Model Dam Fail

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pokerworld : Why did I watch this

Julian Knight : Valuable lesson learned. If I see 4 trucks on the top of a failing dam. Get in the yellow cement mixer.

Cerdaspedia Indonesia : Is this how god sees a flood disaster on earth?

Ria Dutta : Damn failed

kaz9781 : Its a dam shame.

the8jrfan : Hopefully no one died.

BooRadley3400 : I’ve officially got to the end of the internet.

Poly Nikes : They didn't even TRY to save the poor construction workers in the vehicles. RIP

Guntur Wibowo : this is why those children will fail in civil engineering

Jerad Hill : Room full of damn failures.

Sean M : What a illogical experiment, it’s just loose soil vs water, a no brainer who’s going to win.

Brandon Croy : Well there's 3 minutes and 36 seconds of my life that I'll never get back.

Bryan Austria : What is this doing in my recommended?

My Name : The dam guy walks right in front of camera. Dam experiment fails probably bc there weren’t any dam engineers. The whole dam thing was set up for failure. Dam it better next time

CockpumpVideo : probably why dams arent made entirely of sand

Soma Electricals : hear u made it with sand actual dams r made with hard rock cements etc.,

david mcclain : This is a poor representation of hydrolysis & soil compaction. Water travels the path of least resistance, and the saturation of the soil seen at the bottom/side of the dam demonstrate this point. Dams aren't built with sandy/silt soils, above/on a slick, non-binding surface. Clay is typically introduced along the bed and walls of an engineered dam base or pond, and compacted in layers to prevent major soil movement. The presence of the water against a clay embankment changes the orientation of the clay platelets, the basis for soil movement/hydrolics and even though the hydrolics, at some point, would be present all along the dam base, which is the soil movement in this instance, that lateral force is retracted by the sheer mass of soil behind/beyond the water point of contact at the bottom of the dam. All soil reaches a "plastic" state, when its saturation reaches a certain point causing hydrolics or, movement of soil. Compaction is introduced, along with aggregate at times, to counter act or stabilize the wall of any earthen barrier in the presence/possibility of hydrolics - soil movement. Engineers typically formulate bearing pressure against soil when introducing a load, or, in this instance the hydrolic pressure of the water when calculating resistance. It's the same approach used when the federal highway administration built the interstate systems all across the country. When they needed dirt to fill a grade in the roadway - to bring a stretch of highway up to grade, they excavated ponds along the route - some of which became retention ponds for roadway run off from storm water, and then lined the base of the ponds w/either a sandy clay or a non-porous fill so as to contain the water in those ponds, keeping them in place. That salvaged many man hours/hauling fill needed to bring the right of way up to grade, and allowed for efficiency & economy. However, the fill placed in the road bed from what was available within the construction right of way wasn't always stable soil, hence, the constant & ongoing paving/resurfacing of some of those roadways, due in part from poor/unstable soil placed in the right of way...but that is another conundrum.

tysw ryu : おっさんジャマ

yume kinuma : これと同じような事がラオスで…

Max Power : This is the kind of stuff I did as a kid. I could have kept doing it and made a career out of it!?!?

ta ka : ラオスダム決壊事故の参考資料に役に立ちそう。

Joroma : Why do people randomly record stuff yet get more than one million views from it

профессор Преображенский : Просто эпическое зрелище, блин! ))))) Мы с друзьями ещё в детстве такие запруды строили во дворе, а тут целая наглядная демонстрация с кучей народу ))))) У них что, детства не было? ))))

Michael Lechner : Thank god we have enough brains to not build dams with just sand.

DEVMAR 3815 : I was in the yellow truck that survived and boy let me tell ya that was some scary shit

guillermo leyva : ¡Se salvo el Hot wheels amarillo!😁

Юрий К : смысл видео: не стоит строить дамбу из песка? я бы вам без всяких экспериментов сказал, что не стоит.

kz800000 : ラオスダム崩壊の再現にも使えそうじゃね?

ヒロユー : Dam collapse in Laos…

DargoDog : Ironic that the only truck to survive was the cement mixer...

first look : But in rajasthan(india) a dam is made by sand..ant it is fine

Chief Wiggum : Impressive, but from a hydraulic engineering standpoint, the model is floored. It failed only because of the water pushing the base of the sand along the slippery Perspex bottom. In reality dam walls are not built from sand, they are built from reinforced concrete. The base is also tied in deep and anchored.

Jamonsometoast : God damn it!! I’m not the first one to make that joke so I will leave.

Fadjri Maurendra : And the city is gone everyone died

Thier petersen : its 3 am wtf am i doing with my life.

Raymond Anteliz : Esto sucederá en Colombia a gran escala en la represa de Hidroituango. La tragedia será de proporciones épicas.

PAWAN V : I feel bad for the person who built this. 11 million people saw it fail. 😂

SteppenWolf : Бетон М500 надо было использовать

Дмитрий Марценюк : Это случайно не британские ученые?

Bat Cat : Youtube me recomiendan videos de 2009 y yo vi esto el 10 de mayo 2018 y seguiran pasando...

ashwani kumar : Release the reservoir water when it reaches to dangerous level

Paradyze : This is very possible to happen in hidroituango, Colombia.


findme : I have no idea how I got to this video

Andrés Aguilera Castro : Hidroituango pequeña escala !

Abdul Ramsheed C H : ഇടുക്കി. #😢 pray for kerala

Greg Palmer : You need to name this asmr damn dam fail ;)

Brandon Mills : Honestly this damn was too slow to be a failure

guguigugu : camera awareness is a good social skill to have

siddharth singh : That bulldozer sailed through..