IM FAST AS F**K BOI 🛵 - Ricky Berwick

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BVK : Slow down Ricky, we cannot afford to lose another vegetable

Smygen : You should grow out your beard like keemstar

icetool34 : Some say that he is still "BOIIIIIII"ing to this day...

Mintybert : You should add Running in 90's

vesa asa : you roll faster than keemstaar runs

Braedyn Edwards : he's always makes me laugh

Walliee HD : *First Race in history colourised*

rip Liltracy : fast and furious 9

MurpCoo22 : quality content

Namotecs : Trailer: 🚘⚡Lightning MCqueen ⚡🚘

legolas flamier : Don't know why I was expecting to see 2 rockets hanging from the sides of his chair

mayor : Still not as fast as when my dad left

StickMaster500 : *_DEJA VU_*

Marisol Morales : sneek peek of fast and furious 9

Brennan Huff : When the boy was born like all Spartans he was inspected. If he had been small, puny, sickly or mishapenned he would've been discarded! From the time he could stand he was baptized in the fire of combat! Taught never to retreat! Never to surrender! Hail to the king!! Our king, KING LEONIDAS!!!

Super Jeesh : My name is Barry Allen and I'm the fastest man alive.

Halliburton Hero : This video needs more cheesies and farts

Performed Kill 26 : He is near the shoppers drug mart on fairway road lol I live so close but so FAR

Creepy Hentai Uncle : go to toys r us and buy me a toy pls

Just Ice : This is art at its finest

Elite Gaming : "Do you have any idea how fast I am?" (Heavy Truck bolts past him)

smoothshot 95 : What happened to McLovin

reaper : should join fast and furious 8

Richard Ugo : Tiiimmmmmmmyyyýyyyyyyyyyy

Harley Chadwick : top 10 hottest anime girls

David Goldfeld : Fast and Curious.

jeff schnablegger : They see him Rollin. They Hatein !!!!!

Diamond OFFICIAL : yeeaaaaa boiiiii

Dilly Mackey : Gotta go fast

Javen T : Rip Toys R Us

Cyota Corolla : neck and neck with the Mack truck...

grandmasterotis : This just made my whole year!!!

TJH : Hey man slow down you shouldn't speed around like that reckless driver LOL

Adham : fast and furious 12 :The last nuclear survivors

Shadow Realm Priest : masterpiece


Nathan Smith : Ricky, this is one of my favortie skits that you have done! This is awesome buddy! Keep up the awesome work!

Peter McSketer : The flash has nothing on Ricky.

WhiteMustang : The fast and the crippled.

SmokeMemes Everyday : Kachow

RahKrispie : Not faster. fatter* than Keimstawr

Daddy Shark : fast as my network

sans is boring all time :] : NAW IT'S TIME TO FAST SOME FAUK OUT OF YOUR PP

harvey the dank : can I touch you

The Anonymous : Top 10 most powerful anime

Xbox Boxes : Deja Vu I've been in this place before high up on the streets

Diderpderp : That Toys R Us in the background Rest in peace, sweet prince.

Steve Black : Oooh, an appearance by Ricky's hot neighbor. mmm :)

Fitraxpo : Legend says that Ricky Berwick still Fast As F**k