NPR's Delicious Dish: Schweddy Balls - SNL

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rvmvadati : God I miss the old SNL and their amazing old school jokes. The good old days!

ernest747 : their voices omg

okrajoe : Alec Baldwin in the pre-Trump days.

MoviesMusicalLover : Who watches this every Christmas?

Donna Jenner : every year I laugh hysterically at this clip; how they don't laugh when doing this is beyond me.

Jeffrey Gershom : This sketch brings me to tears each time I've seen it. True professionals for not breaking character. I can't believe it has been that many years since it aired. Season's Greetings Everyone! :)

Jonathan Caro : My favorite SNL skit ever. Well-executed and hilarious. A perfect Christmas skit.

Michael Conroy : One joke for five minutes, and I cry every time I see it.

embe1 : A rat problem is bad enough, but an excessive rat problem.......I feel for the lady.

Hugo Santos : Spending way too much time on SNL's YouTube channel. #goodtimes

Melody Jefferson : Mmmmmm BALLS!!😂😂😂

Ankush Mudgal : OMG! How do they not break.....??? THis is one of the best sketches ever..

Rob Kepley : Hands down one of the best skits ever done on SNL..

NYCsouth1 : great job nailing the whispering, pretentious, and overly formal speech patterns of these NPR shows - and juxtaposing that with bawdy humor ---- great!

Nakidz : Almost 20 years old, and this skit STILL comes up regularly in conversation. Classic!!

masbond84 : i wonder how these 3 could keep a straight face. molly shannon and ana gesteyer are geniuses at portraying these 2 ladies

SealabFan2021 : Listen to this with your eyes closed

Squidward Is bae : How did they not break character!!!

HunterZolomon : Ana Gasteyer is so perfect in this one, her look, tone of voice. Just nails the NPR sterotype.

devon sheehan : the fact that none of them ever broke character even once is absolutely outstanding and amazing.

Kurtis Wettlaufer : i guess 33 people can't handle His balls

The REAL Delaney Is Live! : I remember when this episode aired lmao. My mom was crying laughing

Mark Ukrainetz : one of the best SNL skits. A classic

PL phunkwephunk : just watched an interview with Ana Gasteyer talking about this skit. she said she wrote it together with herself and two Harvard graduates...I guess it takes the highbrow to write the lowbrow this well....

Sung Ha : Its not officially Christmas unless I get a taste of those schweddy balls.

Mark Schildberg : Easily one of the 10 greatest SNL sketches in history.

Jody Penner : I can't wait to get my mouth around your Schweddy balls.

Isaac Friedman : This is the best asmr parody ever, and asmr didn't even exist when it was created XD

Chris Kounterstrike : at first you think to yourself. damn this skit is bombing.. and then like a shiny golden beam from the sun, out pops comedy gold classic epicness with the best Baldwin.

Steve Sullivan : Legendary!!

Ej Nappe : How did none of them break? I would've died trying to hold it in!

bmillerdrums : Tap water and rice. I remember being stoned off my ass and laughing so hard.

blueluny : Ana's character is so brilliant...the subtlety is amazing

KacchanlovesDeku13 : mmmmmmmmm balls, tell us about those balls

Lorenzo Martin : You gotta watch this without looking at the screen. Lol

Andrew Odinson : "The thing I like to take out most at this time of year are my balls."

Madeline Gude : Their way of speaking sounds asmr

Aria Jia : the 90s equivalent to whiskers r we

Sasha Airesse : lol  *Schweddy Balls* ~ One of my favorite skits with Alec Baldwin, Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer ♥

John Cochrane : the best skit ever by alec baldwin

marmot0714 : You know what this needs? More Cowbell!

sacredmeow : After all these years, I only just noticed that his parents named him Schweddy, Peter.

HornyTrolllololololool : "you have beautiful balls", "they are bigger than I expected", "my mouth is watering... 😳😁

David Cvetkovski : stop at 3:04, close your eyes and listen...


Larry Seuga : miss the old cast of snl 😖😖 this cast is nowhere near this

Denaro : this just came on lmao funniest shit ever

runner4life1984 : "No one can resist my Schwetty Balls!" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

RetroAvangardist : And good pun was had by all.