G1 Starscream took a lot of abuse

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Mostly from other Decepticons and he deserved it but still that's a lot!


ChaosZeNerd : one like = one less abuse

Lewys Cousins : omg he spends more time fighting this guy than the Autobots XD What an abusive relationship :(

Cynical Joker : "She's not so hot!" "She's hot enough to replace you whenever I choose!" “Replace me?! Never!” _And thus a thousand fanfics were born._

Kacper Iwanowski : Call 1-800-Starscream to end all starscream abuse. Every call counts

King kobra : You can't keep me in here Megatron "Autistic screeching"

David K Williams III : 8:42 wow even soundwave laughed LMAO!!!

FlaumigVolf : megatron and starscream as kids Starscream: Its my turn to play leader! Megatron: NO ! Starscream : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH

Kevin Norwood : "Who cares?!  As long as there aren't any green monsters around!"  IMMEDIATELY gets attacked by Crocodiles.

Peri clod : 5:33 they just put Starscream in a cage and he screams

killerbota : Megatron is like the angry father and Starscream is a brat child.

littleHOTTIE87 : 6:47 Snakes on a Plane. You're doing it wrong, Starscream!

solidsqweed : "Say 'uncle' or i'll shove your nose into your afterburners!" "UNCLE!--" *splash*

Omega Synth : "She's not so hot!" "She's hot enough to replace you whenever I choose!" . . . What's going on between those two...?


DrakeyC : "Release me Megatron, I'll do whatever you command!" "Hmm..." This is how slashfics get started, you know.

Peter Bednar : "Thrust! Help me!" *Thrust runs away.*

Trenton Quant : Who knew 12 minutes of Starsceam's abuse was so entertaining.

KnightMan222 : When even Soundwave laughs at your insolence, you know you've hit a new low.

Michelle Woollcott : I can see why they called starSCREAM

QuinnthePrincess : "My time will come, Megatron." "Never! NNNNNNEVER!!!!" (Starscream looks into the camera like he's on The Office)

Indi-go : 2:43 Megatron: "NO!" *slaps Starscream* Me: lol

Corporal Xander : Poor Starscream. Always suffering all this abuse #Starscreamlivesmatter

GaryTheNeutral : Please kindly donate to the "Protect Starscream From Megatron and Abuse Charity."

Adam Santer : Starscream: What's the matter?, aren't you glad to see us?. Megatron: NOOOOOOO!!!

A typical Internet dweller : 0:20 "...Autobots..." The way Starscream said it is just so menacing

The Imperial Combine : 7:14 now if you excuse me I'm going to crash into that pile of energon.

Ooga booga : 5:34 I pissed myself laughing Jesus Christ.

Dinoroaw : 5:33 "You can't keep me in here megatron! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" xD omg

XiaoFury : Looks like an advance version of daddy issues.

Ganymede, Jupiter III : Starscream was sniveling, brilliant, two-faced, ruthless, and cowardly. And we all remember his personality decades later. Gotta love him.

Liltwisted 007 : "Say uncle or I'll shove your nose in your afterburner" 😂😂😂😂

Ashley Henderson : legit wonder how many times he screamed "get this thing off me!"

I'm not goodbye : Prime: I'm not sure but nothing to gentle Me: that's some kinky shit right there

MLKKAEFEnterprises : Funniest line: Starscream: "A Decepticon NEVER retreats!" (Really??)

SKYE NICOLAS : Plot Twist: Starscream has always been piloted by Cobra Commander hidden in the cockpit. Hence the voice, and the ambition to overthrow Megatron as supreme leader.

Mays McMuffin : Man I never knew that Snakes and Alligators were the sizes of fighter Jets.

nexusshark : I don't know what this Starscream is... but it sounds pitiful

Đăng Khoa Lê : i kindna feel bad for the bot :'(

Christos Vozikis : I read comments like "starscream is an idiot and useless" too oftern. Guys sometimes I wonder if anyone reads the lore: Megatron was not stupid for keeping Starscream around. Megatron had reasons. The biggest reason was the Starscream was the best warrior up to the appereance of (Cyclonus) at his command. He was the only Decepticon in 4 million years who reached the rank of Decepticon Air Commander due to his Prowess. Secondly he served another more internal purpose to Megatron: He was a constant reminder to keep his own hubris in check and that there are always threats to his power and that he is not invurnerable. A point proved in the movie.

Shaun Chng : Starscream is Megatron's comic relief.

Tweet Sooth : 9:20 Soundwave: Would you please pass the starscream blaster? *blaster kicks starscream across the table* Soundwave: Thanks!

CEC Waterbury Boats : "You can't keep me in here Megatron! AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Johnny G : 5:00 Megatron and Starscream's rocky marriage.

Godzilla 154 : 5:12 a conversation between a. Man and gay boyfriend

Doll Doctor : "She's hot enough to replace YOU whenever I choose!" Hmm...

stephen19590 : Poor Yamcha, I mean starscream

HellSpoon : 2:15 Optimus and Megatron cooperation to abuse starscream

Zachary Jorgensen : 2:44 (Slaps Starscream) "NO!!!"

death by cat : "DEVASTATOR DEVASTATOR! HEEEELLLLLP!!!!!!!" gets shot with laserbeam eyes laughed so hard at that part