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Za warudo : ►Join the New Facebook Page for Memes, Dragon Ball News and more!: https://bit.ly/2yZAK7Q

Liniko Andrord : Rule number 1: Never make a Saiyan angry Rule number 2: Never make Goku specifically angry.

Jessica Batdorj : You know shit is going down when that music starts playing

Commissar Gamza : Jiren had no idea of the amount of plot armor he was about to go up against

Major Degurechaff : Never forgive those who hurt your friends? Bruh 17, 18, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Beerus are right there!

Suddenly Sniped : And people say superman can beat this dude

Alex Dumitrescu : 1:42 Goku is running on kamehamehas generated by his feet like he did in dragonball to avoid the no flying rule. This man is a fucking genius innovator when it comes to fighting.

Haider Abdullah : This really brings out gokus true nature he doesn’t care about justice but rather his friends

Danny Souffrant : Imagine the English dub screaming of this moment.

Crum9ply : Bro who else can’t wait till the English dub of this comes out

LeErOiH dELA cRUZ : 1:24 when you exercise your neck

FútbolMon : Lesson learned Jiren. Don’t make Goku angry. Sure, Goku gets excited when fighting a strong guy, but if you dare hurt his friends on purpose... if killing was allowed, RIP Jiren

Fullmetal Shenron : 1:15 you pushed the muffin button...you shouldn’t have done that

IcyDaBest : After Goku knows how to easily transform into Ultra Instinct... Goku: Beerus will you fight me a little bit with my ultra instinct? Pretty please? Beerus : Oh hell nah I can't fight you.. Goku : why? Beerus : You know that even gods struggled to attain Ultra Instinct.. Goku : so? what's the matter? Beerus : Ultra Instinct is the form that anyone can't attain it easily because if you transform to it you will get more ki and health! Goku : Ohh!! Beerus : understand now? Goku : Ok but can we fight now? Beerus : Fine.. " HAKAI " Goku : *dodge Beerus Hakai* Beerus : Nevermind...


Concept Creator : Why was this even allowed! :O

Gokhan Geta : just admit it the intensity of this music takes it to another level

Kelly Caragay : Saitama: So how did you become so powerful??? Jiren: ONE HUNDRED PUSHUPS ONE HUNDRED SITUPS ONE HUNDRED SQUATS RUNNING 10K EVERY DAY!

OgKacey : Full Power MUI Goku>>>>Full Power Limit Breaker Jiren.

Flaming Karma : 1:45 - 1:46 pause at 0.25 speed until you see the trademark mad Goku shown when he went Super Saiyan the first time

En'me : 1:27 - "I wont forgive!" _Forgives Jiren next episode._

ImANoob-_- {RIFL} : Goku a badass when in rage mode 😍😍

Minahil Ho : Never make goku angry, Specially in ultra instinct

Luiz Beltran : I think that kamemeha should have eliminated Jiren.

Cesar Serafin : That face tho 1:34

ringa jeff : Yet people say Jiren can defeat Beerus. Lmao. Gtfoh. One blast from Beerus at full power would kill jiren

Exe -L : How come zeno didn’t erase jiren? One of the rules: “Not to attack anyone on the beachers nor spectators” right?

ObsessiveFanboy : Damm Goku's neck in the thumbnail

Caden the Cucumber : Jirens steroids finally ran out

Kok Yee Huei David : Bad move Jiren....u never try to provoke Goku’s rage . When u attacked the stands u gave Goku a good reason to beat u up savagely. Consider urself lucky that Kamehameha only render u severely wounded coz if Goku did follow through and given his rage mode, he won’t give a damm about rules when his loved ones are harmed and he won’t hesitate to kill u if he wants to.

Aneta Mladenovska : Yeah, I will NEVER look at the english version the same again, it sounds like a parody compared to the original, like damn, Japan is a century ahead of everyone technologically.

Natsu Dragneel : You telling me they eliminated frost for atacking others in spectators seating but not jiren oh ok i got chu

JamesXDGamer 358 : Jiren is really strong but Goku has no limits

vegeta God of destruction : A lot of people have debated who was stronger jiren or goku with jiren full power and goku being mastered ultra instinct, but I myself forgot goku only held this form for around 60 seconds. And it appears it crippled him temporarily. Jiren has always been this strong, and his hidden power was just latent. Goku however over repeated zenkai achieved ultra instinct. Theoretically his most powerful form should be ssjb x20 kaioken. How long will it take to get used to mastered then?

JIVER Gaming : MUI Goku: whoever dares to hurt my friends... is someone I'D NEVER FORGIVE!!!!!!!! Jiren: WHAT? MUI Goku: HAAAAAAAA PUNCHES JIREN LIKE A MILLION TIMES Jiren: arrrrgh MUI Goku: KA....ME.....HA.....ME Jiren: OWARI DA shoots beam MUI Goku: rolls over HAAAAAAA Jiren: NANI?! Grand priest: Jiren is out of the ring universe 17 will now be erased Zen-oh erases universe 17

KSHTDM Hi : If it’s chi chi instead of them goku will probably have kill Jiren with a single blast

Zayd Kapp : The title tho... JiREn dOEs SOMetHing UnFORgivABlE!!

Junior Raymond : That was one badass moment

Sush b : #1:30 That punch, jiren will always remember that.....

Star Storm : New ending he goku fuses with vegeta and Makes it to God Master Ultra Instinct

MonsterHunterRoon : Hmmm....this one small scene is pretty deep. It's obvious that Jiren has lost very important people in his life in the Universe he resides in, never to get them back and that has made him react the way that he has. I am interested in knowing more about Jiren's past.

KiNG CRiSPY : Shouldn't Jiren be disqualified? For attacking the audience?

An open minded individual : I won't say it's unforgivable. It's more Like "hey man! That's not cool, if you kill them, that's Like, a whole day of me looking for Dragon balls"

Bonilla Alicia : People think that superman can win goku bruh

Yボクちゃん : サムネごつい笑笑

《мgмαѕтєя》 《gαмιиg》_YT : Goku is like a beast out of cage XD The momment he punch jiren her face looks like a beast

ionisator idk : goku is me in dragonball x (roblox) when someone attacks me and im angered

S G : Jiren, taking a Super God Fist to the face.

Vincent V : Jiren just pulled a Frieza

The Official TJK10 : Wait... Isn’t attacking the stands a disqualification?