KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America

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LeeJayAnimation : "They are selling the rope, of which they will hang very soon." That was an incredibly chilling line.

Farmer__Joe : I'm so glad savage saw this video its great

ShaktipatSeer2 : "When a military boot crushes his balls, THEN he will understand, but not before that." ~ Yuri Bezmenov

LodgerV : If I watched this 5 years ago, I would've called this man crazy. I realize that this man is completely correct.

KJV1611. co : The way he said "I don't give a hoot" hahahaha

Alec Dukas : this is like... scary accurate. we are seeing this all unfold perfectly

Sweet jesus : Cultural studies teachers should be forced to show this to each of their classes and explore it intellectually as they would with any other material on their syllabus.

Tons of White babies : More Americans need to see this man speak. He is describing TODAY, decades ago.

Alexandrovich Jürgen Klemm : When the red-pill hits you this hard

Anon A : this guy literally blew my mind.

Anders Johansen : The base line is, that the world is full of useful idiots, that blindly believes in anything that slightly align with their perception of the world, and that these useful idiots good intention will be taken advantage of, and most likely be used against them. Instead, be critical, always, to this video, to the next video, every news story, every argument, never accept it without proof and thorough consideration of the consequences.

Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy : spooky how all this stuff is coming true now

Karl Pershing : Damn! This interview was 29 years ago?? Everything he says is true TODAY!!

Slay Jay : Probably the most intriguing thing he said was how they don't even bother targeting liberals for ideological subversion because they already know they're brainwashed. Makes you look at politicians like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and realize just who they are targeting right now.

cool_mind : It's incredible what humans are capable of, we don't know jack shit about ourselves. These people planted a seed decades ago, and it's around few years back when the seeds began to fully flower. Just imagine what they know nowadays.

Santiago M : How the tables have turned after the fall of the USSR, Russia is fixing itself and the US has become the USSA.

toastedjambread : 1:50 It takes 15-20 years for Demoralization It's no longer 15-20 years. Because of social media, its much faster.

Ed King : Yuri had more videos, they are being scrubbed off the internet and/or Youtube is slowly taking them off. I guess TRUTH HURTS Liberal PC Police must be going after these videos

Kelley Thomas : So if I showed this video to a SJW today, he would what? disbelief it? Claim it is fake? Not recognize himself in the archetype? How can a thinking human being be so stupid to see proof that his whole life ohilosophy is a lie and still not recognize it? Nevermind acknowledge it.

Jessica Lee : "situation is disgustingly out of control"

Alex : "Unless united states wakeup..." It didn't wake up... it can't wake up We are at this very moment living in this dystopia and there is nowhere to defect Yuri warned us and we didn't care until now Just look at our world to day... Sjw's became the new heroes, everything is being normalized(even pedophilia is now considered normal) If you stand up against this dystopia you are called a nazi,racist...

MrFight6666 : Who could believe this? This man was 100% correct about everything! Today we see a brainwashed generation that have beliefs that are almost perfectly aligned with what this man said! This man was certainly no dumbass... If only he somehow faked his death, and came out into the open again. We need a man like this to teach common sense into this generation.

Veronika Mars : the US govt and EU "leaders" are doing what the soviets did

supafuckinmingster : America didn't win the cold war, Communism did.

crackshack2 : Sounds like subversion through Cultural Marxism.  Afterall the KGB/USSR, were Commie Red Marxists.  Edit: Just look, he says brainwash American students with Communism. Instead of American Patriotism, principles, values, virtues, of the founding fathers. 

Empire of Trust : Sometimes I really wish I could go back to being blue piled and basking in my own blissful ignorance like a I used to. Now, after all these red pills I realize there is no going back. Only God can judge us now. I will give no mercy in the future battles to come.

KefirForever : my respect for Putin just multiplied. Instead of defecting he chose to to use his KGB knowledge to save his own country.

Junk Booger : Prophetic..... He's describing the new left in America...

Nuffin Duer : They are selling the rope from which they will hang..

卐惡平卍 : When he says a "Demoralized" person cannot process certain information, what psychological category of things would a demoralized person not be able to process? Like people who cannot understand the importance of a 2nd amendment even when shown gun crime statistics are done mostly by blacks and areas of high legal gun ownership have less crime? Is there a video that can elaborate on this phenomenon?

MrPepsicola123 : Feminism and SJW people have taken it upon themselves to adopt this ideology.

Aj DeFord : This is why the Constitution is so important to uphold 🥊

bairdcoletrain : This man called it 33 years ago. It's Donald Trump or death of America. Hopefully enough people will realize this.

Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX} : ALL Empires fall. And so will America. It seems like the people in the comment section want America to go back to a time when all the rights belonged to white people. News flash, White people aren't the only ones who deserve rights.

sithersproductions : the homosexual agenda was no doubt a tool do emasculate the men of america

Tryrshaugh Road : Sargon brought me here

Quantikk : still voting for sanders now?

Ainsley Harriot : So Hillary is a product of brainwashing

Gnaeus Marcius : Video was uploaded 2013, description says it was 29 years ago... that means this interview was in 1984. 1984! How very prophetic.

CoffeeLiberal : so basically bernie sanders. have fun eating your own, progressives.

guntz yengwia : when a black man with a deep seeded inferiority complex is elected, you know the process is complete ,reverse it , vote Trump, I'm black , yet I've seen how destructive that idiot has been

Studio 4k : (((soviets)))

Silphras : Feminism, Socialism, Cultural Marxism, "Progressivism", "equality (through inequality), pro-mass immigration, all signs of this cancer playing out in the west. It all started in the universities - cultivated in the young throughout the 70's to 90's and now its making its way into the mainstream views of today's leaders and electorates.

Kommando Marksman : Liberalism is an invention of the Soviet KGB. The Soviet Union is killing the west from beyond the grave. Its truly astounding. You have to stand back in awe, in fucking AWE of this situation. We are beyond the point of no return. The west is doomed. These ideas of tolerance and multiculturalism is why ISIS will be going door to door in America soon.

Were Puppy : You mean the KGB created SJWs - DOH

TJN : surprised Jewtube didn't remove this video

Davy Crockett : thanks Sargon!

Del : Why didn't this guy ever get an interview on (((60 Minutes))) or (((the Today Show)))? If we had a real media, he would have been a household name in America.

Redneck Boy : This is so true of a Liberal.  I've been saying the same thing about Liberals for years.  You present facts and logic to a Liberal and they get all emotional on you.

Hollywood910 : This is the age we have in our streets as of last night supposedly "rioters" but they've been brainwashed by the k-12 and college education system. I can see what's going on I've been awake for 2 years now. This is messed up. But I think we just went against the government and made the right choice as future Potus.