Michael Jackson's Drummer Jonathan Moffett Performs "Smooth Criminal"

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Bobby : that snare sounds insane

Grumpy Andrew's Horror House : Who the hell has the audacity to down vote this?

There has been a mistake : A bit of Michael lives on through this guy. Truly amazing.

Derek Pink : I love how he keeps it simple. Way too many ADHD drummers these days would be blasting out flurries of tom fills and unnecessary garbage to show off and clutter up the song. It's all about the pocket and the groove and serving the song, and this is a perfect example of those.

slimkt : The most impressive thing is how locked his footwork is while wearing damn dress shoes! Lol, only kidding. This guy is a badass and I can only hope to reach this level of tightness and focus in my drumming.

theREALnizzle : Absolutely RIDICULOUS and he made it look easy!!!! This man is AMAZING!!

Not Today : That man over there smiling ear to ear like 'he's a genius' 😂

runn4235 : Awesome work, I expected nothing less since Michael Jackson demanded the best.

David Panseri : This is the best drummer look ever. The vest. No shirt. Pony tail. Chain. *chef's kiss*

Chris P : It’s always nice watching a true professional, doesn’t overplay and every move sits perfect.

Jake Paul Has Anger Issues : so focused, he's sweating. respect

GOBBO PLAY : The digital pads may be incredible but nothing replaces a well-played and well-captured acoustic drum.

Jessie Girls : A lot of Drummers 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏💪RIP Michael we miss you 😭😭


Jack Logan : I don't know how to dance but i'm dancing. Somebody stop me.

mobi oleka : 674 people were struck down. It was their doom.

Thomas Fuller : I was surfing through videos, when I thought, I'd like to hear a good drummer. I simply typed drummer, and what I got was one of the best videos I have seen in awhile. Thank you.

JohnSausage : 3:40 No one needs complicated fills.. single strokes with the right attitude and cymbals behind your back will just do fine! <3

Ali Aljoubory : What an icon... Both him and MJ. This is done to perfection.

Aaron Allen : The behind the back cymbals... Ooooh its such a sexy way to play cymbals

Kamalesh Mishra : Maichael is always immortal. Still he rocks in everybodys heart due to his songs and his team.Nice Nice Nice always Nice.

AlphaTrion92 : Wow!! What a pro!! The guy never misses a "beat". I love the twirls he adds just to show that he can do this pretty much instinctively.

Mommy And Daughter : This makes me feel so sad😭😭😭❤

Filmon Tesfay : ❤️The king of pop had really wonderful and extremely talented musicians! I really love them! ❤️ The king of dance,magical dance❤️!The king of pop,the greatest singer who has angelic,beautiful & attractive voice(vocal),greatest beat~boxer,composer,actor,artist,creative,&greatest humanitarian who loved& helped many children & people over the world that were sick, needy & disabled&gave over 400 million dollars for charity!He had a very loving,humble,caring and helping heart unlike others! 🎂 He is really beautiful both inside & outside! If you search on google”world’s best smile”= then you will know that it is Michael Jackson’s smile. ✍️“Good art never dies!”, says MJ. 📝 That’s true!❤️

Drew Kane : His playing is so tight that it almost sounds unreal. Like, it's almost too good. WTF. If there ever was an "in the pocket" this homie found it.

Vince Zen : 3:43 and 4:34 I love that Bruce Lee way of hitting those cymbals

H B : I'm inclined to think this song might just have been about Jonathan Moffett himself. Such a great video. Old school professionalism and coolness.

XxshadowsparkxX : something nobody mentioned is the fact that he is in dress shoes. It is literally impossible to drum in dress shoes, but I guess to the gods it's not hard ...

Jean Stive Tylon : Brasilllll aquiii

Gooasooh : As a Michael Jackson Musician you had to be this perfect

Edward Short / The Hoosier Craftsman : This guy is just INSANE on the ddrruummssss……….

Will Yu : 一氣呵成!如果Micheal還在,如果那場演唱會能順利進行,該是多麼精彩絕倫的演出!

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Gipsy Avenger : Less is more.  The new generation of blast beat drummers and "all-out" speed guys can learn that overplaying is simply overplaying.  You sir are a magician of doing the right thing for the song.  In the words of MJ, "Hee ......hee!"

Ulo Magyar : Damn put his name in the title!

Mako Quiñones : vete pa'l carajo que bravo!!!!!!!!!

Mauricio Ravilet : omg i cant stop watching this video.

kiku kikum : Yaouww one man choc ...

Varic710 : That look on his face says "Yeah.. and this isn't even my final form."

daviesakiller : Wow! Smoooth! 😅😅 Can't help but wonder what memories where repeating in his mind while playing

Rufus Slothkowski : That is some super tight playing. Love it.

Motts M : This took me to a whole new place

mikey1974 hetfield : love the high hat work

eddie chane : Perfect Pro 😎

Daniel Dini : I somehow feel a sense of fulfilment just by watching him perform his art, it’s like being proud of someone I know. Those sounds are harmonically pure food for the soul

Progressive : LEGENDARY

SAYOOJ S DEV : That sound is insane...

Benz Alcala : perfect timing and ryhtm

Сергей Валюс : 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Zayn : Behind every legend are more hidden legends