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YourMovieSucksDOTorg : Supreme is the fedora of normies

Cheeky Kunt : supreme actually has a very important place in today's society. It helps you identify people you wish to avoid out of a crowd so you can adjust your route accordingly

Spock1777 : my friend literally just printed out the logo and ironed it on to a plain white t-shirt from Goodwill. cost him about $2 total and some people out in public actually though it was real.

THISISANINCREDIBLYLONGNAMEHELLYEAH oh ok then : if you bought that wallet, it'd be useless as you'd have no money to put in it anyway

toadally awful : >supreme >stupid idea >billion dollar company >social experiments >supreme is vault-tec

StickMaster500 : Supreme is basically the universal symbol of douchebaggery and flexing

Lil edd woo : Supreme didn't just copied kruger He copied *colgate*

Redgrave192 : I was legitimately under the impression Supreme was a knock-off brand of Colgate.

Mike hunt : Trump should make the border wall out of supreme bricks

Richter Belmont : A kid in my math class has a Supreme backpack and said it costed $200 My math teacher kicked it

Joey Salads : I created supreme as a social experiment

Angerypers0n : Just wear a white colgate t shirt

Ronald 35 : Supreme ❌👎🖕 Sheep ✔👌💥

Alex B. : Imagine a house was built with only *Supreme Bricks* and the workers who built it were hypebeast starvers who are wearing supreme... like *Supreme working helmet* or *Supreme high boots*

Jigsaw : Supreme proves that human beings can have ultimate stupidity

Vsauce Puppet : The type of people who like supreme are the type of people who like mars bars


Cereal hero 0900 : 2.9k rich kids disapprove

Norternet : Tbh I collect supreme, but that’s only to resell to the idiots that pay hundreds of dollars when supreme retails it for $48-100 which is still expensive, but you can profit hundreds of dollars depending on how high the demand is.

Chinelo U : *They. Are Literally Selling. A Logo Imprinted. BRICK.*

SpiritSoulRecords : All i see is Colgate

TheOfficialCzex : *_Supreme_* is just clothing for narcissists.

Turbo Soggy : Supreme clothes look like a 80% off rack at a wholesale store

Radian : You're just too broke. *_RICEGUM INTENSIFIES_*

MetalSlayer69 : Supreme is popular because it's expensive, and expensive because it's popular

Call Me Bomb : With a supreme crowbar I can now complete my Hypebeast Gordon Freeman costume

Skeip Slypaws : Supreme is literally a scam, but legal.

Guardian-Angel : Supreme? Looks more like Colgate.

Gary Clark III : Supreme is for vapid soulless people that lack any personality and to make up for it they buy this to give off the facade of having wealth to make them the slightest bit interesting that maybe people would think they’re a worthwhile person to know. Find someone that buys this shit in excess, go find what they drive or where they live, and I guarantee you it’s a broken down beater and a shitty 1 bedroom flat.

Bobby Hill : It's literally people spending thousands of dollars on a red box with white text... Wow this jacket was crap but now this red rectangle with white text saying supreme really changes everything about it! Take all my money please!

Ian : I only wear Walmart

The Audience : Supreme is just a way of flattering your own ego: "look at how wealthy I am to afford this - I've got money to burn."

StrangeProfile : In middle school it’s much worse...

Lizbomb Plays : Comic book collecting is so much cooler than supreme! You can actually read them and enjoy tons of limited story arks, not to mention making tons of money from it in the end after enjoying the pieces of art XD

14yrold guy : Come on you said collecting supreme is the same as collecting comics! Comics are each different and are decently priced and have stories some people like ! Supreme is just a logo on boring tshirts

I don't deserve subs : Its a supreme waste of money

Master Gracey : i don't like supreme, but gucci is far worse.

GwAm : My dad has a supreme t-shirt that he bought in 2002

Kaperayt Animations : I'm gonna print colgate on my shirt and wear it in campus

Mrnat : Well I mean the brick has some use, you could use it in building some form of shelter, or bashing someone's skull in, or as a paper weight on really windy day.

No this is patrick : Talk about a supreme dissapointment

360NOSCOPEMLG : I like supreme and other Hypebeast items, it's a fun hobby and a collection

Katherine Tran : I bet the people who disliked the video are the ones who like supreme

edog 813 : As a person who builds computers I get weirdly uncomfortable seeing people spend large amounts of money. I always think of what kind of PC I could build with it.

Safir : I heard that Supreme clothing isn’t that expensive, but ebay sellers mark it up. I think they make intentionally low stock or something. Edit: Just checked out their website & turns out they sell 50$ whiteboard markers, 250$ bikelocks & 100$ melodicas. Jesus.

Markus Crause : Youtube needed this video. Thank you.

LJackSheng : Supreme made me think about RiceGum (and he suck)

Gillloteen : I used to work in that wilkos on the left at 5:32

jar jar bink : Terrible. That money used to buy supreme could have went to buying lego

Santi Cheeks : I HATE Supreme, Gucci, Loui vatton or however it is spelled, Yeezys, Rolex, and other stuff hypebeasts like