Lord Beefturd - Master Of My Heart [Official Video]

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MJ Vicente : I'm here because of Joe Trohman

John Woodworth : Someone show this to the gay wizard community asap.

Sofia Moreno : Thanks Joe!

Aaron Mackenzie : Viewing this was a turning point in my life

sondre holm : What did I just watch

Life is Amazing : I like the effects of that guitar, cleverly done!

Cyrus McIntire : definitely vibing to this

Charliesays : This has changed the way I view life in ways I can't explain

MadC DeeJay : Your stupid imgur buddie sehr me here. Dope Song. Even doper video! *Hits Bong ... Noice!

localsymbiosis : I AM CRYING

Master Zebulon : I feel weird after watching this, in a good way

Faye Adinda : I love this <3 This is too good <3

The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium : Whooooaaaa ....i thought accoustic alien devi dev was epic....mind blown bahaah. right on!

SegerTube : Nice!

They Call Me Rudy : Epic !!!

Joy Geter : yesssss

The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium : ps the share links arent working for me (saying 404 error)