Home depot did me wrong

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Fired me 30 days before my Hip surgery

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ahendricks0703 : Roy, you are a great manager! I really enjoyed working with you. I’m sorry, this is so screwed up. I know that you will do good things wherever you go. Home Depot is losing one of it's best people. Best of luck, -Ash

Henry Villon : Home Depot you messed up! the Calvary is coming Roy!

kernel_s4nd3rs : "Live the Orange Life"/"Bleed Orange" = give us everything you have until you are sick and about to die.

Nathan Edge : I believe Roy is a good man, worthy of much more!

james Barrie : Home Depot is one of the worst scummiest companies ever. They don't care about their employees. Just paying the bottom dollar.

yourfd709 : P.R. nightmare in 3... 2... 1...

Abteilol : Lawyer up, get paid.

Internet Guy : Yeah Home Depot fired me for having seizures and having the gall to try to get medical treatment. I wish you to the best.

TehHonkyTonkMan : Veteran myself, worked at home depot a few years back right out of the military. Never have I ever worked at a place that treated their employees so poorly. Will never go there again, place is run like a circus

kenneth hurst : Well, Roy, I feel bad for you brotha. I hope they reconsider their decision!

krakorakazar : Hope everything works out for you. Wishing you the best!

cl m : YA DONE MESSED UP HOME DE-POT ! .....insubordinate....and CHURLISH!

Awesome Possum : Get a lawyer, this is clearly illegal

Sons Of Pitches : You need to consult a lawyer immediately.

Travis1391111 : Sounds like Home Depot about to pay you a lot of money.

Craig Jensen : Roy, I will never shop at Home Depot again.

Tyler : Good luck Roy, I hope you get the justice you deserve.

TU nguyen : He'll yes lift 4gallon paint 5yrs cause me health too

510 Ralph Wigum : Stay positive thanks for sharing your story. Keep going, I'm thinking positive thoughts for you.

Matthew Trueblood : Dude, you just won the lottery. This is super illegal and you are going to be rich from settlement money when you sue. Congratulations.

dtvibe : Looking at you #Lowes or #Rona to come in and take this amazing employee!

lymecat : Won't ever buy anything from Home Depot from now on, sorry they did you this way Roy. Stay strong brother.

h20xyg3n : Sad to hear it buddy, stay strong!

Kelvin Parmer : Roy, send us a link to a GoFundMe account if you're taking them to court. I'm over in Orlando if you need any assistance.

Brandy L Gillespie : I'm on Home Depot Boycott for the way they treat Veterans, along with their other policies.

Alex Borland : Watching this on my break at Home Depot, disappointed!

Dean M : This is why they are afraid of unions.

Scott Jones : I am sorry to hear that. I hope they fix this. Good luck and God speed.

John Gammon : Start a GoFundMe. Reply to my comment when it's up. Happy to help out some.

Aaron Clark : Good luck dude.

Sellout Chronicles : I worked at Home Depot and they literally don’t want to give you an inch or pay you what you’ve earned as far as sick time and medical leave

reeper147 : Sue them. This is such an obvious case!

wyyclef : OK when are we going to fight back against these huge corporations that work people to death and pay poverty level wages?

O'Sullivan : More like Homo Depot amirite?

David John : Nothing but best wishes to you, friend. I hope you can figure everything out and you gain enough publicity for them to reconsider.

NuclearKnives : Come to Lowes. I live in Clearwater

s flo : UNION

Robert Madolimov : The 2nd button is not buttoned up

GXF Andre : Home depot is great at disguising themselves as a good company to work for.

LunaLash : Scandalous, I'm so very sorry, you seem like such a good person, I live in the UK and this would be illegal in my country. I hope this video goes viral and you get plenty of paid time off work and your job back and fully secured, sending you all my love and best wishes for the future x

EnterSailor : I wish I shopped at Home Depot so I could stop.

SaiyenInlineSkater : wtf home depot

xsnut1 : boycott home depot...

Isaac Stephens : Do you hear that? That is the sound of lawyers scratching at your door.

Mike Tunstall : The Home Depot is a disgusting company.

stinknus : It sounds you have a good case for unlawful termination. Take those bastards to court!

Scootro Dellabutro : stay away from retail jobs!!! retail chains do not offer careers

Scott Taylor : Love and luck being sent from reddit

Cacille Teacher : Roy, I used to work for HD and Lowe's. I totally believe this happened as retaliation. I would love to help you make sure your resume and skills are polished and help you find a job, fast. Age doesn't matter in this economy. I run a job hunter's support group and have gotten quite a few people hired. Would love to help you get a job you can do lying down if need be.