Celebrity Nano-Impressions with Jay Pharoah | Vanity Fair

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illmakeuhowell : WHY AIN'T YOU LOOKIN AT ME THOU

Laura Laine : He's really good!!! 😆

_窮 : 2:00 That Kanye hahaha.

Bro, Wtf : SNL messssed up with letting him go

Shaqaya B : He got them all on point 😂 (Even the body language) 🙈

Shawn George : That Idris Elba one, geez that's so good. SNL didn't deserve him.

jinxie712 : Chappelle killed me.

Gabriel Ramos : I love that John Mulaney is in the mix 😁

A Louis : That subtle Jay Z “Yeah” was actually incredible if you listen to him

Vino sitas : if SNL did a better job at writing sketches based on the talent they had... he wouldve been my favourite cast member.. but his talents were wasted over there.. while they give people who are less talented to impeesonate celebirties and they are never right on like jay is.

Jeremy Agustin : that Tracy Morgan one is a piece of art.

colelaurain : That John Melany cake outta nowhere and still was perfect!

Ryan Brooks : 1:56 that kanye west one was soo perfect not only the voice but that is totally somtging he would say.

Chelsea Smith : My favorite one is the Katt Williams one

dimitreze : that was amazing

S S : Lol wasn't expecting John Mulaney 😂

Cody Greene : That Dave Chappelle was perfect

Ethan Sharer : that dave chappelle part killed me!

Cosmo : Wow that's the first time I see someone doing an impression of John Mulaney 😂

ScarlettP : Jay sounds exactly like everyone lol

luvyou baby : Denzel's neck impression was spot on

sweetcrazycocochick : He did that. Especially with the Chris tucker impression.

c h r i s g a l a c t i c b e a t s : One of the best videos on the internet.

Kira-Rey-from-nowhere Skywalker : OMG this video is everything! Love his Idris and Eddie impression!!!

aubree : THAT WAS INCREDIBLE i wasn’t expecting the john mulaney to be so on point this was true talent WOW

Justin K : Dude...his Chris Rock and Denzel....WHAT??? EDIT: All of them are ridiculously good. But if you wanna see more of his Denzel, watch his Get Out parody.

TheCommonDingus : I wasn't ready for the Dave Chappelle

TheRealBeatMaster : *HOV* yeh

sweetcrazycocochick : What impression can't this man do? 😂😂😂

sivan walters : that KANYE WEST one tho!! spot on

doodlydoomarkimoo : The Bernie Mac one tho

hiccup22 : 0:34 My fav is Chris Rock XD

RedShadow : Mannnn, him and Ross Marquand... Just the best!

jetsterx : John Mulaney impression was a surprise.

Drive-By Studios : Maaaan that Kanye was so on point !!!

Jamie James : I wouldn't trade being black for nothing

Tywithay : Took Dana Carvey's idea and did it better.

Lashjanae Perry : it's amazing how good he has everyone's mannerisms down to the T! I loved it

thenikkhazami : how can SNL let him go?

Ishaba : He nailed every single one of these 👏🏽

ed hicks : Shaq with that zipper killed me!

luvyou baby : Jay Z - LOL

sascha mhl : on point! some of them are just too real hahah

Preston Owens : He never seemed like he was fully utilized on SNL. I wonder why, most of his impersonations are very good. It seems like he would have been a useful asset to the cast.

Alicia Steele : No one can hate on this mastery. Dude is so young too! Phenomenal, fam.

burnblue : Stop giving this man the same impressions of the same black men over and over. We've seen him do Christopher Walken, Stewie Griffin, all kinds of voices before he blew up

Kane Wilson : The Dave Chapelle one was spot on 😂😂😂

Ashton Perfecto : besides everything else about this video, the editing is making me die of laughter

Roy : Do one with Melissa Villaseñor!

Steven Brown : “Oh no son !! I shoulda got a goldfish “ 💀 😂