Michael Jackson's Drummer Jonathan Moffett Performs "Smooth Criminal"

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Bobby : that snare sounds insane

gabrielwhite : this is the proof MJ always worked with the best of the best

Laura Milena Gutierrez : I’m that dude in the back smiling from ear to ear right now

FC WHAT : As tight as a camels arse in a sandstorm! Great job!

sidemotion : That drum set has just been hit by, been struck by, a smooth criminal.

Jack Logan : I don't know how to dance but i'm dancing. Somebody stop me.

Luke Windle : Metronomes play to sugarfoot

Mr Explosion : I was suppose to watch only the first 20 seconds. Now I'm upset the video ended.

Robert Shotgun : This dude lives in my neighborhood. Really chill guy.

Михаил Владимиров : 4:35 epic end =)

Grumpy Andrew's Horror House : Who the hell has the audacity to down vote this?

Sean Albert : Fills bring the thrills but the pocket pays the bills. And this man’s pocket has to be FAT.

JGTrons : That drum stick spin at around 1:10 was phenomenal.

Carin Hall : Damn bro, you tight in dat pocket like a mofo

Nikhil Friedman : Finally a good YouTube recommendation

slimkt : The most impressive thing is how locked his footwork is while wearing damn dress shoes! Lol, only kidding. Helluva showman. This guy is a badass and I can only hope to reach this level of tightness and focus in my drumming.

ken azinec : I forgive you youtube for the countless nonsense video you recommend me because of this.

ROCK SOLID : 3:43 *I like hitting in the back too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

Karl Andersen : Not only a great drummer, but he also got that wave check 🌊 ✅

Aussie Treasure Digger : The only people that would vote this down are the muppets that have a Walmart drum kit that they play In mum's garage and think that they are gods gift to the drum set, but really they would sound like Kim Kardashian falling down the stairs.

chrzrd : I regret quitting my drumming lessons :/

Lester Mallari : That snare is so smooth!! 2019?!

Pete TheHawk : As cool as the other side of the pillow.

TheTopStriker : John Dodson's father played for MJ?

fish fry : The behind the back cymbals... Ooooh its such a sexy way to play cymbals

ROCK SOLID : *the snare is so frickin' crispy*

Bigdrop : 4:32 orgasm!

VZ Matthews : This drumming is too tight 🔥

DxPx : So sick! 🤘

Jonathan Khaw : This is so clean that it did my laundry

Salman Shaikh : Wow 😍😚😲😲so nice ,,,, it's real sounds of s c

craig stephen : Clean??? Man that was TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Júlio Salotti : That finale!!

Don't mind the arm : Side wave check🌊✔️

Chris P : It’s always nice watching a true professional, doesn’t overplay and every move sits perfect.


Ricardo Almeida : Spent all day listening to this on repeat. Not a single regret has been given.

JmS’ Blessed : This dude is a legend. No wonder MJ picked him. Two legends working on tracks together

One Guitarist : I’ve always loved this song and the drum track in particular. Such tight and clean playing. Outstanding video!

Gooasooh : As a Michael Jackson Musician you had to be this perfect

Peach Leech : I find the man sitting in the background unsettling.

grizzly gm : Very amazing talent

|Jake|C| : Not my tempo

NotSnarl : This song is about ninjas.

Ulo Magyar : Damn put his name in the title!

Jesse R : It’s just awesome how he stays in the pocket. Clean and very professional 👍🏿👍🏿

Isaac : The drum set reminds me of benson for regular show

toncapone1 : So tight so smooth

Azmi Redy Pradana : This is what *10.000 hours drum session* look like

Vintage V8 Muscle : Not that hard to play but it has to be crisp, tight, and in the pocket like this guys plays it. 😎👍🏼