Advanced Techniques - How To Make Clear Ice

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CaptainCritical : I wish I wasn't a recovering alcoholic

Horny Dragon : Actually even if you don't care about how your ice looks, clear icecubes are still way better than cloudy icecubes. Since there's no air bubble inside clear icecubes, they are denser and cooler, which makes them melt slower than normal icecubes, so your drink won't get watered down too quick.

John : I don't know how I got here, but I'm staying for the classy music.

Isaac Jones : Clicked expecting a shitty tutorial, got a really high production quality video that was also really interesting to watch. Also, totally trying the maple drink. Subbed.

I'm lost, please help. : I love clear ice. It allows me to see the bad decisions at the bottom of the glass.👍👍

Russell Meyer : Will it work if I don't play fancy music while making these?

aznsushi41 : im watching a guy make ice on a saturday night, im such a loser

Raz Edits : You sound like Ryan Reynolds. Are you Ryan Reynolds?

Chris M : Man this is one chill video, my stress just faded away while watching

Skeletomania : How to make crystal clear ice. Step 1: fill cooler with water. Step 2: empty your freezer to make room for cooler Step 3: Wife finds out you threw away all the frozen food, and hopelessly yell at you for hours. . . . Last step: enjoy your beverage alone, and look at the camera w/ a hollow smile. Because you realize your wife finally left you for good when she got tired of restocking the freezer whenever you have an urge to make fancy ice. just kidding, love your videos ; )

Keira Churchill : I can never find fresh ice. All the bars near me just use that frozen stuff.

C.APWAP : Finally a way to add some class to my 40 oz.

Josiah Silas Michael : I clicked to learn what the secret was. I stayed for the pretentious comments.

Disabler : oh. i thought we were gonna make crystal meth..

DXdopau : Did i just spent 5 minutes to watch how to make ice

Bruce Harlick : This is one of the clearest (pun intended) tutorials on how to make clear ice. Thanks a lot!

sub-zero : the music and the way you spoke earned u a like, well done

CutThroatNin3 : Please keep making videos dude. I'm not a huge drinker, but I love when class and chemistry elevate cocktails into an art form.

Devalt : Doesn't the large portions of ice become a block in the face while shooting that last sip?

Bill Meacham : Step 1. Wash your hands.

Z k : Seems like a lot of effort considering the main reason I drink is to be lazy. Good for if you're running an establishment though.

LiamsMusic78 : Always enjoy watching people with passion. Cheers.

psyberian : used this with the silicon skull ice cube makers you can get. Like with the sphere I fully submerged them and they came out as crystal clear ice skulls that look great and kind of eerie in a clear drink.

MeLikeBigBoom : I was wondering why YouTube recommended this to me if I've never had a cocktail before, but I still ended up watching the whole thing. Damn you YouTube.

DeathlyDiJ : how do i make cloudy ice? i only have clear ice :s

stranger danger : Why am I here? I don't even know anything about cocktails. WHY Youtube WHY??

YoungBoy Beats : Here after I watched crazy Russian hackers video

Centre Demon : Over 24k subs in only 3 videos? Keep making these and your channel will do very well indeed!

VT : For huge ice balls for scotch - the real simple extention of this method is to use tall insulated stainless steel coffee mug. The difficult part to find one with straight neck. Fill it with water, put in a freezer. Wait a day. Turn over and gently tap over the sink. The top 1/3 - 1/2 will slide out as single block of clear ice. The only trick is not too wait too long - you don't want more than top 1/2 frozen

jibeneyto : A perfectly clear sphere of ice is the epitome of elegance

williamthebrit : Nothing like a nice old fashioned ;)

François Haie : very cool video, I tried it myself with the expected result, but I have a problem when it comes to cutting the block of ice. After I cut it a bit with a big knife, when I hammer it it never goes right-angled, some parts really go in the bad direction. I have the feeling I'm doing just like you on the video but maybe did I miss some parts. Any help? ;) Thanks!

Izy Higuera : I heard about a $80 one that makes clear ice, I opted for the same model used here. Reading up on it i learned about directional freezing and was thinking about trying to do something similar. Glad to see it actually works. Thanks for sharing.

iamcornholiothegreat : the soundtrack makes me want to share a very close dance with a classy hooker

bull frogger : At times cloudy ice can have an off taste to it as well and when it melts you see the impurities in the bottom of the glass . I stopped using my refridgerator ice machine years ago .

August Bisson : I prefer your calm smooth talking voice to the carnival barker types.

Jeffrey Kuo : can you carve a dog out of this?

mugensamurai : Sir. You are an absolute ice making wizard. Thank you!

jake mcintyre : I watched this whole video... I'm 14 :\

Phoenix2079x : your voice reminds me of someone in fallout, and the music and channel topic adds to it, did you voice anyone for a game by any chance

SoulShak3n : Very interesting and informative! Thanks!

Candace Lin : loved the tip on cutting the ice by starting it off with the knife and then tapping it with the mallet! And the ice stick made the tom collin cocktail look really beautiful.

H8stupidppl : Can I put the ice in the microwave to smooth the edges ?

Hypercube : I really don't know why I'm watching this because I'll probably never do this. Nice video though... :)

Doug Robinson : Stay Hungry My Friends 4:54

Nomlas Salmon : Just gimme the bottle who needs ice, or a glass...

Polonium Fist : Not only does it help with presentation; larger surface area will mean the ice melts slower. Meaning it keeps your drink cool longer and water it down less as it melts. Good for many refills or drinking slowly.

Rebecca M. : "hey man, where you at?" "I'm in the lab... making some high quality ice."

mrpizzanipples : Dang, wasn't expecting someone so attractive at the end

C Ratt : Very cool. You just saved me from buying a clear ice making contraption. This makes perfect sense and actually looks pretty fun too. Thanks for the video