Conan O'Brien Hysterically Funny Race Call at Santa Anita

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Espiègle Francophone : This is excellently raw. Without the studio audience laughter, the way Conan calls the race sounds all the way dumber and funnier :) 

Alexis : I laughed so hard at this I almost turned purple from not breathing. This is absolutely hysterical!!!

Junitonavedo1970 : This is the funniest video ever!! Can't stop laughing!!!

alsosusieq2 Susan : Okay guys.. I don't watch Conan so I didn't recognize his voice. Bloody hell, I was thinking.. is this guy nuts? ahh shoot!

Drew Peterson : Grab the onions and cook yourself some fajitas.

j z : Good golly, miss molly LOL Conan

Wayne Liú : Ahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

파늑 : LOL

Bastille : I lost it at the end after the win...ahahahahahaha

trf12567 : You have to give credit to the real announcers that do these races, because I would have called the race like this guy. Either that our used numbers. "#1 is ahead of #7 by a length" and so on. Too hard to keep the names straight. I don't know how they do it in with a big field.


Crazyassfordgirl1993 : Lol

Alex Moreno : You did ok , cuz to call a race is very hard to keep up ...

totally not Jeff : when I went to name my horse I looked up horse racing terminology.


Dianna Reid : 😂