Hacking Drones With a Child's Toy

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TacticoolVoda : Video about flying objects is 9:11 minutes long.

Hugo : Next video: Hacking the Pentagon with Tickle Me Elmo

LionDoge : i once got kicked out of the library for putting a women's rights book in the fiction section.

FlamingDagger77 : Welcome back to another episode of,... We should've done this outside

P&G Gaming : I have always wanted a nerdy Chanel with comedy Now here I am

William Osman : Can you make an easy mode for the game? It was fun and I want to be supportive of your projects but it was just too darn hard to play.

Boss Zombie Gaming : i absolutely died whenever michael used the fire exstiguisher especially on will

YBD Lil Vin : - *Harvard has left the chat*

I Airsoft : 7:18 top left im dead lol

Spicy Waffles : Are you 12 or 34?

Taste : Mom: what do you want for Christmas? Son: i want a scratch game! Mom: for animations Son: if by animation, you mean cracking the FBI data then OF COURSE!

Justin Scientia : IS THAT A GINGERPALE SHIRT ?????????????

LuckyLachy _13 : Me: *Drinks Milk* Michael: “I’m gonna use Scratch to hack a drone!” Me: *Sprays Milk Everywhere and Leaves*

Homosexuality My Dear Watson : Oh god I hate Scratch They had us use it in my high school programming class, I had more fun using BASIC

Ivan Tarnyagin : Michael REEEEEE

Vincent Oak : "Honey is completely free" Well let's just say you don't pay with money


Mr. YouTube : As of this date, Michael Reeves has reached 1,000,000 subscribers.

ya_boi_Waffle xz : 5:33 me looking sexydrones.exe

Programmer Sheep : Video is about flying objects... Lasts 9:11 minutes... Coincidence? *I think not*

Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos? : it was a 'accident' it was 9:11 long

Mikey Johnson : Not going to lie, but it would be pretty cool if you could make a ping pong table and have two motion sensor paddles that would find the ball and play against its self. I know this prob won’t be seen and you don’t like taking suggestions, but just a idea that I thought was pretty cool that came to mind!!

NjmtheDowell : Flight video that is 9:11 long

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : What drone is that?(i couldnt understand what he said)

Turtle God : Wait... *Are you 12 or 31?*

Donut Operator : You totally deserve the 1 million subs you're about to get buddy

SHDW Thegamer : *Drone simply crashes* *uses extinguisher*

Gavin Shizuo : Hey man I enjoyed watching your video it was a lot of fun to watch looking forward to watching more videos

ItsStrive : Next video: hacking girls so I can finally lose my V card

1 Mil Subs Without Content : I have to use programs like scratch each and every weak. I know nothing about coding yet because of that site.

Xavier : People have made 3d multiplayer games which run only using vanilla scratch.

Ko9125 R6 : We learn scratch at school....

Cooler : Michael? Did you purposely make the video about crashing drones 9 minutes, and 11 seconds

CrimeraRi Bloody : plot twist: this whole video is a code

Shreder CJM : Really interesting, but holy shit did the Android52 in the background just make this the best thing ever.

Victor Pagona : Use Minecraft redstone to code

Namzie Naomi : is that gingerpale merch i seeeee????

R0V3R : Thank you. I go places and see people think they can make the complex programs/games because they can use this bs

ThatOneCockatoo : Oh, wrong type of drone, praise Allah.

Ardite Acting Crew : Vinegar

Iprocrastinateandwatchyoutube : I wish I had the confidence you have lol. I got the self deprecating humor down. I’m in my twenties and look 15 and I’m short Rip

Minifodda Gaming : And then they always say: *_REEE_*

big gay energy : Look at our aesthetic boi uwu

Ridha Chowdhury : Congartes on a milli

Andreas Buus Mukherjee1 Unknown : 00:45 micheal REEves

Myrdin Osrek : You should attach a Youtube buddy cannon to your drone.

the emotional Ninja : Is will ur care taker ???

Freddie PLAYZ : Son we’re dying... 00:45

Owen Pearson : I dare you to give me a computer and a gaming computer and teach me how to hack I dare you

A Dank Meme : U wear gingerpale merch? Not bad