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Wild Willy FPV : 😱😱😱😱😱

sᴛᴀᴄᴇʏ ABSHIRE : That landing though..... wow!

HiFlite FPV : Alright, you win. :P Seriously tho... this is a masterpiece

Sprocket : The landing was pro.

timofpvkid : Even if you're the best fpv pilot you're getting always better. Ps those motors are unbelievable my old man🔥😂👌

KittFPV : Beyond inspired by you bro. This is my favorite of yours yet! See, sometimes I can get a nice, fast, low, smooth rip, but (especially over water) my anxiety is peaked to the max and my fingers start to micro-oscillate. You must have nerves of steele. Or muscle relaxers...

Phiqtional : Yet again you blow our minds with sick flying, beautiful golden hour footage and music to match. I hate you. No I don't really. You inspire me. :-D Thanks for this.

Everton Leite : Johnny Image Stabilization System. 12/10 would buy.

surfer30071972 : That landing so freaking cool

AiroFpv : Daaaaaammmmmm notification is kickin today!

Leon F : W.O.W. I love every single video from you soo much :D

Ryan McFarlane : Being involved in the aviation industry as a student obtaining my CPL and avid quad flyer/rc enthusiast, there is just something about the smoothness of your lines, the soft whine of the engines and the gorgeous views that almost speaks to me on a subliminal level. Really inspiring stuff and a film that deserves far more recognition than what it has received thus far. You're a true master of the craft Johnny. Keep it up mate.

TeeZee : Try to beatbox while flying :-D Well done! As always :-P

ThomasKT : new vid!!!!!!!!!

e Tric : Yaaa Man So great and so good.  Thanks.

Nathan Chin : Also could you do a crash comp.... if you even do crash hahaha

Fortnite Playz : Great videos you should make more videos 😁

Johnathan Grell : First?

Michael Davidson : So excited to get the notification for another Johnny video! That first shot was taken with an RC boat or submarine...can't fool me ;-)

TinyFly FPV : #JohnnyTheJuiceManFPV Sick edit man as usual

turbospiteFPV : great Johnny

KingFPV : Oh yeah old school beach Johnny again with added water & range! WB

Black Bird FPV : that song bro ❤️ i can fly everyday on it insane fly as usual 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

pidrate FPV : Incredible Johnny ... your videos are always more beautiful than the previous one, you make me dream every time !! Too bad that the risk is not paid for the Korean freestyle competition .. I LOVE !! 😉

Zen Dumbo : Momentums is your best friend! So beautiful!

Austin Wessels : WOW! I had to do a double take on that landing!

Neon FPV : Finally! I LOVE your videos but if you could post more......

Avisen Avy : Waking up to this is soothing 😍😁#notifsquad Lot of love from fpv footages as always man😎

Ricardo Oliveira : 2:23 i have lost my breath... all video, i am speachless, so smooottthhhhhh... as someone already wrote and i am going to complete... "Only pilot capable of flying 2 inches off surface of SALT water while traveling at speeds upwards of mack 7"

Григорий Иванов : I would call this video "See everything as I'm cool" or "See everything as I can"! In fact, there are only somersaults, the coast is not particularly beautiful. Perhaps, if the terrain was more interesting then the video would be interesting. Good luck to you, Johnny FPV ; and the flights in beautiful, interesting places!

Joe Max Fpv : Killer Johnny!! Love those low flying clips. Sick!!

ARI3S : DISGUSTING!!! Ok...I confess! Its great! Damn you Johnny!!!!

크리미드론 : so fantastic flying on the sambong beach. lower position flying is so impressive.

Adam : best FPV landing i've seen. Your best video since the backyard proxy flight, Johnny. So ill.

Captainvanover : Seriously cool edit bro!

David divad : People its a fake video im telling you it cant be real.. GoodJob Johnny

UnlimitedVertical : Sticks the landing like a 1976 Nadia Comaneci.

Mitchell Reynolds : 😳😳😳 OMG 😲!! Reason why your the best pilot on the planet!!

Brian Mulder : Another nice air ballet. Most of the regular FPV guys have the urban jungle as a background. As a beach fisherman, I just love your location. And that landing at the end .. Nice!!

Russell FPV김영중 : I was so exciting to watch your awesome flight at abandoned apartment in Ichon. Thx for taking a picture with you. I will see you again^^

FastLane FPV : Mad vid bro! That was the gnarliest intro.

Will Perkins : Amazing flying dude, what camera angle is that? When I try and get that close to the sea i always end up higher than I think I am compared to ground.

glenby2u : worth the wait. nice flow

Drone Maverick : Absolutely beautiful work my good man! ✨👊😎 those who disliked this amazing footage probably need a group hug or something...

Paul Butchyk Propped Nut FPV : Just WOW!!!!!!!

Mr Sue FPV : awesome! love your flow, every now and then we get a good dose

IronicGti FPV : Oh man... first mountains than this sick video at sea... perfect dude just perfect 👌👍cheers from DRTC balkans

Ryan Stryker : Come to Hawaii with me in late Jan to film with me.

David Martin : Superb Johnny! Truly inspirational flying & edit! Thanks for sharing :)

NewCal FPV : Bravo mate ! Absolutely awesome ! Love your pilot style ! Keep going the good job !