Hacking Drones With a Child's Toy
Hacking Drones With a Childs Toy

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Join Honey for FREE at https://joinhoney.com/reeves Honey’s 10 million members save an average of $28.61 a month on sites like Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, Dominos, eBay, and more! Somehow managed to make this video about hacking a drone with a children's education toy. I just moved so it took a hot second, but do not fear there are more memes on the horizon My Patreon so i can keep making garbage videos: https://www.patreon.com/michaelreeves Instagram: mike_reeds808 Twitter: https://twitter.com/michaelreeves08 Website: https://michaelreeves.us/ Songs: android 52 - romance engelwood - crystal dolphin


Lobbie Lobster : No one: Michael: “now Michael I hear u ask”

10000 subs with one video : It's 9:11 minutes long. Micheal was destined to kill us all. With a drone.

Shadow gaming : *Drone simply crashes* *uses extinguisher*

Luke Culhane : Make tony starks auto fire extinguisher robot

Derpal Shmerpal : Why do I feel like Michael is the evil version of William

Sean Busby mountain biking Channel : Teacher: pull out yesterday’s homework Me:1:38

Homosexuality My Dear Watson : Oh god I hate Scratch They had us use it in my high school programming class, I had more fun using BASIC

Asssquatch : "Building a drone to kill babies" *The US Government wants to know your location...*

Bronze : Look at this 12 year old thinking he's to good for the kid's programming language.

Nathan : the extinguisher bit is honestly hilarious

Max Barrow : 9:11 video length Drones CONICIDENCE I THINK NOT

Fellow Jack Nation : Publish the game so we can control your drone remotely. —

That Weird British Kid : please upload that game to the scratch gameplay server thingy

William Osman : Can you make an easy mode for the game? It was fun and I want to be supportive of your projects but it was just too darn hard to play.

Kris Craig : I lost it when he used the fire igstiwisher

Potato Bomb : Me: *masters the art of moving 10 steps but twice* I’m a god Michael:

ItsStrive : Next video: hacking girls so I can finally lose my V card

MicrobioDigital : I subscribed because of the extinguiser, I lost it lmfao.

PeterDeep : I see you're a man of culture with that gingerpale sweater

Milkwater : Sponsored by honey? This isn't the future Barry Bee fought for.

Minutewave : In my school we can't use anything apart from scratch and it a COMPUTING SCIENCE Class I'm 16

Aidan Pratt : Next Video: Hacking into nasa with a children’s MP3 player.

Yeetasaurus Rex : I find it ironic that the video is 9:11 minutes long and he keeps crashing an aerial device

Crispy : Ill be honest. Scratch is a really good start for younger kids looking to code. I’ve used it and while simple, it’s a good start.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : What drone is that?(i couldnt understand what he said)

GalaxyFoxx Animations : holy shit i just realized i have the same type of laptop as him and im using it right now

Isaiah Limon : ive actually seen honey sponser everybody but his explanation of the website made me download it

Eutatsu : Top 10 best programming languages from worst to best: 10. It 9. Does 8. Not 7. Matter 6. They 5. Are 4. All 3. Equally 2. Powerful 1. *Scratch*

Andrew Johnson : That thumbnail is a work of art

Th3 Night Lion : I love that you completely screwed over Will

2MANYWWWWWWWWWWWWS4U : 1:37 Ice 101, eh??? Ur not 21!!!! I'm telling!!!!! 😝😝😝

The Dark Whispers : 7:18 will in the background 😂😂

Rick Zevenbergen : A video about flying and crashing a drone. It’s 9:11 long. Coincidence I think not!!

Matthew Productions 22 : I met the creator of scratch at a book store near me. Nice guy

MacieQ GAMING : *Me on IT* : can’t made simple labirynth on Scratch *Michael at home* : steering a drone with Scratch kill me plz

Mae Dell : The vid is about hacking a drone but the video is 9 min and 11 seconds long ._.

HD chicken : No one: Conspiracy theorist: the amount off time is 911 and he hacks into a drone, councidence, I think NOT

AfivePlus - lofi hip hop radio beats : Hey, Michael Reeves, Michael here

ThatOneCockatoo : Oh, wrong type of drone, praise Allah.

Kmaya Sobru : You kinda underestimated the power of Scratch...

qvindicator : I don't need no millennial programming language. I use magnets and move the little bits inside my computer to make stuff happen.

Zander Devore : Make a RC car with a cup holder on it

Soviet Fried Chicken : I’m the Elon Musk of bad ideas!

Dem Doughnuts : You deserve to be one of the biggest on YouTube

Jimmy John : I think your sponsored I just might try... the first time someone's YouTube add that tried...

Gabriel [REDACTED] : use minecraft command blocks to drive a remote control car

Dark salamander : Me: Sees how Michael was hacking something that flies Me: also sees the video length and that its 9.11

Daniel Yyy408 : Drone: crash Michael: REEEE **fire extinguisher**

Jake Marin : Wow, living with Michael must be pure terror 24/7.