Percussion Medley Innovative Repertoire Daf: Razbar Ensemble

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LION : Nice kurdish very nice kurdstan

chalak abdullazadeh : بژی کورد و کوردستان.  زۆر  خۆشه  قوربانی ده ستان بم . مان دوو نه بن. ته مه ن درێژ بن.

Ali Aziz : Long Live IRAN

mehdi almasi : بهترین دف نوازهای دنیا.دمتون گرم. انشاا... همیشه موفق باشید

Roya : Love it so much. Great talent beautifully done by handsome kurdish men 😍

Paulina Kate : They guy at 1:44 looks like Altair from Assassins Creed...

ruo ruos : is there anyone could tell me how to get in touch with this group? i have been searching their email for days but couldn't find anything... thanks a lot for helping me :)))

Fathieh Madadikalantari : دف هم نواي خاص خود دارد،،،فتحيه

roya naderi : che mikonan, bah baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

shah69ful : woooooooooow..this is amazing................

Seraj Nima : razbar is my love

saeed adib : Be successful Razbar band music ///

The slave of Allah : محشره

Miriam Peretz : oh my god, I love you guys!!!

Ricky. PERSIJA Pardosi : wow, never seen stuff like that b4, keep up the good work

Mangesh Khati : Amazing artists!!!

Dou aslan : this is only show .. not bad but not good..

Bijan Dejam : بسیاررزیبا باچیرگی ومهارت ویژه اجرا شد.

Somya Ma : wow!!! amazing i love it


Sebastian Müller : Desch de Meeehdi!

Naemira LonLee : Oh very nice belly dance yess

Bog Bosna Bošnjaci : vay vay cok guzel olmus

ashfak ahmed : Lazawab..

OPS. HAMA : amaizing

IIultronII _FUSION_SHOT : hiho hoho

Naemira LonLee : احلى فرقه

sanaz1986 : WOW!!

Dawood Saleem : good

hamid golestanian : good show but bad music

ror 48 : We want the complete film

Mehmet barmanbay : Where goods amazing son ox ox

Mehmet barmanbay : Where goods amazing son ox ox

ze-tu Loquendo : COME TO PERU!

omer tekin : KURDISTAN

kambizz1 : 12 negative post? man what the in the hell you give negative to this amazing performance?...I would REALY like to meet everyone of you stupid negative brainless dumb asses in the back alley and teach you a lesson. It takes many many years of practice and dedication to master this instrument and even not to this level.

Epoksi Boya Zemin Kaplama Sirius Boya ve Kimya San. : good bravo

w w : good good good we want party daf

w w : good good good

Gloria Franchi : i love * * ǝʌol ı

rayan abdullah : الي بدقيقه 55احس انه يسوي تميس

Shiblets : Wow! Amazing!

qzpmbri : Awesome Video......

Cyan : Wow!

ValidUsername ForGodSake : luv it!

cricketgal : Same!!!!!!!!

Simon Terry : im a daf player and i feel like "NO ONE" compared to them!!

Delav's : WOW O.O

uomo solo : thx for sharing

Shin3568 : amazing!!!!!! -_-