Model Dam Fail

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pokerworld : Why did I watch this

Ria Dutta : Damn failed


Chris Vangangelt : 2:55 captain time saver

John TheTechy : A small model dam, made up of sand and gravel. Water poured behind it, the line of saturation seen moving through the dam. Until failure of the dam. A simple #civilengineering   #student   open-day project  showing  #damfailure  

Panda #44 : You failed your dutch citizenship test

Poly Nikes : They didn't even TRY to save the poor construction workers in the vehicles. RIP

Soggy Android : this mofo dont know how to stay out the way of a photographer .... pisses me off

mystic : Obviously it will fail if you keep adding water to the top (+ aim the water direction/pressure at it). Not a very natural/accurate example.

Shubham sehjal : maker would be a 7 year child

har baval : **yawn**

JOHNSON : This is not fail..

Leauge Of Fury : At least he dam tried get it.

VENTURA805WesG : This is a bad experiment, all the materials will act way different when in a plexiglass box. We don't build dams on plexiglass so why are you testing a model of a dam in plexiglass box?

Flying Dutchman : Next time: let a dutch person build it :P Just wrong building matterials....

Hassan Ahmad : This is an inaccurate model for two main reasons. 1.The pressurized jet of water from the hose does not exist in a real dam. 2 That whole chunk of sand sliding to the left is caused by lack of friction between the sand and plastic bottom which again is not in a real dam.

Connor : 2:55 DAM BREACH

DargoDog : Ironic that the only truck to survive was the cement mixer...

matthew natividad : Dam....

Tim Michaels : Dam I hate when that happens

Angel 666 : Is this class 4 monkeys...power of the hose clearly didnt effect anything it just fell

Joroma : Why do people randomly record stuff yet get more than one million views from it

Jerad Hill : Room full of damn failures.

minecraft wiktor xd : Te

Kolyan68Rnd : 2:54 *Action*

Mega BoiZ : I searched up monster waves and this came up....

Julian Knight : Valuable lesson learned. If I see 4 trucks on the top of a failing dam. Get in the yellow cement mixer.

kaz9781 : Its a dam shame.

Bat Cat : Youtube me recomiendan videos de 2009 y yo vi esto el 10 de mayo 2018 y seguiran pasando...

Palmupx : Landslide..

Jon B : Daaaaaammmmm

Bryan Austria : What is this doing in my recommended?

Max Power : This is the kind of stuff I did as a kid. I could have kept doing it and made a career out of it!?!?

Link : Dam

suicide cyclist : All these men standing around to watch a pile of sand collapse on it self. Kids do such a better job at the beach. Its a joke they are played to make sand castles

Scotty Dirkers : Who else predicted the damn would fail at the top. Water takes the path of least resistance and it was skinnier at the top.

My Name : The dam guy walks right in front of camera. Dam experiment fails probably bc there weren’t any dam engineers. The whole dam thing was set up for failure. Dam it better next time

James McCullough : Wou;d've been 1000X better if the idiot teacher had stayed out of the camera.

Teddiursarings : Did it bother anyone else that the one you truck stayed on top the entire time?

rcdogman duh : They forgot to put the webils on top, webils wobble but the don't fall down?

Sadistic Bun : Are dams even safe?

PLO 8 : Trump can learn from it, how to not build a wall.

Greg Palmer : You need to name this asmr damn dam fail ;)

-Genes- : What’s the point if they keep filling it? Of course it’s gonna overfill and break eventually.

Legendary King : Its a dam shame seeing people using the same pun over and over

ExaltedDuck : They used the wrong dam materials. Something like dam concrete would be way less prone to dam failure. It doesn't take a dam civil engineer.

Anedime : Really dude? Like all that damn space and you're gonna stand between the tank and the guy with the camera? What an ass.

Jaimin Nelson : God damn it!! I’m not the first one to make that joke so I will leave.


sujit gupta : is just that Dam are not made up of mud but reinforced Concrete.