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Myrt Myrtle : My god, she looks like she's going on a night out somewhere! I hope this poor child is adopted by someone who will love him properly.

Lassal I : Sheriff you better make sure a felony gets put on this woman for child endangerment! She could've given the child to a child molester for all we know! Now is not the time to show weakness and I don't want a WEAK ON CRIME sheriff.

jiepper : Is the child okay now? I hope someone adopt him and love him and raise him to be a wonderful adult

P Jp : She is ripping the child’s arm off. At least she did not harm the child physically.

Stephanie K : A crying shame. N chances are, that poor child will go right back to the one that didn't want him 😢 Shared this video

Rómulo Romero : Just terrible how she carries him like a it's a bag a trash! I hope she serves some serious time in jail.

Kay King : A case of 'who's your daddy?'....I hope that child never goes back to that women...she was grinning the whole time - it makes no sense.

DJJustJayOK : Sheriff: When will the courts, police, and society take the issue of women abusing innocent defenseless children serious and start exposing these horrid females for what they are....not-fit-to-be-parents! Let's step it up and make an example outta these women, because they both need to be held accountable! It's not the state, DHS, or the police job to take care of these children!

Chris Cote : When the kid looks back to see him mommy drive off, gawdammit, that's the saddest thing I've ever seen. Lock her up!

capdust : black at it again

Marie Marie : They say "Everything's Bigger in Texas"! ...let's turn her "23 Seconds" of fame into "23 years" behind bars for "Abandonment of a Child, Child Endangerment, Trespassing, Expedition of Speed (That's driving recklessly), Disturbing the Peace, and a $10,000 Fine, along with as many other charges the Sherrif's Office can come up with! Then, those people out in Montgomery County that give Texas a bad rep might think twice about messin' with Texas! Let's set an example of what us Texans are all about! LOCK HER A$# UP!!

AmusedChild : Look how this slattern is dangling the child by his arm! Then she gives a perfunctory ring of the doorbell and bang at the door before she's off, abandoning the child! I hope they throw the book at her shallow, self-serving smile.

Michael Obi : this is absolutely disgusting

Diego Riquelme : maybe she has nothing to do with the child and actually saved her.

Teddi Sutherland : WITAF is wrong with people? She had a HUGE smile on her face like she thought it was funny?!?!?!

Scifi763 : from what I know about their culture. there's no daddy,mom has 10 kids no job EBT card, granmomma always raise them. so why they saggin and commit crimes? just my thinking.

By Any Means : I hope that kid becomes successful and rich and gives everyone involved in this ordeal the finger.

M P : The worst thing is the mother put this monster up to this...

Troll Colate : What a monster

Test Test : Please keep this video. Show it to child when he is adult hood

Bob Marioni : She's an escort or dancer. This video breaks my heart.

Eduardo snake tactics : 0:07 nice butt by the way, but i hope she is not a mother because that's really unresponsible

tru leigh : I want to know if the home owner recently moved there. Maybe the woman thought someone she knew lived there.

Test Test : God can see everything. I hope something will happen to her and she will regret.

ChrissyAnn85 : I like being devils advocate sometimes. This story is deeper than the child being left. The mom is in the hospital right. But the child is staying with the friend. Why isn’t he with his father in the first place. No person rings the bell and runs away like that. What probably happened was she agreed to watch the child for a few days while the father worked. He was supposed to pick up the child but bailed. So after blowing up his phone with no response she goes to his house and tired to force the situation of the father keeping his son while the child’s mother is in the hospital. But it backfired because she left the baby at the wrong house. That’s probably what happened. I say this because the father was notified of the incident the following day when he lived next door. I’m sure he heard and saw the police outside the house next door.

ssbro3 : Black life matter.

M P : Shameful. Her identity needs to be shown. This is outrageous. I don't care if she is not the mother or if she was cold or if anyone had a restraining order on the mother. You don't do this to a baby. Both women mother and friend should be charged for endangerment and abandonment of a child.

Willow Wolfie : Seriously...I hate people. Poor little one.

Riggs : What a disgusting cunt. The only instance I could consider it ok for her doing this she doesn't appear to be experiencing.

ACS402010 : This is what happens when nasty whores spread their legs and allow themselves to get pregnant.