IM FAST AS F**K BOI 🛵 - Ricky Berwick

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Smygen : You should grow out your beard like keemstar

Mintybert : You should add Running in 90's

Mike angelol : The fast and disabled

vera channel : you roll faster than keemstaar runs

MurpCoo22 : quality content

rip Liltracy : fast and furious 9

Ben Edwards : he's always makes me laugh

Walliee HD : *First Race in history colourised*

icetool34 : Some say that he is still "BOIIIIIII"ing to this day...

David Goldfeld : Fast and Curious.

Marisol Morales : sneek peek of fast and furious 9

Unicus Unity : Where my early squad at !!!!

Namotecs : Trailer: 🚘⚡Lightning MCqueen ⚡🚘

Super Jeesh : My name is Barry Allen and I'm the fastest man alive.

reaper : should join fast and furious 8

Maquina De Fuego : 2fast4me

Performed Kill 26 : He is near the shoppers drug mart on fairway road lol I live so close but so FAR

Richard Ugo : Tiiimmmmmmmyyyýyyyyyyyyyy

Halliburton Hero : This video needs more cheesies and farts

harvey the dank : can I touch you

SLuShyy / HoRRoR : Slow down Ricky, we cannot afford to lose another vegetable

smoothshot 95 : What happened to McLovin


Adham : fast and furious 12 :The last nuclear survivors

TJ West : Never go fu.. wait a minute.

Tsrif Tsal : You should have been euthanized and still should be.

SmokeMemes Everyday : Kachow

legolas flamier : Don't know why I was expecting to see 2 rockets hanging from the sides of his chair

Jesus Chil : boyeeee

Arbiter 21792 : IM FAST AS FUCK BOI

Zeiku : The new Car 3 movie

alfa romeo 33 : Retard

AndyDeAwesum Gamer : Looks like he’s tryna poop at the end

WhiteMustang : The fast and the crippled.

Tech Tron : *KECHEW*

RahKrispie : Not faster. fatter* than Keimstawr

ClarFyd- : you roll faster than keemstar hops on the news

Liam H : Omg this is in Kitchener, Ontario

Aragorn90 : Mclovin

Shadow Realm Priest : masterpiece

MEXICAN American : I keep re-playing this, nailed it 👍👍👍

Harley Chadwick : top 10 hottest anime girls

Creepy Hentai Uncle : go to toys r us and buy me a toy pls

Javen T : Rip Toys R Us

Jishwa Dun : not my proudest fap

Cyota Corolla : neck and neck with the Mack truck...

Bert England : Keemstar reference

jeff schnablegger : They see him Rollin. They Hatein !!!!!

Good student at school all the time. Dude : The flash has nothing on Ricky.

Eddy Wally : first