Michael Jackson's Drummer Jonathan Moffett Performs "Smooth Criminal"

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Bobby : that snare sounds insane

SLAM MILITARY : You know a good drummer when his drumsticks bends in both space and time everytime he hits anything

slimkt : The most impressive thing is how locked his footwork is while wearing damn dress shoes! Lol, only kidding. Helluva showman. This guy is a badass and I can only hope to reach this level of tightness and focus in my drumming.

Varic710 : That look on his face says "Yeah.. and this isn't even my final form."

Regis Chapman : This dude's TIME is astounding. I've honestly never seen any drummer with such time. How is it even possible? I've never heard anyone so locked before. Simple, beautiful and bang on.

Jack Logan : I don't know how to dance but i'm dancing. Somebody stop me.

Aron Lopez : Why is no one talking about 4:35 ?

Biggz Smith : The white guy in the background is just enjoying the shit out of watching this guy

Vince Zen : 3:43 and 4:34 I love that Bruce Lee way of hitting those cymbals

Ivan Axel : Watch in 1.25x speed to hear him do the Alien Ant Farm version.

Chris P : It’s always nice watching a true professional, doesn’t overplay and every move sits perfect.

Steve Sa : "Not quite my tem...-" Actually no. That Tempo is just perfect.

Daniel Souza : Holy shit now THAT'S A SOLID SNARE

Airtão : This snare... OMFG!!!!!

Heitler Remlalfaka : Hi, am a big fan of Drumeo thanks for all these lessons... few years ago there was a guest drummer in the studio who apparently wrote a book and during his on the drumeo studio Dave quoted him from his book, it goes something like "...it takes humility for a great musician at the same time courage to express himself"... i don't remember the exact quote, can u pls direct me to that video, i need a verbatim quote of that...

Grumpy Andrew's Horror House : Who the hell has the audacity to down vote this?

Nick Almand : All the people hating on his time or whatever just crack me up. He played for freaking Michael Jackson! What are you doing with your life? Making dumb comments about drummers on YouTube?

Abukenyo : *His bobbing head is contagious WDF I'm unaware that I'm doing it too* 🤣

Андрей Иванов : Саня ты в порядке, Ты скажи мне, Ты в порядке, Саня?

Predatorian : I'm am not a musician....nor a big Jackson fan...but somehow I can greatly appreciate this performance. Thanks for upload

Drew Kane : His playing is so tight that it almost sounds unreal. Like, it's almost too good. WTF. If there ever was an "in the pocket" this homie found it.

himssendol : Words like precision, perfection and discipline comes to mind. This is truely amazing.

Jonathan Khaw : This is so clean that it did my laundry

comfibold : His drumming is tighter than a mouse's nostril. Superb!

wojciechmo : He did incredible job on Elton John 'Sleeping with the past' LP

fish fry : The behind the back cymbals... Ooooh its such a sexy way to play cymbals

John Smith : That's not a drum kit, that's a fortress

Coder : That was just... WOW.

e d : Smashing, full of groove!

João Paulo Souvera : Amazing

Ariff WM : Drew Carey is really enjoying himself


Kolyan68Rnd : *Очень даже неплохо* *Браво!*

Twiztid 133 : Can lars ulrich play this though

Filmon Tesfay : ❤️The king of pop had really wonderful and extremely talented musicians! I really love them! ❤️ The king of dance,magical dance❤️!The king of pop,the greatest singer who has angelic,beautiful & attractive voice(vocal),greatest beat~boxer,composer,actor,artist,creative,&greatest humanitarian who loved& helped many children & people over the world that were sick, needy & disabled&gave over 400 million dollars for charity!He had a very loving,humble,caring and helping heart unlike others! 🎂 He is really beautiful both inside & outside! If you search on google”world’s best smile”= then you will know that it is Michael Jackson’s smile. ✍️“Good art never dies!”, says MJ. 📝 That’s true!❤️

springinballroom : The last move is epic....

Marc De Douvan : Slipped stroke. Now flex!

Luca Rossi : the last crash beat gesture 4:36 made my day! epic!

Ulo Magyar : Damn put his name in the title!

Backyard Radio : Imagine if he forgot a note!

Who Am I, Who Ar You : WOW, that was a difficult rhythm, perfect.

Robert Herrera Jr : Who's Bad 💪👍😎❤🎧

Mike G : Really wish I appreciated michaels music when he was still around.

Gooasooh : As a Michael Jackson Musician you had to be this perfect

F T : That last move was NINJA!

Doug L.64 : There goes that BAAAAAAD MAN!! SUGARFOOT!!!

whitebear cafe : SwAg

Foolonahill : Looks smooth.

陳俊豪 : Smoke Criminal

yamaha r25 : Very good..i like that sound of drum.the tempo of kick and hit the drum..👍👍