USA Road Trip California to New York (Yellowstone, Rushmore, Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty)

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Mgabbz C : Can I ask how long did this trip took and around how much it cost? I'm planning a road trip from Los Angeles to New York and I'm trying to figure everything out! 😬👍

Dufflit : This video is awesome!!! The editing and footage are really well done! I'd really, really, REALLY love to do a road trip across America in the upcoming years, if not this summer. I'm not sure how easy finding places to stay would be since I turn 18 this summer, but it'd be so worth it! Thanks for the motivation to travel :)

ZG Young : aggie!!!!

Jatinder Dhir : The quality of video is really very nice... which camera did you use...

Travel To The World : Thanks for upload. Amazing experience. USA is my dream county. One day I will....

JINWEI SU : Can u share with me your itinerary. Thank

Freddy Medina : How much money would you say you spent overall? How many days did all this take you? Did you camp or stay at hotels?? I’m actually doing my own road trip this coming June and I’m trying to getall the info I can get thanks

Sightseeing tour guide : I'm doing the opposite

iTz HoTRoD : Where there any checkpoints on your way to New York yo? Hit me back ASAP yo!

iTz HoTRoD : Was there any checkpoints on your way to New York? Hit me back ASAP yo!

iTz HoTRoD : Where there any checkpoints on your way to New York? Hit me back ASAP yo!

Delaware Ball : Next summer I'm taking a road trip to Rushmore from Delaware about 2000 miles one way

Melissa Sordan : This was the video that actually inspired me to take my road trip this past summer. CA>UT>WY>SD>CO>AZ>NV>CA.

kaushik mukherjee : wow.keep posting

Angelika Singh : Wow. Can u write me?

Freddy Medina : at 3:10 where is that groto of redemption?

Freddy Medina : Where did you do the thing in the sand with the card board boxes?!?!?1

احمدعبدالباقي الرحمة Ahmed Abdalbagie Alrahma : good10/10

MsDina0701 : What month did you go ? Meaning season ?

Jiggley Krowzer : Helluva trip fellas. Hope you had fun, got laid, drunk, high, met some interesting people, made some lifetime memories..

Jajung Kim : what car did u use?

CalusRiven : Awesome!! How long did it take you?

Usman M : Am traveling 1st weekend of June from Los Angles to Newyork, any one wanna partner up

lukeYDtravel : That was a crazy castle looking place where the walls appeared to be made out of large rocks. Really cool place and an awesome video. Hope there are lots more short films to come from you :)

hi : Go Aggies!