Round One review

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Xycron : I really hope this channel stays EXACTLY like this as it goes forward. Just you and your son hanging out having fun and not inviting in studios or anything like that. It's perfect this way

kat x : I'm dead at the meme of Sal at the end 😂😂💀💀

Boognish : I love that even cool ass people like Jack have kids that are embarrassed by them.

How to properly clean your metal computer : We need a full version of Jack Black Megalovania.

Herpy Berpy : 0:55 that’s my screen saver from now on

Yoshimaniac : this guy sounds like Po from Kung Fu Panda 3

DaCrispy : Jablinski destroying the youtube algorithm with these 2 minute long videos

1k subscribers No videos??? : Never in my life did I think jack black would sing megalovania to me.

Nathan Griffin : my favourite part about Jablinski Games is that you can tell that Jack is just having a good time with what he's doing and having a fun time with his Son. Just good wholesome content and isn't just shitting out awful content like other celebs on the platform. Keep it up JB, keep doing content that you are passionate about and have fun with it!

Mr.Meepling HD : *Next Upload* Jack Black Plays Black Jack

VoiceoverPete : All week long I think about my favorite youtubers and look forward to each Friday when Jablinski uploads.

Ericsurf6 : Go Jack Black Go!

Suicide squad : That scooby doo remix is actually fire though 😂🔥

AmberShaloe Williams : "I need to drop a deuce." -Jack Black 2019

BothAlliance : This is what YouTube suppose to be

Unoriginal Yt : Thanks for not playing fortnite you have been a good boy

kermitthefrog37 : This dude looks legit like JackBlack Lol Wtf😂😂

AnakinFan57 : Jack Black has made the megalovania meme real. This is truly a great time to be alive

1touchplay : jablinski will play a crucial part in the war with t series

Thomas Smith : my favorite jack black moment is seeing him on the eric andre show

Infamous Swoosh : Why does this dude sound like Kung fu panda

sanspeter : How did no one recognize Jack Black standing next to a picture of kung fu panda?

Sans the Skeleton : I bet you can’t beat me

Mr. Handsome : Jack Blacks beard reminds me of Hagrid

TheWrongAntlers : Ya Jack Black sans, but can we talk about how impressive some of those transitions were?

Grandayy : ok this is cool and all but when's the jablinski minecraft lets play that we're all really here for gonna drop

Kevtoz : But will Jack black Host meme Review ?

Eclipse : Thanks jack very cool

Legal ZA0 : Jablinski games kinda sounds like jack black

Logan Martin : What's with Sal Vulcano in the end?

Cyranek : this madman is getting 1 million subs per video

Jaye Savage : What’s with the random pic of Sal from impractical jokers at the end ? 😂

Irving Castro : PLZ do a brutal legend playthrough.

OfficiallyDead Inc : Omg. His son is teaching him about Memes.(and he's learning about them himself as well) This is Amaz-balls!!🖤🖤👌

Come in, It’s warm in my channel : Thank you for the Sal. You are the true meme lord.

Felix SR : I think he would have a good shot in voice acting, he sounds exactly like Po from Kung Fu panda

rayanZ RANTS : I wish I had this type of father content

YoutubersHorrorDomain : tenacious d is in the house. Great to see you a newtuber now, and killing it as usual. Love you man. I know you probably won't get to this being it's only the 34,248th comment but what the heck, miracles have happened before. Again Love you brother, keep rocking it. Peace..........

batman big fan : COOL VID

LoudHouse! 728 : Love it!! 😂

Kyotosomo : Four videos in and I still have no idea what's going on

Merrek Tyo : I just realized that this guy looks exactly like jack black

TeeSoar : I searched Megalovania and YouTube took me to this video 0:34, thanks YouTube, very cool!

Chappy Boi : Lucky, the only HD bowling game i play is wii sport

Slothers Slothers : I unironically wanna play that sans game lol

Jesus Christ : Blessed be the best new gaming channel on YouTube!

TBFlame : That’s how you make YouTube great again :)

Koin : I’m here before the vid is taken down by some copyright company for jack being simply affiliated with music in general

OSRS RS : Who dislikes these videos, lol. They're my favourite! :) Jack Black forever!!

King Hamm : jack i love you ! can i ask why you arent returning to king fu panda