Living with a Disease: EB

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Hugppyz : When this video popped up in my recommended I thought it was a fake video then I clicked on it and I was suprised it was real I feel bad for the lad and god bless him he is a strong one and he should continue that way

Neoclaw : Jesus...and some times i complain about my bad luck and how hard my life is....shame on me

In The Open : Hello everyone, Thank you for watching our story on Dean. We have some inspiring new stories coming your way very soon. Watch this space and please be kind to each other. ITO Team x

Golden Ratio : With respect, he's got perfect teeth.

StarXFire : Im literally crying right now. You are one of the greatest people i've ever seen in my life. You are so strong and your character is very special and beautiful. I really wish you the best man. I hope it will not be as painful for you as it was in the past. Please try to life your life you really don't deserve this. Im from Germany so don't mind if i can't write everything right. God bless you and your family. I hope you know that you are a very strong, beautiful, social and friendly guy. I love the way you are. I know your family and friends and all of us are very proud! Take care! ;( ❤ #respect

billiondollardan : Holy crap man I bet that is excruciatingly painful. This guy has a stronger spirit than almost anyone

CruachanKeith : Absolute Legend, so glad I watched this.

nettocop1 : and behind every good cause there is money of course

Trojan kid : Can you guys believe that he lifts weights. He also went to the olympics

Mike B : *When watching this video it makes all of our problems seem so insignificant...* *If this guy can be so positive about his life then we can be positive about ours...* *He is a credit to the human race and I would love to shake his hand...* *God bless you my friend*

handy man : You’re a strong man. It must of took a lot to make this video, emotionally speaking. Thoughts and prayers brother. God bless you. Keep that strong spirit.

Omega 3370 : Can I hug this man......?

DoltBolt : Stay strong man we need more people like you in this world

Lars S : such an awesome person ☺ stay strong, brother!

James Carnes : I have alot of veteran friends. Most have burns and have diffrent appearances do to being in combat zones. Its sad how people look at this guy and veterans and are scared. It sucks that people fear what they don't understand. One of man kinds greatest weakness. I'm so proud to hear and see you keep strong and positive and live life like anyone of us. Apeerances don't mean a thing what's inside someone is the best thing.

urmaker : Such an awesome person that we are lucky enough to still have on this planet with us. :)

Paris The cute kitty : Oh god bless him

KryptoKing : I would embrace this, he could be in films and and in horror movies without any makeup. It might sound cruel but honestly he could entertain a ton of people.

Logan Clarke : You my friend are a great person for speaking up like that, I get nervous when I’m doing a school presentation but you don’t, god bless you and good luck!

Salem Deluxe : His teeth are literally perfectly aligned though.

Ichigo TRILLONATOR : Him and his family are pure pure love.

Pugatory05 Games : Just out of curiosity why is there blood around your eyes? By the way mad respect to you bro just off of what you said it seems extremely difficult and no old normal joe could go through this.

Dee Bee : gods plan amirite? BULLSHIT

Toxic! Gaming : Good job man. You beat the odds. Keep that strong spirit.

MostlyGhosty : He looks like the juggernaut


spinosaurus striker : The juggernaut

Chester Vin : I hope technologies will become so advanced soon, that you'll become totally healthy. Wish you luck man!

Gabriel Benoit : jeez man i didn't realize that a skin condition can be that bad but i hope you the best of luck and you must have a lot of confidence and bravery to have a condition like this lots of respect 4 u.

Seamas Olabhradha : You are an absolute inspiration! You have a nice voice and an amazing outlook. Damnit you are a legend!

Meme Boi : A man with a disease that change his look is still strong I respect him

Nethersoldier : God has a twisted sense of humor

BoxxyFan : If you ever need literal proof that there is no God, then this video is it.

UFC MAN : So aliens do exist?

ignas79 : Why are your eyes so red?

Filip laskovski : Positivity and Willpower forged in the mightiest of places! God speed my dude! 🙏🏼

Dalton Williams : If anyone deserves the best its this guy, TONS of respect

Tea Plate Drama : I really pray he dont come into contact with bleach...

Roman 461 : Ahh man his eyes bruh how does he sleep at night😨😰😭 it looks so painful it don't even look like he can close them. People always claim they're strong n hard but tbh I don't think anyone can tops him💪

Slevin Kelevra : This dude has another severe disease he didn't talk about: enormously huge balls.

Shaun Bang : I wonder how his skin covered his nostrils and why they don’t open them so he can breathe through his nose? I’m sure there’s a reason why they don’t open the nostrils, but I still wonder if that was done surgically for a purpose or if his skin just naturally grew over to cover his nose holes.

Riddim Dubstep : Uncle Fester

AntigoneIvy : For those wondering about the redness/blood around his eyes: "His brown eyes, framed by fleshy circles frequently dampened by *overactive* *tear* *ducts* , appear sunken in the absence of eyelids." (By a newspaper article from 2013, "The Australian") I admit I was curious too and made a quick search. In the meantime, I wish this fellow all the best!

Distant : but is he hitting creative shots?

Sandwitch : I couldnt imagine living with this. I hope things somehow get better for him.

MR BLEACH : Awh man I feel sorry for him wish I could help :/

El Canal Importante de Javo :v : F (Respect)

ShadowOfDeath24 : I would just kill myself honestly. That's so hard and I'd just give up. Poor guy

redfox555 : Can't him have some kind of skin implant or something?

Flippin the dippin the whatchamacallit : Someday, God will take you into his loving arms and you will be free.