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YourMovieSucksDOTorg : Supreme is the fedora of normies

DeadEdd : I'd rather wear a Coca Cola branded piece of clothing... Which I actually do sometimes.

Craigslist Assassin : Dad: “So, son, what would you want for your birthday this year” Son: “A Supreme brick” Dad: “Go away”

ProtoMario : Supreme tacos

Lil edd woo : Supreme didn't just copied kruger He copied *colgate*

Joey Salads : I created supreme as a social experiment

Spock1777 : my friend literally just printed out the logo and ironed it on to a plain white t-shirt from Goodwill. cost him about $2 total and some people out in public actually though it was real.

toadally awful : >supreme >stupid idea >billion dollar company >social experiments >supreme is vault-tec

Rowan Angstadt : I saw a kid at my school with a supreme backpack... I got really confused because I thought it was a toothpaste brand

THISISANINCREDIBLYLONGNAMEHELLYEAH oh ok then : if you bought that wallet, it'd be useless as you'd have no money to put in it anyway

StickMaster500 : Supreme is basically the universal symbol of douchebaggery and flexing

Alex B. : Imagine a house was built with only *Supreme Bricks* and the workers who built it were hypebeast starvers who are wearing supreme... like *Supreme working helmet* or *Supreme high boots*

Redgrave192 : I was legitimately under the impression Supreme was a knock-off brand of Colgate.

Cheeky Kunt : supreme actually has a very important place in today's society. It helps you identify people you wish to avoid out of a crowd so you can adjust your route accordingly

A Commenter : But I thought a multi billion dollar corporation would never exploit the human mind.

SpiritSoulRecords : All i see is Colgate

David Maglioli : I have never heard of Supreme. They look pretty boring to be honest. Their products look like the clothing options out of a video game.

3 speed tachanka : Do "I hate fortnight".

Ariel Becker : As a non-American, I thought at first Supreme was just another fast-food franchise. Now this is worse, way worse. What's the word for something tackier than the most tacky piece of garbage? Maybe that's Supreme.

Angerypers0n : Just wear a white colgate t shirt

Call Me Bomb : With a supreme crowbar I can now complete my Hypebeast Gordon Freeman costume

Kathy V.N. : No one will see this but @ 6:44, WHERE MY EXOLs at??

Jigsaw : Supreme proves that human beings can have ultimate stupidity

Tom Index2 : (100% cotton, made in china, logo not very artistic. make your own t-shirt shop costs about 30$... you're buying to say "I have a well paid job, and I am a social person." but instead of trying to gain some social skills that you desperately need right now: you buy a supreme shit.

Username Username : Make "I HATE TRENDING PAGE"

Vsauce Puppet : The type of people who like supreme are the type of people who like mars bars

Watch out for something drunk and scottish : IHE Overwatch? Or Fortnite. Don't throw rocks at me.

TheOfficialCzex : *_Supreme_* is just clothing for narcissists.

Buihongquan W : Apparently, everything with the word Supreme is considered Diamonds.

Devon Aire : I stumbled across your channel while researching this brand after I found out how much this shit cost. Ended up watching a couple hours of your videos. Thank you for your service, good sir. 👍

Man of Matt : I’m watching this vid with my supreme eye-implants

GiRrAfE Girrafee : I think I know how the conversation for the brick went... Supreme dude: HEY GUYS!!! Workers: yes? Supreme dude: I have an idea Workers: talk... Supreme dude: let’s make a brick that has my own LOGO!!! Worker: uhhh....you sure? Other worker: ummm... Supreme dude: come on.... Workers: Ok.. Workers: make supreme brick* Worker: is this good enough? Supreme dude: ITS PERFECT!! Now put it on sale

Mike hunt : Trump should make the border wall out of supreme bricks

Katherine Tran : I bet the people who disliked the video are the ones who like supreme

Breno Angélico : i got to the point where i'm not even mad anymore, just dissapointed. People want to waste their money away on useless, tasteless shit just to make some bland, unoriginal point about how their lives are good because they can waste away money which is the universal symbol of quality of live and liberty. I'm not saying that people shouldn't be allowed to do what they want with their money, but honestly lowering the bar on what's socially acceptable to that level is the same as spitting on our hard working ancestors. If you don't buy something for the quality it represents, what kind of world are you shaping through this action? because giving money is equal to giving power and acknowledgement. Is Supreme really worthy of that?

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : I got a Chinese supreme shirt and wallet for $20, nobody can tell the difference

Tom Franck : Sooooooo has ricegum lost his shit over this video already? Just curious.

The 19th Fighter : 6:28 At first I thought that was a footage from GTA... duuuuuh....

greñudo loco : Thanks for reminding me that I'll never get my hands on a Hamilton ticket m8.

Austin James : You dont see the true use of the supreme brick you toss it at the closest motorists then push em out and take their car and you just earned a car the supreme way

Ian : I only wear Walmart

Guardian-Angel : Supreme? Looks more like Colgate.

Santi Cheeks : I HATE Supreme, Gucci, Loui vatton or however it is spelled, Yeezys, Rolex, and other stuff hypebeasts like

Bobby Hill : It's literally people spending thousands of dollars on a red box with white text... Wow this jacket was crap but now this red rectangle with white text saying supreme really changes everything about it! Take all my money please!

baxter0728 : I just realized in your intro you made your eyes look at aquaman and kiteman, that’s actually really nice and looks good

PowerStar Alt : When I first saw the Supreme logo, I thought it was a knockoff of Colgate

Mr cool Dude : Terrible. That money used to buy supreme could have went to buying lego

MemeMations : Mediocre bricks are much higher quality

Ludwig The Medic : After Watching some Videos on YouTube, I have so much sodium chloride that I have an acid so powerful, that it can dissolve everything in the universe.

bluepenguin 10117 : 6:52 why do people just where something like while walking down the street? xd