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Commissar Gamza : Jiren had no idea of the amount of plot armor he was about to go up against

Jessica Batdorj : You know shit is going down when that music starts playing

Alex Dumitrescu : 1:42 Goku is running on kamehamehas generated by his feet like he did in dragonball to avoid the no flying rule. This man is a fucking genius innovator when it comes to fighting.

Lord Cooler : 1:25 Goku: Those who’d hurt my friends, I WONT FORGIVE! Well remember when you gave frieza your energy and gave cell a senzu,

Liniko Andrord : Rule number 1: Never make a Saiyan angry Rule number 2: Never make Goku specifically angry.

fort just : Any one still watching this till this day

Dragon X : I don’t think ima hero of justice or something... but those who hurt my friends.... I CAN NEVER FORGIVE!!!!!!!!!

Maverick : 1:35 one of the best Goku's expressions, the anger is represented greatly. He looks like he is about to go mad.

Godzmin : I feel bad for Jiren, he pretty much said "why believe in anyone when they are just going to die and leave you".

Hrishikesh Krishnan : When you realise he said he wouldn't forgive anyone who hurt his friends and he had on his team; 1) Android 17 2) Android 18 3) Frieza 4) Vegeta 5) Piccolo WHO ALL TRIED TO KILL HIM OR HIS FRIENDS IN THE PAST😆😆

Adriel Oliveira : "I'm not a hero of justice or anything..." Nice poke at the misleading of the old english dub

Tomas LlM : Ever noticed how big fights are always set up as blue vs red. Star wars, actual wars in real life, this, etc etc

ZERO GRAVITY CHEDDA : Heres how Jiren wins: pull out a needle and scare th outta Goku

LeErOiH dELA cRUZ : 1:24 when you exercise your neck

Bonilla Alicia : People think that superman can win goku bruh

ObsessiveFanboy : Damm Goku's neck in the thumbnail

Baby Shenron : 1:15 you pushed the muffin button...you shouldn’t have done that

Spongebob Gamer : 2:26 DRAMATIC FINISH

Concept Creator : Why was this even allowed! :O

Hoshiro Hamada : If Jiren only knows about dragon ball before..

James XDGamer : Jiren is really strong but Goku has no limits

Sush b : #1:30 That punch, jiren will always remember that.....

Noob Knight : 1:31 When u cuss and ur mom hears it

Major Degurechaff : Never forgive those who hurt your friends? Bruh 17, 18, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Beerus are right there!

Zayd Kapp : The title tho... JiREn dOEs SOMetHing UnFORgivABlE!!

Bruce Doyle : Goku:"But those who'd hurt my friends... i wont forgive" Me:" Yeah right, what about Tien, Piccolo, Vegeta, Android 17 and 18, Buu, Beerus and Frieza..."

Brohobo 1 : 2:11 Goku: omae wa mou shindeiru Jiren:NANI?!

Tzuyu : He was about to blast Beerus and Whis lmao.

En'me : 1:27 - "I wont forgive!" _Forgives Jiren next episode._

MonsterHunterRoon : Hmmm....this one small scene is pretty deep. It's obvious that Jiren has lost very important people in his life in the Universe he resides in, never to get them back and that has made him react the way that he has. I am interested in knowing more about Jiren's past.

KiNG CRiSPY : Shouldn't Jiren be disqualified? For attacking the audience?

Prince LionHide : The voice actor of Jiren made cheddar with that episode. Great vocals.

Nicholas flame : Angry super god fistttttt

Anthonyj 03 : *wont forgive anyone* (forgives vegeta) ... (frieza) (buu) (vegeta again [majin] ) (beerus) (jiren) etc

kool-aid Man123 : 1:36 such clean animation

ringa jeff : Yet people say Jiren can defeat Beerus. Lmao. Gtfoh. One blast from Beerus at full power would kill jiren

querty 98 : This is what i like about goku. When someone attacks or kill his friend he gets pissed and beats the shit out of whoever did it but in other animes they just cry about it

vegeta God of destruction : A lot of people have debated who was stronger jiren or goku with jiren full power and goku being mastered ultra instinct, but I myself forgot goku only held this form for around 60 seconds. And it appears it crippled him temporarily. Jiren has always been this strong, and his hidden power was just latent. Goku however over repeated zenkai achieved ultra instinct. Theoretically his most powerful form should be ssjb x20 kaioken. How long will it take to get used to mastered then?

Jordan sutton : 2:12,that sounded pretty pretty pretty PAINFUL.

JIVER Gaming : MUI Goku: whoever dares to hurt my friends... is someone I'D NEVER FORGIVE!!!!!!!! Jiren: WHAT? MUI Goku: HAAAAAAAA PUNCHES JIREN LIKE A MILLION TIMES Jiren: arrrrgh MUI Goku: KA....ME.....HA.....ME Jiren: OWARI DA shoots beam MUI Goku: rolls over HAAAAAAA Jiren: NANI?! Grand priest: Jiren is out of the ring universe 17 will now be erased Zen-oh erases universe 17

Ninja Crinja : Goku’s neck in the thumbnail is bigger than my future

Kaleemullah.watio gamer : 1:27 When some one has eaten my pizza .

Alex Williams : 2:12 that uppercut sounded like it hirted like hell

Kaempfdog : I don’t forgive those who hurt my friends! Except Jiren, Frieza, Vegeta, Piccolo, and many others!

Noob Knight : Even if Jiren did kill them, it would've made Goku even stronger. TRIGGER=Power every one knows this

Brobore : watch the entire fight at .25 speed and you'll see things that i garentee you missed on the first watching. like how after goku's initial punch, they start fighting then goku literally turns into a ball of ki because of how fast he's going to punch jiren into the air. and like how at 1:43, goku rides his own ki balls to dodge jiren's blasts. great attention to detail overall and a GREAT fight!

An open minded individual : I won't say it's unforgivable. It's more Like "hey man! That's not cool, if you kill them, that's Like, a whole day of me looking for Dragon balls"

Jackl87 : i watched dragon ball z back in the day and even back then i already thought that super saiyan 2 and 3 were a little bit to much...like a power creep. but this right here is like way over the top..even visually...what would come after that..it kinda gets ridiculous.

Hyness for Smash : Why is this titled like a Ben Shapiro video? Might as well add “Goku DESTROYS weird alien person with FACTS and LOGIC”.