Ace Ventura Pet Detective: Yes Satan?

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Scene from the Jim Carrey Movie Ace Ventura Pet Detective (1994)


TestTubeBabySpy : VENTURAAAAA!

georgekostaras : Yes, Tio?

Oleg : Is that old man the same guy who played personal assassin of Alejandro Sosa in "Scarface"?

Ian Fortuna : When I get a text from my ex

Steven M Attrell : When someone you hate talks to you

Dragon’sScaleGaming : *Yes, Satan?*

Kiwi : When someone tells me to put my phone away

Leroy Maxwell II : must fight Satan

Andres Diaz :

InProgNito : Ding ding ding ding!!

Shaygan Seyyedi : Yes Hector?

Bladevampirek : Hahaha