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Liniko Andrord : Rule number 1: Never make a Saiyan angry Rule number 2: Never make Goku specifically angry.

Concept Creator : Why was this even allowed! :O

Karizomizo : 0:19 Dragon Ball Super The friendship is magic

Blasta 231 : I'm right there with Goku. Mess with my friends or family and I turn into an animal.

DJLDJ : Sean is gonna have so much fun when he gets his hands on UI Goku, especially angry UI Goku.

Pewny_GTA : He pressed the Goku botton

EviuPL : Why didn't Zeno erase Jiren for attacking the spectators?

ramon restrepo : Jirens' voice actor is amazing

Chris men : who else loves the animation swapping 😊

Sneaks Cowboy : I never thought goku would be this...scary 😂

Chris men : notice at 1:42 how he is sliding on them dm's (blasts) again

Payton perkins : Jiren’s voice actor is awesome! Some of the best screaming on this show!

Under_ground 273 : Damn this fight is way better than GT fights

Brendan McCarthy : 1:35 best art work in the whole series

xIRON_RAGEx : damn 1:26 reminds me of ”Haaah I would not let you to destroy my world!!!!”

r3mo : Jiren and toppo disliked this video

Dj Murphy : The look on jiren face when Goku broke through jiren unbreakable eye shield 😱😱😱😨

Kuro ko : Magnificent !!! I love this part

kaiguy848 : I can’t even be mad at jiren. Everything that man lived by got thrown out the window. He lost everything and when he found something new he once again had it taken from him. At least he put up a great fight

GodsSilentArmy : I can't wait to hear Goku's rage in English Dub 😱😱😱

Eugene Shults : Jiren is like emo super man.

Elgin Mehmeti : where are the Saitama fans 😂😂😂

vegeta God of destruction : A lot of people have debated who was stronger jiren or goku with jiren full power and goku being mastered ultra instinct, but I myself forgot goku only held this form for around 60 seconds. And it appears it crippled him temporarily. Jiren has always been this strong, and his hidden power was just latent. Goku however over repeated zenkai achieved ultra instinct. Theoretically his most powerful form should be ssjb x20 kaioken. How long will it take to get used to mastered then?

Alan W : 1:35 to 1:40 was so clean and it looked so beautiful they put a lot of work into this episode can’t wait for 131

zack wyatt : 2:27 I just love hearing jiren screaming in agony

VeryColdThere Not VeryColdHere : 1:34 Goku's face wtf

Chris men : They never learn

Vince Iodice : 2:13 I felt this punch on my face😂 so epic

Knight of Ren16 : 1:15 let the rape begin

Zappy Doggo : 1:25 YOU'S A NIGGGGGAAAAAA

Sneaker Sensei : The craziest thing about this fight is that literally 45 minutes ago in the tournament, jiren was leaps and bounds stronger than everyone, never needing to try or show emotion. Then 45 minutes later, not only is goku stronger than him, he was able to beat the living shit out of him, making him a crazy person

DBZ Master : 1:14 And it was then, Jiren realized, he fucked up.

Luis Marquez : Jirens a punk for that move I lost all respect for his character with that one

SideShowBatt : Honestly, let Jiren attack the stands, he'll get disqualified for killing and Universe 7 wins by default. Then wish everyone back with the Dragon Balls.

poop : oof

jashank madbhvi : Jiren. What have you done ??

louise frio : -The thumbnail tho- _lol_

R AR : I don't think Beersus Sama would have let that attack by Jiren hit

Msb : Nakama no jutsu << works EVERYTIME 😎✌🏻

Edem Damarly : This reminds me of Goku never not let you destroy my world

The BimmerGuy SA : .... At this point I'm not a Vegeta fan anymore. He's never gonna fight intense enough to last a whole UI theme song. The gap is too huge now. And TOP has given us several people to like and respect in vegetas place. Somehow even the Androids get a better image than him. Frieza has more closer to a real life person's demeanor (if I had powers, but witness powers like Buu, Dyspo, or Jiren, I admit I'd be staying low key, waiting for openings as well. It ain't heroic, but you survive lol).

Glenroy Heath : What a dumbass Jiren is when he's mad lol

Super Vegito : YOU IS A NI🅱️🅱️A

The silent Guy : There were literally 6 gods of destruction over there😒

Kong H. : Moral of the story - *Go get yourself some friends ppl.*

CutieBubbleGirl YT : am I the only one who keep repeating this scene on dragon ball super?

Congo Esco : That kamehameha was special

Jason Smith : What Jiren wasn't counting on is that while his friends can be erased, the love he has for his friends and his memories with them cannot be erased.

Noodle : 1:35 he looks like a serial killer

Magic Weapon R0 : The "Ha-Ya" at 0:01 seemed really cute compared to what actually happened. xD