I still dont understand how Supreme is such a thing

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Sk8erGirl179 : *They. Are Literally Selling. A Logo Imprinted. BRICK.*

Cereal hero 0900 : 2.9k rich kids disapprove

Anton : I think Supreme ripped off Colgate wich was founded in 1804

Xx_Minecraft Gang_xX : Supreme clothes look like a 80% off rack at a wholesale store

Weeze - : When I first saw the Supreme logo, I thought it was a knockoff of Colgate

Glowing Kirby : Supreme is actually produced by Mr. Krabs to get more money.

D i o : Supreme: [Slaps logo on a white T-Shirt] *$770 dollars*


Firebeast Gaming : Rich people in history 1988: I have this nice, big house 2019: My house is made of supreme bricks

M4M : I'm gonna print colgate on my shirt and wear it in campus

Milan Jovanović : "Clusterfuck of tottaly uncool jokers" She couldn't have said it better xD

Radian : You're just too broke. *_RICEGUM INTENSIFIES_*

Manuel Hernandez : Supreme ❌ Colgate ✔

Micolash, Host of bad boss design : Screw Supreme, I'm gonna wear *COLGATE* now on my shirt.

1815Offixial : Don't have supreme? BROKE Don't have airpods? BROKE Don't have iPhone? BROKE Don't have Louis Vuitton? BROKE If you are not broke you have no sense of fashion and no logic

Tofutaco11 : 3.4K Fuckboys got triggered by the hard truth.

Davis O'Brien : A brand that makes fun of consumer capitalism has achieved its goal, to trick the masses into accepting it as a status symbol. The Jokes pretty much write themselves

Charlie Ben : I’ve spent a lot of time in places like Malaysia, and you can get identical Supreme merch for around 3 RM (about a buck)

Cardboard : I’m watching this vid with my supreme eye-implants

StrangeProfile : In middle school it’s much worse...

edog 813 : As a person who builds computers I get weirdly uncomfortable seeing people spend large amounts of money. I always think of what kind of PC I could build with it.

Serbian Sauvage : "Clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers." That woman deserves all the awards available.

Insert name Ianieri : I think the supreme crowbar looks photoshopped WAIT IT’S ACTUALLY REAL!?!?

YourMovieSucksDOTorg : Supreme is the fedora of normies

Norternet : Tbh I collect supreme, but that’s only to resell to the idiots that pay hundreds of dollars when supreme retails it for $48-100 which is still expensive, but you can profit hundreds of dollars depending on how high the demand is.

Mr. Timore : because who doesn't want to purchase single colored clothing with a red rectangle for more than a computer?

Mrnat : Well I mean the brick has some use, you could use it in building some form of shelter, or bashing someone's skull in, or as a paper weight on really windy day.

Max Andreas : I genuinely thought he was joking when he showed the supreme brick

quite spicy : Supreme: "I bet our fans aren't dumb enough to buy a literal brick that just says "Supreme" on it." *releases the brick and sells out in seconds* Supreme: *wait*

MickeyDig : Whenever I see someone wearing supreme, I immediately assume that they watch ricegum. If they're a kid, that's bad - if they're an adult, it's even worse.

LJackSheng : Supreme made me think about RiceGum (and he suck)

Lizbomb Plays : Comic book collecting is so much cooler than supreme! You can actually read them and enjoy tons of limited story arks, not to mention making tons of money from it in the end after enjoying the pieces of art XD

Firecell : Hey guys I have my new Supreme pen worth 10000000000$ with Supreme ink worth 2000000000000000000$

SpiritSoulRecords : All i see is Colgate

marcovarius : I always think of Elliot Rodger when I see people wear the Supreme logo.

Safir : I heard that Supreme clothing isn’t that expensive, but ebay sellers mark it up. I think they make intentionally low stock or something. Edit: Just checked out their website & turns out they sell 50$ whiteboard markers, 250$ bikelocks & 100$ melodicas. Jesus.

Alpha Male : Man I really wish they didnt overprice their stuff, some of the designs are legitamitly cool looking but yeeesh

Puze : The 'Supreme' let's us know that the person wearing it is a 'Supreme Douche' and we should continuously avoid them.

Call Me Bomb : With a supreme crowbar I can now complete my Hypebeast Gordon Freeman costume

DazL Elite : I collect and resell supreme and honestly this video kinda goes off track. The prices are high but not really that high when compared to Adidas and Nike and most of the dumb stuff like the brick and crowbar is only once off that not even 0.1% of the people who own supreme buy. And most of the prices people go off are resell prices which are most often way higher that the price Supreme charge.

Margo Goralski : Great and true video! 2 Thumbs up.

Gustavo Rodriguez : not impressed plebs... i wear cool cat fabrics only the finest for me!

Sonarchy : Now introducing : the Supreme body pillow ! Please tell me it doesn't exist.

Cheeky Kunt : supreme actually has a very important place in today's society. It helps you identify people you wish to avoid out of a crowd so you can adjust your route accordingly

Francis Marino : Oh no! I took too long to place the order and Kanye bought my *Supreme®* logoed Mom! Help!

Wyvernblue : Reminds me of those really obnoxius CSGO and TF2 weapon skins.

Shibe Doggo : Next level flex *House made of Supreme Bricks*

AnOddScoutMain : I bought a supreme wallet once Now i have nothing to put it into

Greg Rothschilds : Get ready everyone, Ricegum is gonna see this and somehow turn it into IHE “roasting him” type vid and just clickbait a diss track.