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Joey Salads : I created supreme as a social experiment

ProtoMario : Supreme tacos

mandiJoe Rbi3 : There was this kid in highschool who wore supreme backpack, i thought it was cool and was gonna buy one (i didnt know the price) the other day he got bullied for spending around 3k for a backpack Edit: i said that he told us that its 3k i dont know its real price but assuming its supreme i believed it was 3k

Dat Moody : I legit thought Supreme was just a toothpaste brand

Rotten Memes : I sold supreme stickers in 8th grade, bought 200 for 8 dollars, and made around 100$

Call Me Bomb : With a supreme crowbar I can now complete my Hypebeast Gordon Freeman costume

Logan H : I thought supreme only made clothes, I didn’t know they were literally selling bricks for hundreds of dollars. We’re all fucked, aren’t we? This has to be a goddamn joke. EDIT: Fine, but even if it's just the resellers, I guarantee there are still people who bought them for that much, and I hate that they're that susceptible to the illusion of value. Do what you want, but just remember that you only BELIEVE the brick is worth that much.

Joel Buckley : I don't really get it. It's a word slapped on a t shirt why do people buy it for so much money

A Commenter : But I thought a multi billion dollar corporation would never exploit the human mind.

saurav parik : Everyone talks about Mars Bars, but what about *Jupiter Bars* or *Earth Bars*

YourMovieSucksDOTorg : Supreme is the fedora of normies

Maxwell Gillespie : I supremely want to die

The Salty Seal : I really want a comment comeback on this episode.

Fiery Ducks : I would ironically buy the brick

Diego Rivera : After looking at your channel you hate *puts on shades* Everything.

SpiritSoulRecords : All i see is Colgate

3 speed tachanka : Do "I hate fortnight".

JoshDoesGaming! : Dude it's like you hate everything jeez

Messi Goto : Roses are red Violets are blue.................... I hate supreme and you do too :)

TheRedFoxess : I thought Supreme was just a brand of Toothpaste.

I don't deserve subs : Its a supreme waste of money

x : Supreme is great. It helps me spot out the people who have a low IQ

Dirty Kid Ragg : to be fair most supreme stuff is pretty reasonable most of the time of you stay away from their designer clothing yk. $30 for a t shirt isn't insane, and their skateboard decks are usually cheaper than what I would spend on an average deck. I really want to dislike supreme because of the people associated with it but honestly supreme isn't really the problem it's the fans

Last Hit : supreme is all about social status, is like wearing gucci ora versace. if you have then you are someone important, i know that it should not work like this but unfortunately i am not the one dciding. you just have to accept the fact that it's not nice what is beautiful but it's nice what pleases. i could explain this better but i'm sure you got the point

Nick Devito : I like wearing supreme, but I completely agree with this great video

Man of Matt : I’m watching this vid with my supreme eye-implants

Parker Carron : Everyone who doesn’t skate and wears supreme is a poser

Devon Aire : I stumbled across your channel while researching this brand after I found out how much this shit cost. Ended up watching a couple hours of your videos. Thank you for your service, good sir. 👍

Anajon Jacobs : The comments of thr ppl saying people wearing supreme are rich douchebags lol most ppl who wear supreme are jus lil kids but ok

Jennifer Smith : I think its very tacky looking. if im gonna spend that kind of money on an item I want to spend it on something that I think looks nice not something that looks tacky but shows off that I have money

No this is Patrick : Talk about a supreme dissapointment

baxter0728 : I just realized in your intro you made your eyes look at aquaman and kiteman, that’s actually really nice and looks good

Username Username : Make I hate Supreme bars

dudeinco : Maybe it's time for "I hate the EU?" A kind of "the day after yesterday" apocalyptic recap? I really think all creators should be doing this. This is threatening their livelihood. This may be the end of reviews, stills, and videos that contain anything that isn't hand drawn, or played on a Casio keyboard in your basement. I think you'll be alright, because you can substitute in your "art," but things will never be the same as this moves forward.

Jiraiya Maurice : Can you do an "I hate ROBLOX" video, or Undertale? Please?

StickMaster500 : Supreme is basically the universal symbol of douchebaggery and flexing

Craigslist Assassin : Dad: “So, son, what would you want for your birthday this year” Son: “A Supreme brick” Dad: “Go away”

Ayah Mari : I think I know how the conversation for the brick went... Supreme dude: HEY GUYS!!! Workers: yes? Supreme dude: I have an idea Workers: talk... Supreme dude: let’s make a brick that has my own LOGO!!! Worker: uhhh....you sure? Other worker: ummm... Supreme dude: come on.... Workers: Ok.. Workers: make supreme brick* Worker: is this good enough? Supreme dude: ITS PERFECT!! Now put it on sale

David Maglioli : I have never heard of Supreme. They look pretty boring to be honest. Their products look like the clothing options out of a video game.

The 19th Fighter : 6:28 At first I thought that was a footage from GTA... duuuuuh....

Ian : I only wear Walmart

Username Username : Make "I HATE TRENDING PAGE"

YTSpectr e : Supreme is a pretty dope brand, and is expensive, but it’s really just the hypebeasts that just buy it because it has the logo that I don’t like

DeadEdd : I'd rather wear a Coca Cola branded piece of clothing... Which I actually do sometimes.

Nexus Intake : Anyone who wears white supreme is part of the KKK.

Vsauce Puppet : The type of people who like supreme are the type of people who like mars bars

Buihongquan W : Apparently, everything with the word Supreme is considered Diamonds.

SASQUATCHINATOR5829 32 : Make a video on how much u hate welfare scammers and how they are stopping the production of work boots

Tom Index2 : (100% cotton, made in china, logo not very artistic. make your own t-shirt shop costs about 30$... you're buying to say "I have a well paid job, and I am a social person." but instead of trying to gain some social skills that you desperately need right now: you buy a supreme shit.

Jonathan_resort : You literally know nothing about supreme. This whole comment section knows nothing. EBAY is not "second hand market🤦🏻‍♂️" they have fine retail prices they sell tee shirts for $34