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Jon C : "Only pilot capable of flying 2 inches off surface of water while traveling at speeds upwards of mack 7"

Wild Willy FPV : 😱😱😱😱😱

Croble FPV : 11:37am AEST, check my emails, "Johnny FPV has just uploaded a video" HOLY MOLY DROP EVERYTHING AND WATCH haha

WEBB - FPV : Fuck I love Rufus

sᴛᴀᴄᴇʏ ABSHIRE : That landing though..... wow!

HiFlite FPV : Alright, you win. :P Seriously tho... this is a masterpiece

WiP FPV : stop using cheat codes

Sprocket : The landing was pro.

Everton Leite : Johnny Image Stabilization System. 12/10 would buy.

Phiqtional : Yet again you blow our minds with sick flying, beautiful golden hour footage and music to match. I hate you. No I don't really. You inspire me. :-D Thanks for this.

Johnathan Grell : First?

AiroFpv : Daaaaaammmmmm notification is kickin today!

surfer30071972 : That landing so freaking cool

Arancino FPV : Even if you're the best fpv pilot you're getting always better. Ps those motors are unbelievable my old man🔥😂👌

Michael Davidson : So excited to get the notification for another Johnny video! That first shot was taken with an RC boat or submarine...can't fool me ;-)

TinyFly FPV : #JohnnyTheJuiceManFPV Sick edit man as usual

GForce Rc : Great videos you should make more videos 😁

e Tric : Yaaa Man So great and so good.  Thanks.

TeeZee : Try to beatbox while flying :-D Well done! As always :-P

Nathan Chin : Also could you do a crash comp.... if you even do crash hahaha

Ryan McFarlane : Being involved in the aviation industry as a student obtaining my CPL and avid quad flyer/rc enthusiast, there is just something about the smoothness of your lines, the soft whine of the engines and the gorgeous views that almost speaks to me on a subliminal level. Really inspiring stuff and a film that deserves far more recognition than what it has received thus far. You're a true master of the craft Johnny. Keep it up mate.

KevinTDRN Drone Racing Noob : new vid!!!!!!!!!

KrissKwadd FPV : That was nice

StereoHead : Hey mate, are you using an ND filter in this? If so, which one?

Pakin Fpv : Woow JOHNNY Your landing was PERFECT

William Slater : Would you share what your session camera resolution and framerate is set to? Are you upscaling before sending to youtube? You video is remarkably free of nasty compression artifacts.

Hag Struan : I love how you fly. Please keep it up.

Steve Amerson : Hey Johnny FPV, they are finally coming out with a WATERPROOF RACING DRONE.  If it floats like the Splash Drone 3, then it should be easy to recover.  Still waiting for the launch date, but Urban Drones and Swell Pro are going to sell them under the "Agile" series name when they do.  Do you currently waterproof your drones or have any way to retrieve them if they go down in the ocean?  Great Video, far too many otherwise great vids are shot on cloudy days, so having a perfect sunset shows the photographer in you also.  Good Luck.  Oh yeah, I think Swell Pro is looking for people to sell their stuff, and I think you would be perfect for that.

ChrispFly : There is that Juicy " WE ALL HAVE BEEN MISSING "

QTRG : This is the best flying in any FPV video I have ever watched...the fact you dont do unnecessary, distracting rolls and fast flips every 2 seconds makes it so much easier to enjoy the scenery and the great shots, truly well done!

Żaneta Jantas : Awesome flying! So smooth, keep it up Johnny!

Half Fried : I thought I was pretty good at first but then when I saw this I was like, why do I even try

BroccoliBrigardist : oh man, flying over the sea so dreaming

Bari FPV : I see you're using Futaba :) I know for a fact that not one true r/c hobbyist (someone who flies planes and heli and didn't start off with FPV) uses a Taranis and I been one for 26 years. Good to see that you've made the transition.

D. Sandbox : ah that was tasty. Thanks for sharing

Xplicit fpv : epic

Jose Monteiro : 5*

spl0de : nd8 on the gopro?

Oni V : nobody did that before you... But that's too bad, video seems in 30 fps, no?

Randy McChunderNubs : i love the footage of every single video but goddamn the music is always extremely gay. muted every time.

David divad : People its a fake video im telling you it cant be real.. GoodJob Johnny

Sicknasty FPV : You nailed that spot like a split hog, you made that your spot your beach! And stuck the flippin' landing

Carlo Defilippi : Looking this video I think that Fpv drone flying could easily be a form of art... Formally recognised...or, well thinking twice, maybe not: when something is formally recognised these days it starts to be boring. Fly free!

Droney Montana : Dope. Nuff said.

UnderHoverFPV : Duuuuudeeeee, this was boss, best stuff yet, aside from the Austria vid

pawx : Watching this I uttered “I fucking hate you!” ....translating.... “holy crap I love your vids dude”

Grace : Wow.. I can't stop watching this it's so beautiful! What a dream of a video♡

AirwolFpv : Damn dude

Morning View : damn

Eagle EYE Insight : Sick Johnny! My race quad is ready to go love your videos awesome flying!