Home depot did me wrong

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James Paul : Get a lawyer

ahendricks0703 : Roy, you are a great manager! I really enjoyed working with you. I’m sorry, this is so screwed up. I know that you will do good things wherever you go. Home Depot is losing one of it's best people. Best of luck, -Ash

Henry Villon : Home Depot you messed up! the Calvary is coming Roy!

yourfd709 : P.R. nightmare in 3... 2... 1...

Cacille Teacher : Roy, I used to work for HD and Lowe's. I totally believe this happened as retaliation. I would love to help you make sure your resume and skills are polished and help you find a job, fast. Age doesn't matter in this economy. I run a job hunter's support group and have gotten quite a few people hired. Would love to help you get a job you can do lying down if need be.

kernel_s4nd3rs : "Live the Orange Life"/"Bleed Orange" = give us everything you have until you are sick and about to die.

Nathan Edge : I believe Roy is a good man, worthy of much more!

Scootro Dellabutro : stay away from retail jobs!!! retail chains do not offer careers

Abteilol : Lawyer up, get paid.

TehHonkyTonkMan : Veteran myself, worked at home depot a few years back right out of the military. Never have I ever worked at a place that treated their employees so poorly. Will never go there again, place is run like a circus

Internet Guy : Yeah Home Depot fired me for having seizures and having the gall to try to get medical treatment. I wish you to the best.

Awesome Possum : Get a lawyer, this is clearly illegal

krakorakazar : Hope everything works out for you. Wishing you the best!

Scott Jones : I am sorry to hear that. I hope they fix this. Good luck and God speed.

kenneth hurst : Well, Roy, I feel bad for you brotha. I hope they reconsider their decision!

Eric M : They also fired an employee for standing up to a racist. I will never shop at this business.

123xaapje : Amurica! The land of the free and opportunities...if you rich :) come to the real land of the free Europe! It would not happen to you then.

Matthew Trueblood : Dude, you just won the lottery. This is super illegal and you are going to be rich from settlement money when you sue. Congratulations.

Dean M : This is why they are afraid of unions.

Travis1391111 : Sounds like Home Depot about to pay you a lot of money.

Sons Of Pitches : You need to consult a lawyer immediately.

Tyler : Good luck Roy, I hope you get the justice you deserve.

deweys : Lose some weight and that hip might clear up

S. Tan : this dude deserves to be fired for being a lazy dependent typical american

Mike Tunstall : The Home Depot is a disgusting company.

SaiyenInlineSkater : wtf home depot

Brandy L Gillespie : I'm on Home Depot Boycott for the way they treat Veterans, along with their other policies.

xsnut1 : boycott home depot...

GXF Andre : Home depot is great at disguising themselves as a good company to work for.

lymecat : Won't ever buy anything from Home Depot from now on, sorry they did you this way Roy. Stay strong brother.

Craig Jensen : Roy, I will never shop at Home Depot again.

dtvibe : Looking at you #Lowes or #Rona to come in and take this amazing employee!

David John : Nothing but best wishes to you, friend. I hope you can figure everything out and you gain enough publicity for them to reconsider.

510 Ralph Wigum : Stay positive thanks for sharing your story. Keep going, I'm thinking positive thoughts for you.

John Gammon : Start a GoFundMe. Reply to my comment when it's up. Happy to help out some.

Alex Borland : Watching this on my break at Home Depot, disappointed!

stinknus : It sounds you have a good case for unlawful termination. Take those bastards to court!

NuclearKnives : Come to Lowes. I live in Clearwater

EnterSailor : I wish I shopped at Home Depot so I could stop.

wyyclef : OK when are we going to fight back against these huge corporations that work people to death and pay poverty level wages?

Isaac Stephens : Do you hear that? That is the sound of lawyers scratching at your door.

h20xyg3n : Sad to hear it buddy, stay strong!

Scott Taylor : Love and luck being sent from reddit

Duck Sauce : More like Homo Depot amirite?

s flo : UNION

james Barrie : Home Depot is one of the worst scummiest companies ever. They don't care about their employees. Just paying the bottom dollar.

reeper147 : Sue them. This is such an obvious case!

Aaron Clark : Good luck dude.

Robert Madolimov : The 2nd button is not buttoned up

shayne whydoihavetohavealastnamegoogle? : Capitalism at it's finest. Sickening. Hope things start looking up!