Loving Vincent Official Theatrical Trailer

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The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni : Now this should be on trending, Not some crap video with 5,000 views

Kerzid : Every frame *IS* a painting~

Baba Looey : This should have won Best Animated Film, not Coco.

Anna K : oh my god!!! this is beautiful why isnt anyone talking about this movie?

Volans, Toa of Air : Animation just leveled up.

Yesica1993 : I have been dying to see this since I first learned about it!

jennifer flores : Every Frame a Painting. Literally.

JT dela Rosa : The visual is enough to lure people in. I sure hope the story matches it though. Should be groundbreaking.


Hatter5150 : Saw this last night. It was so so beautiful! All the little details and when characters were talking or walking or whatever, the paint just kept moving. Colors skating across surfaces, dabs of paint animating the stars and faces, famous scenes brought to life. Made me cry, it was so beautiful.

Linkophere : Holy crap I never thought to use paintings to make a film. That's so ingenious and yet so obvious. Wow im shook

naijaboygangsta : This is pure art wow

Kate Orlowski : this is the only ad i've seen on youtube that compelled me enough to look at the source material and actually want to spend my money

Jason Baskerville : Should of won best animated feature film. Still a great movie.

Frank : Beautiful! I hope you guys win animation oscar this year!

locogirlp : I hope the 'Loving Vincent' peeps can answer this for me - about 1:15 in I could SWEAR I hear the voice of Damien Molony as the narrator.....and on to the end of the trailer. Is it Damien? Am I hearing things? Oh, I love the trailer! Can't wait to see this.

NEC Uff Riostras : dear vincent, your painting is most appreciated. it has been unexpected to see that color new possibility opens so much a view.

Nubia Delgado : I am going to see this movie many times.

Jazracanah Zulueta : I'm shook I want to see this so badly

Ozu : Shoutout to Aleksandr Petrov and his oil painted movie 'The Old Man and The Sea', he was a pioneer of this type of animation and shouldn't be forgotten.

Cocat22 : Can't wait!

hukes : I don't know. This looks gimmicky. I even doubt all frames are oil paints.

BornToRunBarefoot : I tried to watch this movie but it gave me a wicked case of motion sickness.

Nick Wilkinson : FANTASTIC!

Peter Zurla : Excellent

Zoey : Ugh, beautiful beautiful beautiful. Van Gogh + Saoirse Ronan? DREAM. Can't wait for this beauty of a film.

wigglydragon : I'm so excited!! It looks absolutely stunning!

University of Truth : I watched this movie at the cinema and it was magical, sound effects were superb and even though it was painted it felt like you were really there it felt vivid like a dream

Ben Vorster : This movie is amazing. My favorite movie the past year.

voicetube : Just 3 words… which is sort of nowadays a word… which is actually 3 letters… which is actually................. oh here it is: O M G!!!

george nabil : Will it be showing in theaters in egypt?? i cant wait to watch it

Lynn Downing : I can't wait for this.  I hope it shows in a theatre near me.

jabber jay : ive been waiting for this for about two years I FEEL OLD OKAY ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME

Nouria : O my god it's so beautiful and the paintings are beautiful and the painters did a great job

teexne : I watched this film today. needless to say, I loved it. it was so masterfully done, not only the hand-painted part of it but the story and the way it is told. I cried from the beginning to the end and I will definitely watch it again.

Electronic Adventures : Looks cool but I have to be skeptical in this day and age of powerful digital effects about it having every frame oil painted. I mean really, wouldn't that take hundreds of years?

Monalissa Medina : Thank you so much for all the efforts behind this film! Vincent deserves everything 🌻

Christopher Ho : I'm really excited about this movie :)

Sigal Galil : looks amazing. where is it to be screened in September 22?... can you write names of cities and theaters it is to be screened? wishing you great sucsess

Emily Murray : This looks so beautifully done and very interesting! I can't wait to see it!!

Zach Gerrity : This is insane

Ottoline is dead : This looks fantastic! Can't wait to watch it 😊


Blue Treble : Omg i have to see this

Emerson : Looks beautiful.


Michael Chernik : Van Gogh saw and could paint was remarkable. At 3 feet away his paintings are holograms -- the spirals in Starry Night are later photographed by satellites and telescopes as galaxies -- that style of impressionism is still a very valid style for gifted artists

Shane S. : All i have to say is... WOW

OilyCapArt : I am so excited and can not wait until Oct. 6th to see it!!! Looks absolutely amazing.

Homo Sapien : Mind blowing