Hacking Drones With a Child's Toy

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TacticoolVoda : Video about flying objects is 9:11 minutes long.

Xavier : People have made 3d multiplayer games which run only using vanilla scratch.

qvindicator : I don't need no millennial programming language. I use magnets and move the little bits inside my computer to make stuff happen.

Pablominekk : Advice taken, I'll use scratch as my preferred coding language.

Mikolaj Popik : 4:03 I don’t understand you, you agree to be tasered and make you dab but you are scared of a plastic flying object

William Osman : Can you make an easy mode for the game? It was fun and I want to be supportive of your projects but it was just too darn hard to play.

Tom5tom Entertainment : Ok now you need to use Scratch to drive a car.

Alex Brown : All that programming and drone stuff is cool and all but lets talk about the real topic here.... that is nicest garage I've ever seen you living in.

Wizardry Wolf : Writes "hello there" in html *hackerman*

Greighlin : I’m a senior in high school and they made me take this for “advanced computer programming”...

Vincent Oak : "Honey is completely free" Well let's just say you don't pay with money

BonesToPick : I can't tell if you're 4 or 23 years old

Sph1003 : I killed all the lazers

f u e l : *ur not old enough for vodka*

Performage Plushfire : Yo don’t attack scratch, here in the uk we could do our gcses in scratch up until last year

Taste : Mom: what do you want for Christmas? Son: i want a scratch game! Mom: for animations Son: if by animation, you mean cracking the FBI data then OF COURSE!

Besser Wisser : That Iron Man reference though (I'm assuming it is)

Paradox Petty : omg we listen to the same music uwu

Ibrahim Alabed : Make a robot that automatically gives you copyright claims.

Excelsa Autem : Scratch is the superior coding language and this is infalliable proof

Donut Operator : You totally deserve the 1 million subs you're about to get buddy

jay : Thank you for going super in-depth with the code c: <3

DDos TheSauce : nothing wil ever top race detecting mario my friend...

Benjamin Chen : Dude FPV is awesome I hope you actually got that eachine

I am Wolf? : When your realized you havnt turned on notifications... 😥

Victor Pagona : Use Minecraft redstone to code

The OffTaskArtist : Lol 7:17 top right corner

Mewes : How bout you build an roboter wich is attached to your camera and its automaticly following your face

R4nsomW4re : but you cant write java for scratch tho? i have used it for a long time because thats all i can do at school and i havent ever seen anything about it...

Tomás Reyes : Isotretrinoin

Iprocrastinateandwatchyoutube : I wish I had the confidence you have lol. I got the self deprecating humor down. I’m in my twenties and look 15 and I’m short Rip

ShadowExcalibur Δ : ANDROID52 IN THE BACKGROUND <3. My role model.

UltraRad : Make your vids 10min get that money like if agree

qvindicator : Finally a language made for toddlers like you! No wonder you like it so much!

Craigslist Assassin : **insert xd funny comment about the video being 9 min 11 sec long and him flying an aerial vehicle**

Tyler S : I wish i knew how to make my drone go OTHER left and right

dqrkr : Hey Michael i've been watching your video for around 9 months now and i've been looking for some help. What site do you recommend to learn Python or c++?

Lithostheory : It doesn’t matter... but python is better :)

Gavin Love : I know your 20 Michael.... I looked it up on famousbirthdays..

Myrdin Osrek : You should attach a Youtube buddy cannon to your drone.

silver king : I heard everything you said I just don't understand everything you just said

Var : Why did the thumbnail make you look straight outta to catch a predator

Julian 3005 : The fbi wants to know your location

VOX : 4:21 When my uncle walks into my room

Doctor Zoidberg : When will I get a micheal reevees and william osman arcade cabinet game

Oliver Bamford : Make a professional scratch game

turtlebasket : See you use git bash ;)

Autisti-comet : Man I love this guy

noonegaming 12 : Soooooo does that mean I should use scratch

damian Regalado : Damn, Micheal used to be in a shitty tiny bedroom and now he's in a shitty but large looking workspace. Congrats