1998 Blockbuster Video Commercial

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VideoSuperMaster : Turns out Blockbuster had the same fate as that ship.

GToonsAnimation : Is that Finch from American Pie?

Peach Marie : I remember this ad. I got that movie the day it came out on VHS. I was in 5th grade at the time, and this movie was the talk of the whole 5th grade class (probably even the school). Heck, we even sang My Heart Will Go On in choir in the Spring concert that year. Then of course, we had the share of crazed Leo fans! I thought he was cute at the time, but I wasn't THAT wild about him.

MrWolfSnack : lol Win a luxury cruise by buying theTitanic movie...the irony.

kreenichiwa k : This commercial was way ahead of its time, it has all the elements of a modern-day spot

Victoria Grace : I remember when "Titanic" FINALLY came out on VHS. It seemed like it had taken forever! Those were the days when you actually had to *wait* for close to a year before a hot film was released on video. I remember walking into my local video rental store so excited I was about to burst, LOL.

Littleblondie RBLX : “Get Titanic and go home-“ Me: Ok

Eric Colvin : sad that all video rental stores has died thanks to Netflix and other

the Don of Creativity : You know, I think they should come back but this time market it to the Hipster demographic (cause hipsters like that kind of stuff) and make it into a VHS tape and classic video game Pawn Shop/Video Store, with the money you get for the tape and/or game depending on good or bad the movie or game is, would that be a good idea?

Beverly Huttinger : Best years ever (1996-2000)!

Mr. Nunuisance : All these girls are now milfs.

Mad GT : Shitbreak

Dinosaur Hunter : That moment where he, like, chewed on his breath spray made me wanna throw up.


thenamestheygivearedumb : I don't think I've seen one thrift store that does NOT have a VHS copy of this movie.

Rowsdower Mobile : Blockbuster AND Binaca?????????

Logan Himes : I watched Titanic when i was Little.

kreenichiwa k : I knew this commercial existed! I was 8 when it came out. I remember the screaming fans haha cool 😄

Carlos muñoz : Finch, the first "milf-hunter" of the history

Matthew Jay Evans : Finch!!!!!

Theatre Punk : Mom?...Shitbrick?!

Robert Kidd Carl Cornell : I wonder if video stores such as Blockbuster and Hollywood Video (as well as mom and pop stores) still exist in fictional cities, states and countries.

Nicole F. : I sorta remember this commercial and the fact it had screaming Titanic Leo DiCaprio fans, although my memory of it was completely different lol

Robert Kidd Carl Cornell : I was only 4 when the VHS came out. The first James Cameron movie I ever watched. Had a ginormous crush on Kate Winslet as a result!

Ben Middleton : get Titanic and GO HOME!

lovely precious : 😏1998....TITANIC!!!!! My💙 will go on. I 💙 U JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sushi dream : The beginning of the end.

Sandra Dee : toby from scorpion!!

mhmrules : Helloooooooo Nurse!

Andrew Schumm : R.I.P. BLOCKBUSTER

jpowell180 : Age of Ultron will sink both Titanic and Avatar!

apachette07 : I remember my mom bought this movie on VHS when I was in middle school. And in high school, I tried to get a job here.

Cton88 : Hilarious. Now, in 2018, this commercial would be offensive

CaptinNabil7 : This pretty much sums up the fact, that, this is pretty much how fans of Frozen ought to react when there doing a screening of the movie in my area. At the HMNS Movie Theater.