Round One review

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Comments from Youtube

OmniCausticInfidel : this is uncomfortably endearing. like i tried to dislike this channel but its kinda like jack black decided its still 2009 youtube and its, its really REALLY FUN

W.D Gaster : HE’S TAKING OVER THE MEMES, HE’S REVIVING THEM Pewds kills off memes , while jack revives them

angpug1 : He’s a self aware meme. I love it.

Cheezy YT : Hey he's so funny he should do acting!

LaffenGas - Fortnite : 1:58 Sal’s photo was randomly included at the end of this video making him tonight’s big loser.

Freedom's Life : Man the fact you are who you are and spend the time you do with your son is incredible. Hell of a father for sure. Your sons quite a lucky young man.

Negro Sensei : At 0:25 I imagine jack black in the bathroom like skadoosh. Anyway great vid man

StrimbuLand (Sri N. Strimbu) : SAL AT THE VERY END HAHAHAHA

Channel 53 - Herbie The Love Bug : This is KINDA like a gaming episode

Kyotosomo : Four videos in and I still have no idea what's going on

The Kewl Kids Klan : World's best outro 1:45

Smith Wesson : Jack Black as Sans for Undertale movie confirmed

Pwtato : s a l h a s j o i n e d t h e s e r v e r

The Freedom Universe : This might be my FAVOURITE upload so far. I love that he is on HERE just having fun unlike other celebs. I was so INSPIRED by him coming to YouTube I made a VIDEO on him. Can't wait for the NEXT video !

Wilburgur : as much as i want actual games wouldn't it be a meme if jack kept promising games but just did this every week

Chirstopher Hitchens 2.0 : Hahaha the photo of Sal at the end got me !

Citokyne Studios : Jablinski, if you're a real gamer play sudoku.

Alistocrat : To hear Jack Black sing the tune of Megalovania is honestly the most surreal thing I've ever experienced. I'm having an out of body experience.

Whoop Dee-Doo : 👌👌🏻👌🏼👌🏽👌🏾👌🏿 As you can see I’m a man of culture.

Unoriginal _ : Thanks for not playing fortnite you have been a good boy

Darlene Hastings : I love the outro song Scooby-Doo all the way.

Baked_Catato Gaming : (gets a call at 2 am, answers it) Roman Belek: *WANT TO GO BOWLING*

jenesuispasbavard : Scooby theme holy shit haven't heard that in forever.

JAIME JUNIOR : jablinski video binge hypnosis and loving it 👏 captains log day 3 no sleep going strong must watch more jablinski 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

nut : imagine going to the arcade and seeing jack black singing megalovania

portal2passion : 43 bumper stickers and a YOLO license plate. \,,/ :D \,,/

Shy Guy : "That's my boy" "He won't let me touch his shoulder" 😂 ugh so real. Love that even though Sammy's dad is Jack Black. That's still just his dad.

MikeShake : Hi Jablinski, I flew from Italy to California to update your Hollywood Star. Thank me later

Roko Puharic : Replay button 0:41 Even better than the original...

Yoshimaniac : this guy sounds like Po from Kung Fu Panda 3

Jonah Prescott : I don’t even care what he’s doing, he just cracks me up no matter what

God : Jack Black is the only elder boi who understands memes.

MBW yeahlilbro : What would you do if you sore jack black in the game place 😂

Myself X2 : At this point I don't care about the games. These videos are the funniest to watch they always make me laugh lol <3

PeterHere : this proves you can have the coolest dad in the world but still be embarrassed of him lmao

Jack Man : Jack "Nogamingvideosthisweek" Black

LOU2U2 : Now what were the chances he would play an actual panda game smh 🤣😂 #LOU2U2

Kawayolnyo : >Jack Black >Pump It Up NOW I've seen EVERYTHING.

GonnSolo : This guy should be an actor

Xycron : I really hope this channel stays EXACTLY like this as it goes forward. Just you and your son hanging out having fun and not inviting in studios or anything like that. It's perfect this way

Shephard : 2020: sorry dudes will post video games next week

Beef Stew : What. Megalovania AND a Scooby Doo ending? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? <3

Can we get 5000 subs for no reason : I HAVE A LIKE!!!!!! Wait why is my like button blue?

Guido Mista : This man... *IS A LEGEND OF DDR*

Boognish : I love that even cool ass people like Jack have kids that are embarrassed by them.

Josh Torzillo : That scooby doo outro was 🔥🔥🔥🔥, this channel finna be LIT like a motherfather

King Koopa : Jack Black using Undertale Memes, What world am I in

W. Adams : The graphics are so good, its called BOWLING!

BanGonLUL : He actually gets and MAKES memes... wow. I’m not complaining