time

souperman72 : This almost made the show watchable.

Rhino 'n Chips : Missed a big opportunity to make a whole chorus of his "chimp being molested while crying" sounds he calls laughter.

Vhs Vcr : OMG this is the first time I've laughed at this show. EVER.

The Bacons : Even in a simulation Rich Evans doesn't laugh at all the jokes

Word Unheard : Young Sheldon, but with Rich Evans as the whole studio audience... *crickets *shotgun blast *deafening silence

William Holly : You can tell this is an edit because Big Bang Theory has never made a person laugh before.

CaptainCrazah : wow what a great show!

highlandcommando : Neil Breens ballsack is funnier than BBT

Boat Knight : This has reinforced two things I know. 1. The Big bang Theory is painfully unfunny 2. I love Rich Evans

Thousand WordsProductions : I haven't even played the video yet and I'm laughing at what I think this is.

elunicocalvo : Make your own content.

Alexander Vlk : Big Bang Theory: nonmedy?

Andy Fox : DO MORE! MORE! I NEED MORE! This is amazing.

Craig Martin : Now if this was done with an entire episode. I actually might do that but not with this show...

Stephen : this is actually great! thank you!

Adam Malik : I made it through the whole minute and half thanks to Rich. If it didn't have him, I'd destroy my phone in the first 10 seconds

James F : Shouldn't it just be the show with no laugh track because I have more faith in Rich's sense of humour than this.