Bruegel: a fall with the Rebel Angels [Virtual Reality]

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In partnership with the Royal museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, the Google Cultural Institute has designed an immersive experience which lets you explore The Fall of the Rebel Angels (1562) like never before. Detail by detail, the painting comes to life in front of your eyes : mingle with Bruegel’s creatures. - For an optimal experience, open the video on the YouTube app and use a Google Cardboard mask, a tool created by the engineering team of the Lab of the Google Cultural Institute. to find out more about Bruegel / Unseen Masterpieces / - With curatorial supervision from Tine Meganck, Art Historian, and support from Jennifer Beauloye Developed with Gigapixel imagery by the Google Cultural Institute, with the support of creative developers Raiz NewMedia. Ga naar de Nederlandse versie via deze link: Accéder à la version française via ce lien: