Model Dam Fail

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pokerworld : Why did I watch this

Ria Dutta : Damn failed

the8jrfan : Hopefully no one died.

BooRadley3400 : I’ve officially got to the end of the internet.

Soma Electricals : hear u made it with sand actual dams r made with hard rock cements etc.,

Poly Nikes : They didn't even TRY to save the poor construction workers in the vehicles. RIP

Julian Knight : Valuable lesson learned. If I see 4 trucks on the top of a failing dam. Get in the yellow cement mixer.

Phorlerus : Dam it.

Hassan Ahmad : This is an inaccurate model for two main reasons. 1.The pressurized jet of water from the hose does not exist in a real dam. 2 That whole chunk of sand sliding to the left is caused by lack of friction between the sand and plastic bottom which again is not in a real dam.

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : Is this how god sees a flood disaster on earth?

Bryan Austria : What is this doing in my recommended?

Joroma : Why do people randomly record stuff yet get more than one million views from it


Brandon Croy : Well there's 3 minutes and 36 seconds of my life that I'll never get back.

Guntur Wibowo : this is why those children will fail in civil engineering

My Name : The dam guy walks right in front of camera. Dam experiment fails probably bc there weren’t any dam engineers. The whole dam thing was set up for failure. Dam it better next time

Flying Dutchman : Next time: let a dutch person build it :P Just wrong building matterials....

John TheTechy : A small model dam, made up of sand and gravel. Water poured behind it, the line of saturation seen moving through the dam. Until failure of the dam. A simple #civilengineering   #student   open-day project  showing  #damfailure  

семен Семенов : Просто эпическое зрелище, блин! ))))) Мы с друзьями ещё в детстве такие запруды строили во дворе, а тут целая наглядная демонстрация с кучей народу ))))) У них что, детства не было? ))))

Chief Wiggum : Impressive, but from a hydraulic engineering standpoint, the model is floored. It failed only because of the water pushing the base of the sand along the slippery Perspex bottom. In reality dam walls are not built from sand, they are built from reinforced concrete. The base is also tied in deep and anchored.

Michael Lechner : Thank god we have enough brains to not build dams with just sand.

yume kinuma : これと同じような事がラオスで…

ta ka : ラオスダム決壊事故の参考資料に役に立ちそう。

tysw ryu : おっさんジャマ

Никита Хаков : Made in Russia!

fez vonbm : 朝鮮人がラオスで起こした大量殺戮行為

DargoDog : Ironic that the only truck to survive was the cement mixer...

Fadjri Maurendra : And the city is gone everyone died

Kolyan68Rnd : 2:54 *Action in this time*

PAWAN V : I feel bad for the person who built this. 11 million people saw it fail. 😂

Юрий К : смысл видео: не стоит строить дамбу из песка? я бы вам без всяких экспериментов сказал, что не стоит.

kaz9781 : Its a dam shame.

Иванлв Иванов : Мудак оператор и лысый хуй маячит перед камерой

雑草という草はない : 崩れる瞬間が興味深いな

Diallo Khari : the slick glass plastic bottom isn't like a natural riverbed.. when the water was hosed into the tank the slick tank bottom jetted water to the bottom of the sand dam and started undermining it... in nature the water would have had more downward force and a real dam would be concrete and not water permeable.... are kids to believe a dam built to have a road on it would be constructed with mud?

Сева Крапоткин : Какой нахуй фейл. Это ебучий сопромат

Jerad Hill : Room full of damn failures.

Grz3hh : luke and snoke died in last jedi

動画投稿なしでチャンネル登録1万人目指す男 : おっさん邪魔

David Fernando Acosta Romero : Con razon esta asi hidroituango

kz800000 : ラオスダム崩壊の再現にも使えそうじゃね?

주정훈 : 에스케이가 이동영상을 볼 필요가 있다. 사과할게 있으면 사과하고 보상할께있으면 보상하고 떳떳하면 떳떳하다고 할 수 있는 증명이 필요하다고 생각 함. 마냥 천재지변만 탓한다고해서 잃어버린 신뢰가 돌아오지도 않을뿐더러 정부가 천재지변탓에 취업안된다고 하는거 따라해봣자 기업이미지에 하등 도움안된다고 본다. 안에서 새는 바가지 밖에서도 새는격이라고 말 가지곤 아무 도움 안됨.

Дмитрий Марценюк : Это случайно не британские ученые?

Sean M : What a illogical experiment, it’s just loose soil vs water, a no brainer who’s going to win.

Jon B : Daaaaaammmmm

Chris Vangangelt : 2:55 captain time saver

Link : Dam

Robert Fraser : What a dam failure.

ashwani kumar : Release the reservoir water when it reaches to dangerous level

Abdul Ramsheed C H : ഇടുക്കി. #😢 pray for kerala